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Grand Theft Auto IV (GTA 4) is a popular game from the publisher Rockstar Games. This game is a combination of many elements such as an engaging storyline, unique gameplay and high-quality graphics. Those attractions contributed to a good game like GTA 4. Moreover, it broke all sales records in the game industry at that time and brought a huge profit to the developer. Besides, GTA 4 is one of the most important games in the GTA series, putting a solid foundation for the development of GTA 5 later.

What’s in Grand Theft Auto IV?

GTA is a familiar game to many people. It may even be associated with their childhoods. The game is popular as a popular culture that anyone knows. GTA 4 will remind you of the characteristics of this genre such as theft, fighting, gunfight, racing and more. Besides, the game is also a place for you to express yourself and reveal a different personality. Its free play will help players have many interesting experiences.

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In GTA 4, the game background is the fictional Liberty City as a simulation of New York City. It is a meticulous remake version of the Liberty City of some previous versions. In which the character begins with a dark past and an uncertain future. The character always pursues revenge, making every one of GTA will follow the gameplay to follow the path of crime and violence.

In addition, what is created in GTA 4 has also encountered a lot of controversy from reviewers, journalists and even government officials. Certain in-game actions such as drunk driving, murder, and sex also caused the game to face severe censorship in many countries. It also affects the game’s ratings. Also, it has been hit with a number of lawsuits affecting its official release. However, GTA 4 has overcome all difficulties to become a successful work in the gaming market today.

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Unforgettable story

In the game, the main character is Niko Bellic, who is a veteran of the war in Eastern Europe. He travels to Liberty City to escape his wartime past, pursue the American dream, and find the person who betrayed his unit during the war 10 years ago. Niko reached out to his cousin Roman and discovered that Roman has lied to him about his wealth. After that, Niko began to assist Roman in solving his problem. This is when Niko contacts the underworld in the city. He began befriending Jacob and unwantedly working for Roman’s boss Vlad Glebov. But Niko killed Vlad Glebov when he learned he slept with Roman’s girlfriend Mallorie.

Immediately, Niko and Roman were arrested by orders of their boss Mikhail Faustin and lieutenant Dimitri Rascalov. Faustin did not kill Niko but hired him as an assassin to kill the son of Russian crime boss Kenny Petrović. When Petrović threatened to retaliate, Dimitri advised Niko to assassinate Faustin. After that, Dimitri went with Niko to pick up the old boss, Ray Bulgarin. Here, Bulgarin accused Niko of losing his business many years ago and shooting happened, Dimitri and Bulgarin escaped afterwards.

At the same time, Dimitri’s juniors burned Roman’s apartment and company, causing both brothers to flee to Bohan. Here, Dimitri tried to kidnap Roman again to lure Niko into a trap but failed. Besides, Niko also found out that his girlfriend was a government agent. She tried to entice him into a deal to have him work for the government in exchange. He can have his criminal record deleted, and the government help him find the traitor he was looking for. Luck came to the two brothers when they received a large sum of money from the destruction of Roman’s company.

Niko continues to work for the crime organization Alien Mob and befriends gangster Patrick McReary. He then worked for Ray Boccino (a member of the Pegorino crime family) to carry out a diamond theft business. Boccino repays Niko by helping him find the traitor. Later, Niko kills Boccino again and gains Don Jimmy’s trust. He also helps Patrick kidnap Don Giovanni Ancelotti’s daughter in exchange for the diamond. However, the transaction is blocked by Bulgarin and the diamond goes missing.

In the end, Niko was summoned by Pegorino for a lucrative Heroin deal with Dimitri. But Dimitri broke the deal and kept the heroin to himself. At Roman’s wedding, Dimitri’s assassin accidentally killed Roman with a stray bullet. Niko then killed Dimitri for revenge.

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The gameplay

GTA 4 is an action-adventure game with a third-person perspective. Players will step by step complete the missions to learn more about the story. Of course, players can also choose to go free and roam the game’s open world and do optional quests. In the game, the competitive element will be extremely interesting when players can use a variety of weapons, armour… to fight enemies. Also, characters can run, jump, swim or use many other means to make the battle more unique.

If the player takes damage, he can restore it with medical or eating tools. If you commit a crime, the in-game law-breaking agencies will also act by issuing arrest warrants. The wanted star levels will show your crime level. At this point, you should quickly get out of the danger zone.

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The design

Although GTA 4’s graphics are not as shimmering as some other games born at the same time, it is completely overwhelming. Liberty City has a lot of renews. The buildings look gorgeous and realistic with many additional elements of light, rain or snow. In addition, GTA 4 also really impresses with the intuitive sound system, especially the voiceover. The characters were naturally brought to life with a distinctive voice that was superior to previous versions. That shows how serious Rockstar really was when building this game.

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GTA 4 does not inherit many points from previous GTA versions. Instead, it goes in a very separate direction. It exudes the authenticity of a magnificent city and the evil inside. Moreover, GTA 4 is also a good premise for the developer to bring GTA V to greater success. Surely GTA IV is the deserved game that you should try right now. Thanks and have fun!

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