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If you want to experience the feeling of dancing, racing, shooting in a legendary open-world with beautiful 3D graphics, please try Grand Theft Auto III right now. This is one of the best street gang games today. Please join us to find out more about this game right now!

About Grand Theft Auto III

Referring to Grand Theft Auto III, we have to mention an extremely attractive action-adventure game in an open world. It was developed by DMA Design and published by Rockstar Games. After that, the game was available on PlayStation 2 game systems on October 22, 2001; on the Microsoft Windows operating system on May 20, 2002, and for the Xbox in 2003. In 2011, the publisher re-released an anniversary version on mobile platforms.

The most popular game of all time

In Grand Theft Auto III, gamers will play in the 3rd perspective and its world is driving or walking. Also, the open-world design allows players to freely walk around Liberty City including 3 main islands.

After being widely released, the game has received a lot of praise from gamers. Compliments are particularly geared towards its concept and gameplay. However, this game also created a lot of arguments because of violence and sexual content.

In addition, Grand Theft Auto III became a best-selling video game in 2011 with a total of 17 million sales. This is considered as one of the most important titles in the game generation. Besides, many critics appreciate this game as the biggest video game of all time. Since its release, GTA III has won many awards and is well received by everyone.

The key features of GTA 3

GTA 3 is a famous game with attractive voice acting, good storyline, and revolutionary gameplay. Besides, the music is exciting. This is a game that defines the open world genre for a generation, which is worth your try.

The game has many unique experiences

We can mention many characteristics of the game as:

  • High detailed 3D model and imposing gameplay mode
  • Add an independent item to your library
  • High-resolution texture
  • Some incredible modifications
  • Great graphics

The attractive story

In Grand Theft Auto II, it focuses primarily on a character named Claude. He and his lover Catalina moved to Liberty City. They are together with Colombian Cartel and Miguel to rob a bank.
In the end, Catalina killed an unknown member and shoot Claude then she left. Claude was lucky to escape but was arrested by police and sentenced to 10 years in prison. On the way to prison, he and another friend Ball were lucky to escape.

Claude's lucky escape

Ball introduced Claude to Luigi Goterelli, who was the owner of the nightclub. After that, Claude worked for him to prove his ability. Luigi ordered Claude to drive Misty to Joey Leone’s garage. He has won Joey’s trust by doing his duty against Triads and Forelli Family.

Then, Joey introduced him to Toni Cipriani, who hired Claude to work for him. Their task is to revenge on Triads after an unsuccessful attack at a laundry shop. After proving himself, Claude was introduced to Joey’s father – Salvatore Leone, who is the head of the gang Leone.

Because he is not a senior member of the gang, he cannot attend the major meetings. So, he was instructed to drive for Salvatore’s wife and look after her. He saved her during a police raid at a drug party at a warehouse. That’s why the boss trusted Claude even more and gave him the task of monitoring a waiter named Curly Bob. The boss suspected that Bob had taken the information about Leone and sold it to Cartel in exchange for an illegal drug (SPANK). If so, Claude had to kill Bob.

A thrilling task progress

Claude followed the waiter and discovered that Catalina and Miguel were Cartel’s leaders. He killed Curly Bob but the other two guys escaped. After that, Salvatore asked Claude and Ball to destroy Cartel’s cargo ship, which is used as a SPANK factory.

On his final mission, Salvatore asked Claude to destroy a ship full of evidence of murder. However, when he approached the location of this ship, the boss’s wife texted him to know that it was a trap. If Claude entered the ship, it would explode.

Claude and the boss’s wife met each other at the dock. That woman admitted that she had told the boss that she and Claude were in a relationship, which made the boss very angry. Maria introduced him to a female leader of Yakuza and Mari’s best friend. They move to Staunton Island to escape from the Leone gang.

At that time, Asuka wanted Claude to prove he has ended his relationship with Leone by killing Salvatore when he left Luigi’s club. He worked for Asuka and was forced to fight Leone and the police. Also, she introduced Claude to Ray Machowski, who was the waka-gashira of Kenji Kasen and also a corrupt police officer.

