GFX Tool for PUBG V10.2.0 [MOD, Premium]

  • App Name: GFX Tool for PUBG - Game Launcher & Optimizer
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 10.2.0
  • Category: Tools
  • Size: 4 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.3
  • Update: January 5, 2022 at 21:52
  • Get it from: Play Store


GFX Tool for PUBG is an effective application for PUBG Mobile players. It is good for low and mid-range devices. The app will help your devices be more optimized to avoid lag, blur or FPS drops. Surely it will be amazing to get you the best gaming experience on Android phones.

About GFX Tool for PUBG

Many mobile game players know about the game PUBG. Its mobile version is also loved by many players around the world. However, to play this game, players need to have a mobile device with a medium configuration or higher. But even playing PUBG Mobile on high-end devices, some lag or image blur will still happen. On the market, many applications can help you optimize this. In which GFX Tool for PUBG is one of the most effective at the moment.

GFX Tool for PUBG mod

Specifically, GFX Tool for PUBG works well thank to its game’s intensive programming and settings to modify the files in its textures. From there, it offers better options for users to install games. That’s like optimizing the game’s graphics, bringing a huge advantage to PUBG players in life-and-death matches.

If the app gives an advantage to the users or changes the settings in this game, is it allowed to use or not? The developer of PUBG has made an announcement about banning players from using GFX Tool for PUBG and similar applications. However, if you still want to use this app to improve the graphics of PUBG, please check out some of the features below.

Graphics Adjustment

PUBG requires a high-end device with a large capacity to play it. If you use GFX Tool for PUBG to reduce the graphics level, the game may be more suitable for mid-range or high-end devices. The app will give you the ability to make effective adjustments. Although you have lowered the configuration of the application, GFX Tool for PUBG will still make you have the game with 1080p graphics. In addition, you can also unlock HDR graphics on medium and low configuration devices for better image recognition than normal devices.

Remove shadows, effects and anti-aliasing

Graphics have been a major contributor to PUBG’s brand over the years. It meets almost any graphics requirement of the most demanding players. However, it makes the game heavier. Of course, GFX Tool for PUBG will let you intervene and turn off any effects that you don’t need, making your device smoother and more stable.

GFX Tool for PUBG mod apk

Effectively reduce lag and battery consumption

PUBG has always been the most battery-draining game on mobile devices, but the Battery Efficient feature will minimize frame lag or battery drain while playing. Besides, the Zero Lag mode of GFX Tool for PUBG strongly interferes with PUBG’s graphics to prevent lag. It is always looking to interfere deeply in both the device and the game to optimize them.


  1. GFX Tool for PUBG is not a product of the PUBG developer. It is a 3rd developer named tsoml. Therefore, it (and some similar applications) may be banned by PUBG.
  2. If you decided to install GFX Tool for PUBG, you may have to accept some errors or also lose your account. You should consider it a bit before installing it.

Download GFX Tool for PUBG MOD APK for Android

If you want a better PUBG experience on your mobile, GFX Tool for PUBG is the best choice. This application can offer great customizations and optimization capabilities. However, it also has disadvantages that can cause you to encounter installation errors or affect your PUBG account. Right now, readers can download this amazing app at the link below. Have fun!

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