GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK V2.4 [Unlimited Money]

  • App Name: GTA: Liberty City Stories
  • MOD Features: Unlimited Money
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 2.4
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 1,91 Gb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.0
  • Update: January 6, 2022 at 09:28
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GTA: Liberty City Stories is an action-adventure game. It was developed by Rockstar Leeds and Rockstar North. Besides, this game is also a 3D sequel to the GTA series that started with GTA III in 2001. However, GTA: Liberty City is a prequel to GTA 3 with the events taking place three years before GTA 3 in 1998. The game background is in the city of Liberty City (a fictional version of New York). Everything will revolve around the main character Toni Cipriani. If you want to discover more information about this game, please follow this article!

The background of GTA: Liberty City Stories

GTA: Liberty City Stories takes place in the city of Liberty City. It will be slightly different from the previous cities of the GTA series. Specifically, the time of the game is 1998 when the city is going into a period of prosperity. In the game, Skyscrapers have also gradually appeared, but the tallest tower in GTA: Liberty City Stories at that time was only half the size of GTA III. Also, there are many pending constructions that make Liberty City more realistic. In addition, the appearance of many large and small gangs such as Leone, Sindacco, Forelli, Yakuza, Cartel Colombia… They make the city become chaotic as the real New York City.

GTA Liberty City Stories mod

The story

Toni Cipriani was once a high-profile member of the Leone crime family, but he had to go after the murder. Now, he has returned to the city after things have a cooldown. At that time, Liberty City was in chaos with the participation of gangs to gain control of the area. Moreover, drugs were rampant and corruption was everywhere. Toni will start trying to clean up that mess during his absence. He will try to bring the city back to order under Leone’s control. He had to be in deadly gang battles. At this point, Toni will embark on an adventure that shakes Liberty City in GTA: Liberty City Stories. Digging deeper into the details of the story, you can discover more of them as you play and challenge with the quests.

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The gameplay

GTA: Liberty City Stories is an open-world game, which is almost similar to GTA 3. However, it also has a combination of elements found in the following versions such as many houses, changing clothes and motorbikes. The game will not have planes, but you will be able to find them at the earliest in versions like GTA: San Andreas or GTA: Vice City. Basically, GTA: Liberty City Stories does not depart from the traditional gameplay of the GTA series. You will control the main character to participate in many activities and missions of the game. Although the gameplay is very free, most players will choose to plunge into crime. This will also be understandable because they have seen that they have to transform into the character Toni Cipriani and perform many activities of the criminal world. Of course, your crime will be met with resistance by law enforcement, which will force the player to fight back. Furthermore, the game has no eating and exercise mechanics to recover. You only have lives so always be careful when doing anything dangerous. If you choose to play exploring, you can walk around the city with motorbikes and participate in a few small missions to experience it.

The design


GTA: Liberty City takes place three years earlier than GTA III so almost everything will be pretty close together. Players can see some familiar characters and similar geographical elements. This game was built with a 3rd-person perspective with pretty good 3D graphics. However, its graphics are no longer appreciated. It is considered a nostalgic graphics game.

GTA Liberty City Stories mod apk


GTA: Liberty City features 10 songs including licensed and self-created ones. They are also for GTA III. The game also allows players to customize the music. It is quite interesting that you should give it a try.

Download GTA: Liberty City Stories MOD APK for Android

GTA: Liberty City can be an expanded version of the GTA series, but it still brings many unique features. If you are a GTA exploration lover, you will definitely not be able to miss this game. Readers can download GTA: Liberty City APK for mobile phones at the link below. Have fun!

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