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Currently, many online games help players to earn real money. In particular, HAGO is one of the reputable online tree-planting and money-making games today. Many players have earned huge income from HAGO. So what is the app HAGO? How to download and play games to earn huge money? Please follow up details right in the following article!

About the real money-making application HAGO

HAGO is one of the applications that provide many attractive, simple and highly entertaining mini-games. Besides, it also allows players to make friends, communicate online via text or voice easily.

In particular, the application completely allows players to participate in games that are suitable for their age. Moreover, you can compete with your friends for getting more fun. Besides, at the end of the game, there will be a clear difference between winning and losing to help players get a decent amount of money.

Currently, the app is available for free for players to experience. The application has a fairly light capacity, less than 30MB, so everyone can download to their phone and enjoy it without worrying about lagging.

The key features of HAGO

HAGO is one of the hottest game applications today. People can completely find relaxation and entertainment for themselves here. Also, this app attracts a lot of players to participate with outstanding features, specifically:

Variety of mini-games

One of the main purposes of developing HAGO is to help players enjoy exciting games, relieving stress after long study and work. Along with that, HAGO’s game store is extremely diverse with light and simple mini-games. Most of them are quite familiar with simple gameplay. Especially for those who are new to the game for the first time, if you pay a little attention, you can completely grasp how to play easily.

At HAGO, people can find many extremely familiar games with very high entertainment, such as knife hit, gold mining… Besides, there are also many HOT mini games today like Sheep Chien. Currently, the app is offering more than 80 different games, promising to develop more in the future. Each game on the app has a unique appeal, with its impressive 2D or 3D graphic design and interesting sound system. Surely, they are suitable for everyone.

Players can join, exchange, and make friends with millions of people

HAGO is more than just an app for playing games. Besides, this is also a social network with more than 100 million downloads and participates in creating a strong community around the world. So, you can join with friends or other people in the system. It will help people have the opportunity to communicate, learn and get to know more people.

Besides, one of the differences with the other normal mini-games is that players will not have to participate in the game alone. Instead, you will join a randomly selected person or group as a competitor. Both players will go head-to-head to find the winner.

More specifically, people can interact and chat directly with each other through the chat feature, the voice at the microphone icon, drop emoticons….

At the end of each game, the winners and losers are determined by the score. At this point, you can completely invite that player to play the next game or join another game. Also, you can use the friend feature so you all can get the chance to chat and get to know each other later on.

Especially, you register for a HAGO account through your Facebook account. After logging in, the system will automatically display your Facebook friends who join HAGO to invite each other to play games easily.

Moreover, this app allows you to find nearby friends when you are licensed to see the current location via GPS. So, with this feature, you can see who is nearby what game you are playing so you can make friends play games or chat. Do not forget to update your profile information, profile picture for your HAGO account.

Create a group chat

In addition to joining and connecting with a single friend, you can completely create chat rooms or join chat rooms with many people at the same time. Thereby, it can help you exchange and participate in many activities together such as playing games, talking and even singing karaoke together.

Planting trees for money

In addition to providing an attractive mini-game inventory on HAGO, the app also develops many activities for players to earn real money. In particular, the program of money tree HAGO generates Money every day is the most participant.

Specifically, HAGO’s system will give you a seed. After that, your task is to sow seeds into the ground, take care, and nurture them every day. This is a money-making tree. If you take good care of it, it will generate a lot of money for you to pick every day.

However, making the tree grow fast is not easy. Everyone needs to perform various tasks to hydrate large plants every day. So, it requires you to perform tasks to get more water such as:

  • Attendance is present in the game every day.
  • You can join your friends in 2 games of a flying darts game.
  • The player shares the game link with other players.

Doing as many tasks as possible will give you more water. From there, the app tree will grow and bring you more money.

Withdraw real money

One of the features that attract more and more players to join HAGO is easy withdrawals. After a period of taking care of the tree, you can get the achievement. At this point, the system allows you to withdraw real money by recharging a mobile card. Therefore, players need to provide accurate information on their phone number to be able to withdraw money easily.

Hago mod

A simple instruction to creating a HAGO account

The game requires players to have an account to participate in the app. So, if you want to set up a HAGO account, please follow these steps:

  1. After you open the HAGO app, you can click on the interface to select “enter phone number”. Besides, players can also use Google or Facebook account to be able to log in.
  2. You need to enter your correct phone number in the box.
  3. Players fill in the confirmation code sent to the phone number. Then, you just need to click on the “Login” button to complete.
  4. You can choose an image for your account (optional).
  5. After everyone filling out the information, click “Done” to finish.

How to find friends on HAGO

One of the goals when joining HAGO is to find friends. So, players can socialize and make friends with many people on the HAGO community by following simple steps:

  1. After you have logged into your HAGO account, you can click to select the icon “add friends” on the interface in the right corner of the screen.
  2. Next, on the search box, you can type in the name of the person you want to search or click to connect with friends on Facebook, easy phone contacts. Also, players can type the correct ID code of their friends into the search box to display more accurately. Each Hago account has its ID, so you can see them outside the home screen when you click on your avatar icon.

Download HAGO MOD APK on your Android

HAGO is one of the gaming applications that offer the opportunity to make real money. To be able to download apps to your Android device, players can proceed with the following steps:

  1. First, go to the end of this article and click on the link to download HAGO APK.
  2. Second, you can select the version you want to download and click on it to download it. You just wait for the download to complete and you can proceed to install HAGO APK immediately.


Overall, HAGO is one of the great gaming apps that help people participate in engaging entertainment. Moreover, this is also a playground to help people exchange, learn and connect with others around the world. Besides, with what HAGO is developing, it will certainly help bring many opportunities for players to play games and earn money easily. Shortly, the publisher will develop and add more mini-games, providing many features for players to join and connect more easily. Hopefully, this app will help players get the most comfortable gaming experience. Readers can download and experience HAGO MOD APK at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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