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When we mention Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (GTA San Andreas), many people will refer to an extremely attractive open-world action-adventure game. In which, you will experience fascinating missions. You can freely play the game. Please join us to find out the game in this article right now!

About Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is an open-world adventure action game. It was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has an attractive story

The game is set in the San Andreas state in California and Nevada. It includes 3 cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas in 1992. The plot of this game is based on real events in Los Angeles. It features the feud between the Bloods and Crips gangs, drug addiction, even violent cases…

The story of the game

This game possesses a very unique storyline, which is about Carl Johnson’s dramatic adventure. 5 years ago, he escaped from a gloomy life in Los Santos – a city full of gangsters, drugs and corruption. In this city, movie stars and millionaires have to avoid bad gangs for having a peaceful life.

Until the early 1990s, Carl returned to his old house but no one survived. His mother was murdered. Other members are separated, and he did not know where they were. Even his childhood friends were in very poor condition.

It is unlucky for Carl when he was on his way back to his familiar neighborhood, several police officers caught him. They blamed him for the murder cases in the city. After that, Carl decided to stand up to protect his loving people. To do that, he was forced to enter the journey through San Andreas to be able to rescue his family and regain the streets that were under the control of the gangs.

How to play and integrate with Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

First, what you need to do in Los Santos is to mark your return because your Grove Street Families gang has been losing strength for the past 5 years. So, you must team up with Big Smoke, Ryder and Sweet to regain your territory from rival Ballas gang.

After you have cleared this opposition, you will unlock two other areas that were separated by the earthquake in Los Santos. Then, you continue the next conquest. Besides, the mechanism is the same as the previous versions but there are many interesting additional features.

Improve Carl's ability to ride bicycles

The first is Carl’s ability to ride a bike. You will need to use it as soon as you start the game. To control this vehicle is the same as any other one in the game. When you repeatedly click the X button, you can make Carl ride faster.

Also, the melee attacks are more elaborate, so you can support and launch combos with square and triangle buttons. The target locking system is quite similar to Vice City but it will be easier to use.

In particular, this is also the first version where the hero knows how to swim. Besides, Carl can jump and climb very well on high walls.

During the game, San Andreas will give continuous statistics for you to see. This feature is very interesting and brings a high level of practicality. For example, players can play sports at the fitness center to improve endurance. Sometimes, you need to eat something to recharge and avoid strain.

However, eating will make you gain fat. So, Carl’s condition will change depending on what you do and for how long. Although it sounds a bit time-consuming, this job only takes a very small part in the game.

The best way you can handle it is to spend a few minutes doing exercise in the early game. It will increase muscle strength, which is great for combat and endurance. After that, gamers should eat to maintain fitness without becoming too fat.

Moreover, the higher the number of missions you complete, the more gang members you will recruit. Moreover, gamers will be better supported in the fight. Your skills will also be evaluated depending on different vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, bicycles and airplanes.

Gradually upgrading means of transportation

When you use a vehicle, your skills will gradually increase. This will help you control it better and better. It is also the same as weapons. In the beginning, your skills will be very bad with all weapons.

After getting used to it for a while, gamers will upgrade it to reach the gangster level, making the weapon’s range further. Also, you can reload faster. Even some cases allow you to move while still locking the target.

Also, players can upgrade their skills to the “hitman” level – the highest level. It may take some time for this, but it will increase the reload speed and extend the target locking range. Moreover, it helps you open up the ability to use two hands and two more weapons.

Some impossible tasks in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In the game, there are two very hard missions, which can be considered to be somewhat impossible for the player to complete. Please see them below:

Wrong Side of the Tracks

In the entire Grand Theft Auto series, the “Wrong Side of the Tracks” mission is considered a legendary quest. It makes most of the gamers angry because of its difficulty. In which, the protagonist must ride a motorbike in parallel with a train that a few thugs are trying to climb to escape.

Big Smoke will sit behind Carl, who is responsible for dealing with gang members whenever the motorbike approaches the train. Unfortunately, the road was buried with unpleasant obstacles. It is difficult for you to maintain the proper speed without losing the train. Also, Big Smoke dislikes shooting his gun, but this mission requires him to shoot continuously. Therefore, this quest is notoriously difficult and may seem like it is beyond the limit of gamers.