Claude started working for Kenji to fight against Yardies and Cartel while also working for Ray. Ray introduced him to a billionaire, Donald Love. From that, Claude started working for him. Claude rescued the Old Oriental Gentleman after Love told him that the Cartels kidnapped him for a large ransom. To reduce the price of real estate in the city, Claude began to create a war between Yakuza and Cartel. He killed Kenji but pretended to be one of the Cartel guys who did it with a Cartel Cruiser.

After that, he collected the packages himself from an airplane, but Cartel returned it to their construction site headquarters. Also, Claude saw Miguel and Catalina there. While Miguel tried to negotiate with Claude and gave the package to Claude, Catalina shot Miguel and escaped. Believing that Cartel had killed her brother, Asuka came to help Claude and tortured Miguel for information.

Claude ends everything on his own

After helping Love avoid the police, Claude returned to Donald Love’s apartment and realized that Love and the Old Oriental Gentleman had gone. He returned to the construction site and found that Asuka and Miguel had been killed. A note from Catalina said that she kidnapped Maria and would kill her unless he brought $ 500,000 to Cartel’s mansion.

But the exchange was actually an ambush. In which, Catalina forced Maria to go on a helicopter and ordered the Cartel to kill Claude. He managed to escape and followed a helicopter to the city dam. Catalina flew on a helicopter, left Maria on the dam with her minions. Claude killed them all and shot down the helicopter and killed Catalina. Leaving the dam, Maria started babbling, and after the screen dimmed to black, a gunshot sounded.

How to play Grand Theft Auto III and complete missions quickly for new gamers

In Grand Theft Auto III, gamers will have access to an extensive task system. The variety of tasks and challenges make the game more attractive. We would like to introduce to you a good way to help you perform the first task of this game. Specifically, there will be the opening task and the Luigi task for you to do. Please refer to the section below for more detail on how to play:

The opening mission

The first task is to escape from the prison, and take Ball to the location indicated by the green square on the screen. At this point, gamers have to change a new outfit. Otherwise, the police will detect and catch you back to prison.

Next, gamers have to drive to Luigi’s residence then receive a mission of picking up Misty from Luigi. After completing the mission, you will receive 1500 $.

The mission Luigi

In the task Luigi, gamers will need to do some following small missions:

Don’t spank ghost Blik

First, players have to go home to Save Game and go to Luigi’s Club. You accept the task by standing in the pink circle, picking up baseball bats on the side of the road. Then, you drive to the target, take a baseball bat and hit the worker in the head.

Basic instructions for beginners

Next, you rob the car and go to the paint shop, give the items that you have just got to Luigi and receive $ 4,000.

Driver Misty for me

For this task, you need to drive to the pink circle in the park, honk, take Misty to Joey’s place, and get $ 1000. From this mission, you can receive the next challenge in the J symbol displayed on the map.

Pump – Action pimp

Gamers have to take the pistol at the weapon shop, chase the red dot shown on the map, put it in the car showing with the red dot and kill the 2 people in the car with guns. After finishing this mission, you will get $ 4,000.

The fuzz ball

This is a driving mission. In which, gamers have to take the girls to the designated location in 5 minutes. You must use all of your driving skills and should prioritize the choice of 4-seater car.
That is the basic guide for you when starting to play the game. If you are able to handle these challenges, you are already familiar with the features of the game. From the mission, the next challenge will not be difficult for you anymore.

Classic quests in Grand Theft Auto III

In the Grand Theft Auto series, there are many famous missions and supposedly classic challenges for players. In particular, Grand Theft Auto III also contributed with two tasks, including:

Kingdom Come

Surely, everyone knows that we should not try “poison” even once. And the Kingdom Come mission is evident to the above statement. Because in this mission, it can make you explode.
After being betrayed by King Courtney and trapped by Catalina, Claude faced many of the suicide bombers who were addicted. They always tried to crush on Claude while laughing like Joker clowns.

