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GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular versions in the series of GTA games by developer RockStar. It has been upgraded a lot compared to the previous versions in terms of both the story and the setting. Therefore, players will definitely enjoy it. Besides, the game has also created a lot of crazies since its launch. During play, gamers can experience many interesting things. Please join us to find out more about GTA 5 in this article!

Multiple-branches story

GTA 5 has a story twist with three main characters associated with three different stories. It seems to make the plot of the game more complicated and confusing. However, it is truly not. Instead, RockStar has created the absolute cohesion of the characters that make the player feel like everything plays out like a compelling movie.

Also, the beginning of the story must refer to the time period of 9 years ago. At that time, Michael and Trevor and two other members in North Yankton carried out a robbery. However, the police ambushed and the mission failed miserably. Michael was injured in a clash with the police and was miraculously rescued by Trevor. After that, he mysteriously disappeared. Back in the present day, Michael has been a witness for the FBI and has become a normal person, while Trevor is starting a drug business from scratch. At this moment, a young gangster named Franklin Clinton appears and is about to start a life of crime. He met Michael and make special cooperation offers for various criminal activities. In the end, they decided to rob a gold shop to start making their first earnings.

Grand Theft Auto V is the leading game in the world

After the robbery, Trevor knew that his friend Michael was still alive and engaged in criminal activities. He immediately went to Los Santos to look for Michael and demand an explanation. Instead of getting angry with Michael’s lies in the past, Trevor decided to join a criminal group with his friends. What crimes will this trio of characters commit? What are the battles? Who are their opponents? Everything will be available in GTA 5.

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The great points of GTA 5

About GTA 5, it is not enough to show everything in an article. However, we’ll give you a quick general review of the game so you can rate it before playing.

GTA 5 was introduced as an open world that gives it a distinct advantage over other games in the GTA series. The game background is the expanded city of Los Santos. The city never sleeps with a vibrant pace of life. Los Santos is a developed and modern city but it has no rules, so players are free to live with the character as they like.

Besides, GTA 5 is also the opening game of a GTA game with up to 3 characters and players can control all 3. The appearance of all three characters will help players have a more panoramic view of the city from above. Each given character will have a special personality. Specifically, Franklin is representative of people who grew up on the streets with big ambitions and want to prove themselves; Trevor is a more comfortable character with a business of arms and smuggling; Michael is the one who struggles with his family’s life and the problems he wants to overcome.

They will contribute to making the missions in GTA 5 special and somewhat more attractive. In addition, the missions will clearly depict the personality of each character. Since then, it develops the gameplay according to the character. However, the gameplay will still be free. You are the one who decides it. You will be able to do whatever you like with your character.

The gameplay

No force, no aim and no pacing are probably what many GTA 5 players can feel after many times experiencing the game. Of course, that only happens to players who have experienced GTA 5. As for new players, they still want something to strive for and accomplish. Grand Theft Auto 5 still sees money as the main goal of the entire world, which motivates characters to engage in offences, and the money is also what the player wants to get to perform various activities in this game. Players who gain money will be able to invest in buying certain businesses, invest in markets, participate in drug trafficking activities and much more. For many GTA 5 players, their goal is sometimes not money. Instead, they just need to rob a certain car and drive around the locations of Los Santos city to experience the free feeling and beautiful graphics of the game.

GTA 5 uses two first-person and third-person mechanics so that players can have the most realistic experience of life in the city. The 3rd-person perspective allows players to cover the landscape, perform and track missions in the best way. The first-person perspective helps players focus more on personal experiences that are more realistic such as driving, gunfight or performing other activities.

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Amazing design

The lavish and magnificent city of Los Santos will be depicted in detail with the top graphics of GTA 5. High-quality images with impressive action effects will make players roll their eyes. Besides, the sound is also very well done with the sound of city life. Every character is fully voiced, making the game more realistic. In general, Grand Theft Auto V is a blockbuster in the entertainment industry. Although the game has a few minor drawbacks, it has successfully brought a new page to the GTA series.

Grand Theft Auto V has many attractive features

How things work in Grand Theft Auto V

The map is described in detail and truly

Grand Theft Auto V covers an area of ​​up to 27.5 square miles/71.2 km2. Players can move around the map by vehicles or on foot. Also, a map contains coastal islands, deserts, cities, towns, military bases, mountains…

Diverse vehicle collection

There are many types of vehicles for you to choose from, such as ambulance, car, plane, jet, helicopter, and skateboard. Also, you can travel in the Pacific Ocean by submarines and tanks in military battles.

Companies and businesses with new features

GTA V is the new arrival of businesses like the Bugstars fumigation company. Besides, you can see the replacement of Burger Shot restaurant with fast-food restaurant Up-n-Atom Burger and vending machines.

Great weapons system

In GTA V, the number of weapons also increased significantly. In addition to the weapons that appeared in the previous versions. Also, special weapons appear at GTA V, such as silencer rifle combined with the flashlight, anesthetic electric gun, fireworks… Besides, you can choose some melee weapons, such as a hammer, golf clubs…

Custom the character outfit

Players can change the muscles of the characters, draw tattoos, cut beards… and customize clothes.

Multiplayer mode

This is the online mode of GTA V (or Multiplayer). In this mode, players can connect and play with many people around the world. There are still features beyond leveling, on missions, customizing the appearance, participating in interactive games…

GTA 5 is an interesting action game

Some common questions about Grand Theft Auto V

What operating systems does Grand Theft Auto V run on?

GTA V can run on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Android, and iOS operating systems.

How much free space does the game require to download GTA 5 APK?

When downloading GTA V to iOS, players need to have at least 2 GB of free space or more. If you cannot download it because there is not enough space, you should free up memory before downloading GTA V.

Is Grand Theft Auto V free to download?

Yes, it is. This is a free game so you don’t need to worry about it. Instead, you can give yourself the most relaxing moments.

Do we have the right to choose a character in this game?

Yes, we do. In this game, players can freely choose one of the three main characters. While you are using the main character, the remaining two characters still live a normal life.


Grand Theft Auto V is one of the most interesting games in the market today. We hope that the information in the article will help players have a better understanding of the game. During the game, if you encounter any problems or have any questions, please contact us by commenting on this article. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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