GuitarTuna MOD APK V6.16.0 [Unlocked]

  • App Name: GuitarTuna - Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more!
  • MOD Features: Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 6.16.0
  • Category: Tools
  • Size: 45 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: Varies with device
  • Update: January 2, 2022 at 08:02
  • Get it from: Play Store


GuitarTuna is a great music learning application on mobile phones. Specifically, it will help users study and play various instruments. Besides, the app has full advanced lessons so that users can unleash their learning anywhere and anytime. Please check out this cool mobile app with our reviews below as well as download GuitarTuna MOD APK for free for Android phones!

About GuitarTuna – Tuner for Guitar Ukulele Bass & more!

On the market, when we buy an instrument, it has been pre-adjusted for users to play immediately. However, once the user has reached and learned how to control the instruments, they will begin to learn how to adjust them to suit their playing style. Only with GuitarTuna, users can easily tune instruments as they like. This application is provided and developed by Yousician Ltd, which is also the developer of the famous app Yousician that we had the opportunity to share with you. Moreover, GuitarTuna is very easy to access. It will help you study easily with many detailed tutorials and interactive features.

Guitar Tuner mod

The salient features

Learning musical instruments simply

Starting with GuitarTuna, users can approach engaging lessons on many different instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele… You have to precisely orient the instrument you want to learn to begin its lessons. Also, users can study a variety of instruments at the same time. However, it will be really hard and takes a lot of effort from the trainees. Besides, the app will have an intuitive interface for easy access. Moreover, it also uses visual interactions to see if your practice correct or not.

Advanced adjustment technology

For the most accurate lesson, GuitarTuna supports advanced tuning technology. At this point, users can touch certain parts of the app to adjust the instruments. You can increase the accuracy of the tuners by making the app a tool for guitar players. Besides, you can also try over 100 different custom styles on other instruments. They include standard adjustments, Drop-D adjustments, open adjustments, half step adjustments… Each type of adjustment will bring different sounds and experiences to trainees.

Diversified tools

If you are an expert, GuitarTuna also has more advanced tools for you. You can access the metronome to set the tempo you want. Besides, many alternative equalizers are available to help you improve the tone. Also, this app will support a variety of stringed instruments with additional tools. Users can freely choose sounds from a set of sounds, such as bass, mandolin, ukulele, violin, cello, banjo… You can try to adjust the strings so everything blends better.

Diverse chord library

For better practice, GuitarTuna has a library of chords for you can work with. Specifically, you can easily find a schematic diagram of what kind of chord and listen to its sound. Thereby, users will better master the theoretical knowledge and how to recognize those chords by ear.

Interesting mini-games

If users want to hone their skills, GuitarTuna also has a new way of learning, such as playing and learning at the same time. The app will have 6 mini-games for everyone. You can join any game to practice your music skills.

Guitar Tuner mod apk

Download GuitarTuna MOD APK for Android

GuitarTuna is a free application. However, its features are still limited. If you want to expand those features, we bring you GuitarTuna MOD APK. Also, users can access the application with everything unlocked without having to pay. Moreover, we remove all offensive ads. All you need to do is download this app with the link at the bottom of the post and install it.


GuitarTuna is a great learning application, which allows users to study and manipulate a variety of stringed instruments easily. You can feel free to use it with engaging and intense lessons. Also, you can add many interesting adjustments to make your instruments even better. Most importantly, you can get GuitarTuna MOD APK with full features at the link below.

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