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If you are looking for a game to entertain and a bit hacks your brain, Getting Over It is a great option for you. In the game, players will feel the challenge, the headache instead of the fun and humor. Although it has a certain difficulty level, you feel extremely worthy and proud when you go through difficulties to achieve glory. In this article, we would like to give you all the necessary information about the game. Please join us to find it out right now!

What is Getting Over It?

Getting Over It is an action game. In which you will incarnate as a guy named Diogenes, who is sitting in an iron jar and holding a sledgehammer. True to its “legendary” name, your main task is to try to control your hammer to overcome the terrain and many obstacles. Besides, its gameplay sounds quite simple, but you will control the hammer skillfully and professionally to perform operations such as hooking, pushing, or pulling to move the character.

Getting Over It is a challenging game

You need to note that just a false impact, too strong force, irrational hammer characteristics are enough for you to fall back to the starting point. Besides, the obstacles also cause difficulties for you. So, players have to be very skillful to be able to overcome them.

Although the game does not possess a complex storyline or great 3D graphics, it still conquers gamers because of the strange gameplay based on the principles of physical mechanics. Also, the game contains a lot of difficulties, even inhibiting, so Getting Over It is really a big challenge for gamers. With gameplay that does not require too many buttons, but merely rotating the control button, Getting Over it is really an entertaining puzzle game.

The release

Getting Over It was released in October 2017. After that, it quickly reached 2.7 million players. The game is a successful game from the developer Bennett Foddy, the father of the QWOP game, associated with a legendary story. Specifically, the game was inspired by the game Sexy Hiking from the developer Jazzuo in 2002, which is for making players inhibited. As expected, on December 7, 2017, “Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy” after many years of cherished has officially appeared on Steam. At that time, its price was not too high, only about 5 dollars.

Getting Over It has meticulous development

Then, Bennett Foddy saw the return of extremely difficult games and he observed that they had encountered quite a lot of mixed opinions about its reservation system. If you fail too many times, the black oil on your right arm will gradually spread to the head of the main character. After a certain amount of reloading the screen, the game will delete your saved file, making you have to restart it from the beginning. Therefore, Foddy said that whenever you saw something that rejected a strong mainstream design, it was extremely interesting because it opened up new avenues for exploration”. And the game was born from that.

What are the highlights of Getting Over It?

In the game, we are going to move the hammers with a control button. After completing a game, you receive a lot of interesting and mysterious gifts. Besides, during the move, just a missing click, you will fall to the deep.

Moreover, the attachment points should be specifically judged before implementation to avoid inhibition when falling deeply. Certainly, while playing Getting Over It, you will encounter many bad situations that make you angry and want to give up immediately. Therefore, players have to concentrate to avoid repeating a journey.

Getting Over It has many highlights

You may even get sarcastic laughs if you accidentally slip away with a mocking song, but you should not be upset. Instead, you should try to control or turn off the sound to continue playing. There are a lot of videos on the internet that make players angry to the point of conquering the mountain. So, if you’re in this situation, you’re not an exception.

In each part of the road, players have to go through challenges with a certain difficulty level. However, the bigger they are, the harder they fall. At this point, do not worry because there is no solution if you take the time to watch the “top” gamers’ performance. They will give you a reasonable way to move in each segment.

Basic instructions on how to play the game Getting Over It

  • First, players can go to the game interface and click on Settings. After that, you will come to the game-setup interface, such as full-screen mode, image quality, sound adjustment, or game guide. Then, you press the New Game button to open a new gaming journey.
  • Second, you can see the game interface is very simple, not too many graphics effects like many other games. You will use the button to control the character in the game. In the game, your only task is to control the guy sitting in the iron vase by using the sledgehammer and move forward.
  • Third, the road is not flat but rugged, even up and down can be blocked by large rocks, or trees, and buildings. In the game, the role of the hammer is extremely important because it is a fulcrum so you can turn on other positions. Specifically, you can click on a point along the way then rotate the knob in a circle to create momentum for the character to be able to bounce to another position.
  • Fourth, depending on the road segment and careful calculation of the direction, players may or may not take advantage of the obstacles along the way for your journey. During moving, you reach a point then accidentally fall down and return to the starting line, or you may be stuck at a certain point.
  • Fifth, the speed of swinging a hammer to select the right point also plays an important role in the game. There are segments that players need to perform quickly to follow the movement. But there are some points that you need to stop and find the right point to jump up. Although the game is simple, it requires a lot of skill.

Evaluation of the design of Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy

Getting Over It does not have too many points in the graphics for players to concern about. In general, it has a fairly simple interface for everyone to control. Also, the game pays special attention to the map and terrain system, giving players a new look. The game has many levels, and the difficulty of the maps is gradually increased by level and updates.

Moreover, the game also has a quite diverse sound system and creates a very good atmosphere. Players can hear collisions, characters interacting with terrains and a variety of other sounds. Besides, the game provides background music without words to help players reduce boredom and increase entertainment.

Getting Over It APK is free for everyone

Instructions for downloading Getting Over It APK for Android

Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy requires users to pay to download it. Therefore, it is not so common for everyone to play it. However, we will be a reliable address to make this game free for people. The free link to download Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy APK will be at the end of this article. Please make sure your network connection is stable and the free space of the device is enough to download the game.


Although Getting Over It is considered a game that makes gamers inhibited by its high difficulty, and even if it is not a game that is outstanding in graphics and sound, the game still captures the hearts of gamers with simplicity, especially in the control operation. Therefore, we recommend that you should not play the game when you are angry to avoid adding “discomfort”. Finally, if you are confident and capable, call your friends and relatives to join Getting Over It to find a climbing expert.

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