Greenify MOD APK V4.7.8 [Donation Package/Lite]


Greenify MOD info?

  • Donate/Paid features unlocked.
  • Ads removed.

Greenify mod

In this article, we would like to introduce to you a great tool for you to optimize your phone and save its battery. We are mentioning Greenify. By preventing apps from running in the background, it will save the battery and optimize your phone from unnecessary tasks and provide a smoother experience than ever. For more interesting information about this application, please follow the review below!

About Greenify

Greenify is a special app from the developer Oasis Feng. It is one of the best Android apps of 2013. So far, it has received many good reviews from reputable newspapers. Specifically, the app will provide powerful tools for users to prevent any application from slowing down their phone. Also, it helps save battery life on the phone so you can use it longer. Greenify is quite smart at never alerting you to emails, messages, or other important background apps. That will always make sure your phone is working without any problems.

The key features

Simple and easy to use

This feature is one of the coolest things that users can see in the app. You will not see complicated menus with too many features. It’s all in one simple way, and you just need to quickly scan your phone for apps. At this point, users can simply click on any of the scanned apps and choosing to hide them to optimize the application for their phone.

Supports many modes

Greenify offers a few special modes for your phone, including root and non-root modes. Each will bring a different way of operating the application. Of course, the root mode will bring more customizations deeper into the system. However, if you only have a normal phone, you can still use the application normally.

Fast screen off and automatic hibernation

For quicker and simpler controls, Greenify offers a quick screen-off. Besides, it provides you with an automatic hibernation mode, allowing users to optimize their phones immediately. It will give the device a longer and more efficient use time.

Check every application in detail

Greenify will allow users to examine the details of apps and their running behavior. That helps you spot suspicious behaviors. Also, users can get reports on how applications are performing on your device.

Schedule a hibernation and save battery

If you do not want to hibernate automatically for apps, you can try a hibernation schedule. Specifically, you can set specific times to optimize the performance of your phone’s Battery. You will ensure that your important applications are not being touched while you are using them.

Customizable has hibernation apps

The app also boosts user satisfaction by allowing them to customize hibernation apps. You can continue to turn on notifications from apps or dismiss the controlling mechanism. Besides, users can block links, abuse of statuses, and many other factors. Greenify will bring the best feature to your system. However, you need to learn how to use them.

Greenify mod apk

What’s more in the version of Greenify Donation Package?

Greenify doesn’t have a premium version, but it does have one called Greenify Donation Package. This version is also quite similar to a premium version, which requires users to pay. The two basic features of this version are:

  • Hibernate System Programs: In this feature, users can suppress the hibernation immunity of system programs. However, you also need to know what you are doing unless running apps may stop working.
  • Advanced for advanced users: This shows more technical elements for users to use.

Currently, the price of the Greenify Donation Package is only about $ 1 for lifetime use. If you want it for free, please follow the instructions below.


Greenify is one of the best apps with powerful and easy-to-access features. It will allow the user to easily control the apps on their phone. More importantly, you can also download Greenify MOD APK for free at the end of this article. I am sure you will like this app more. Don’t forget to share and rate this app if you find it useful. Thanks and have fun!

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