Give me Liberty

This is the beginning of the 3D era of the Grand Theft Auto series from about 15 years ago. Also, it is also a very simple task. Its purpose is to guide players to the basic control mechanisms. Players only need to drive to the hiding place to complete the mission.

Starting the mission is long and cinematic cut-scenes and also the beginning of the perfect GTA III story. It is a unique and unforgettable impression. Even in 2015, it is still very popular.

Some codes in Grand Theft Auto III

Although there has been some big discussion about the violence surrounding this game, many people still support it. A lot of gamers also recognize that this is one of the best or most innovative games.

amers will be more familiar with the code

However, for gamers who have played Grand Theft Auto III a lot, they will find the tasks normal. But for newcomers, they need more guidance. To be able to perform the task fluently, you need to know the codes.

Here are some codes that will appear in the game and their effect:

  • Gunsgunsguns: Unlock all weapons
  • Ifiwerearichman: Increase money
  • Gesundheit: Full blood, 100% health recovery
  • Morepoliceplease: Increase wanted level
  • Nopoliceplease: Reduce the wanted level
  • Bangbangbang: Destroy all cars around the character
  • Ilikedressingup: Change character costumes
  • Itsallgoingmaaad: The people are going crazy in the game
  • Nobodylikesme: All pedestrians will automatically attack you
  • Weaponsforall: All pedestrians will automatically fight
  • Timeflieswhenyou: Increase the speed in the game
  • Madweather: Causes time in the game to pass quickly
  • Boooooring: Play games faster (Reduce speed in the game)
  • Turtoise: Full armor
  • Skincancerforme: Making the weather more beautiful
  • Ilikescotland: Making the sky more cloudy
  • Ilovescotland: It is raining
  • Peasoup: It is foggy
  • Anicesetofwheels: Invisible vehicles
  • Chittychittybb: Call flying cars
  • Cornerslikemad: Improve the character’s driving skills
  • Nastylimbscheat: Turn on gore graphics
  • Giveusatank: Call a tank (Rhino)

That’s the whole system of cheat codes, which will help you easily access the game. If you want to quickly become more proficient with the tasks, you should keep in mind these codes.

Download Grand Theft Auto III APK for free on Android

On the 10th anniversary of the Grand Theft Auto game series, the developer has launched Grand Theft Auto III to the market. This is the most influential game of all time. In particular, gamers can play on Android phones easily.

Like previous games on Android, GTA III also possesses impressive visual graphics. Also, the ultimate sound system and standard HD resolution provide an impressive, vivid listening and watching experience for players.

Grand Theft Auto III is available on Android

Besides, the game supports the gamepad keyboard device to give you the best gaming experience. Also, the gameplay is optimized in the best way for Android mobile phones. Please see the section below for the key features of Grand Theft Auto III on Android:

  • Great visual graphics and impressive characters
  • Resolution in HD quality
  • Optimizing gameplay for touch devices
  • Customize controls for mobile platforms
  • Unlimited hours of play
  • Gamepad support is available when selecting a USB controller
  • Integrated Immersion Haptic Vibration Feedback
  • Experience audio-visual effects with the new video display device

To download GTA III to your Android phone for free, please see the link at the end of this article. The game will be automatically downloaded with the APK and OBB files.

Important notes

When downloading the game, you need to pay a little attention to optimize game performance. You should restart the device after downloading the game. Also, turn off all other running applications while playing this game.

Besides, GTA III requires a minimum of 3 GB of free memory before installation. Interface languages ​​include French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.


Grand Theft Auto III is the first game format to apply 3D graphics technology. This has made a lot more authentic feeling for the players by 3D impression. This innovation has made the game very popular and has a high position in the gaming market. The game has a captivating storyline, beautiful graphics, authentic actions. Also, it has received a lot of positive feedback from gamers. Have you experienced such a great game? If you want to find a new, breakthrough in the game, please install Grand Theft Auto III APK OBB right now.

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