Impossible missions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Supply Lines

In addition, many players agree that this is the worst design task that has ever appeared in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is so bad that the publisher has to revise it twice in subsequent releases.
Initially, this mission was also considered an impossible task, in which players have to control an RC plane to destroy some buildings. They are protected by the bad guys and strong weapons. But RC aircraft are very vulnerable to destruction. If it is found by thugs, just a few bullets are enough to destroy the aircraft and you have to play again.

Some typical questions in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

When playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there will be many questions and confusion for a new player. Here are some common questions in the game.

How can we heal the blood in the game?

Unlike previous games, gamers will not collect blood recovery packages in the city. Instead, to restore lost power, you just need to stop, refuel at any fast food restaurant throughout the city.

How can we upgrade guns in the game?

If you have a weapon, especially an assault rifle, that can be of great help. But if you really want to upgrade your skills through missions, you need to upgrade your main character needs to become a skillful shooter.

When will the gun be upgraded in the game?

If you do not want to wait too long, you should visit Ammu – Nations and upgrade your skills here.

What should we do to make more money in the game?

When completing the missions, you can collect money. Also, gamers can earn more by performing some additional tasks, such as the saving mission…

When can we do the stealing task?

If you want to steal something, you need to complete the “Home Invasion” first. After that, the shopping cart will appear near the Gym store in OS Santos. In the opposite the Gym store, there are 2 blue houses. And there is a shopping cart in the middle. You only have a period of time from 20h – 6 am to perform the task.

Once you get in the car and activate the mission, you can go look around to see which house has a yellow triangle in front of the door. Before getting the item, you should walk gently. When you have taken the item, you should bring it away because the police will arrive 10 seconds later.

At 6 pm, you will not be able to steal anymore. Now, you only have 5 minutes to bring the items to the warehouse.

When can we go to occupy the street?

Gamers can take action to occupy the area after completing the “Doberman” mission of Sweet. However, you should not occupy too many areas. Because after you complete the mission “The Green Saber”, you will be arrested and taken to Angel Pine. At this point, you will lose all the locations you have captured.

How can we occupy an area?

When you want to occupy the territory, you need to prepare enough guns, blood and armor then go to the area you want to occupy. After that, you can look for a gang in that area. Usually, the gangsters have the same shirt and scarf colors as the area. You can try to defeat all. Sometimes, looking for them is very hard. You should be patient and careful.

The right time start occupying an area in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

After killing that entire group, the game will display the message “You have provoked a gang war”. If it does still show, there are still people of that gang. At this point, you need to find and kill them all. After that, the area on the map will flash red. At this time, that group will come and fight for about 3 waves, each of which includes about 10-15 people. After 3 waves of resistance, this area will be yours. The words “This hood is yours” will appear and the area on the map will turn green.

In addition, gamers need to pay attention to optimize performance. The developer recommends that you should restart the device after downloading the game to your device. Also, you need to close other applications when playing games on Android.

How to install GTA San Andreas MOD APK DATA for free on Android

Before installing this game, you need to make sure your device is strong enough to be able to play it, specifically:

  • Players need to have a good enough Android device with a minimum of 7.0, RAM of 2GB, Antutu minimum of 45000 points, minimum 3D graphics score of 7000.
  • The minimum internal memory of the device is 4.5GB.
  • Fast and stable wifi connection

Installing the game on Android devices

If you have all of the above, start downloading the game immediately. Please refer to the following installation steps:

  • First, you scroll down to the bottom of this article until there are two “Download” buttons. You need to download both the game’s APK and OBB data files before installing the game.
  • Second, please turn off all network connections. Then, you can extract the OBB .zip file to the Internal memory -> Android -> obb. After the decompression has completed, you can start installing the .apk file.
  • Finally, open Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If the game does not require downloading the Source anymore, it means that you have successfully installed it. If it fails, you have to uninstall the game, delete the file in obb, and do the steps from the beginning.


The above information is all you need to know about Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. If you want to experience a great adventure world, install it right now.  In the game, all the missions show teamwork. It is very clear through this game. You will show the ability to work in groups, doing tasks with your teammates. That’s what you will see in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Besides, the game features beautiful and vivid graphics. You will live a life full of challenging tasks like in real life. Join the protagonist – Carl Johnson on his journey to protect his family and save the city.

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