Harvest Town MOD APK V2.1.8 [Gold/Diamonds]

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  • Version: 2.1.8
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  • Update: November 13, 2021 at 23:26
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Harvest Town is an engaging simulation role-playing game from the developer Avid.ly. This is a special version with a traditional farm construction and development idea. In the game, players will have the opportunity to become a farmer in the countryside, where you have to do many different farming works. In this article, we provide you with all the information about how to download and play the game for free on Android. Please see them below!

About Harvest Town

Harvest Town is a Pixel farm simulation mobile game. It features many role-playing elements, allowing gamers to freely enjoy the farm game. Besides, players will find ways to renovate the farm and interact with the world around them. Instead of completing the main task, you can play the game as you like. Moreover, there will be no real goals for Harvest Town, meaning players can create their own goals.

Harvest Town MOD APK is an attractive role-playing game

The story

Harvest Town has an interesting story. It begins and revolves around your character, who is an old man working in a city. Busy work makes him suddenly miss the scent of flowers and the taste of home products. At this point, he believes that if he will have a chance to return to the old nice memories when he goes to a town. After a sleep with so many regrets in the thoughts, he sudđently woke up in a town. It was a desolate place. However, you got very excited and started building a beautiful town.

Later on, gamers can enjoy a relaxing farm life with various orders and tasks. You have to try to communicate with everyone in town who may meet the love of your life. Besides, you can also explore mysterious caves, fight monsters and collect the rarest treasures.

The gameplay

Starting the game, you will appear on a farm with many messy things around. However, those things will be raw materials for you to collect and exploit. Also, players control the character to get close to those items and touch them to break or collect. After that, you can use them to fill the quests or craft the necessary tools. At the beginning of the game, NPC named John Gray will instruct players about farming, breeding, or using tools. You should follow his instructions to grasp the basics of the game.

Besides, you not only build and grow your farm., but also go into the vast town to explore different locations and get to know people. Moreover, gamers can shop for a variety of things at the stores. However, the most important thing that players need to care about is the development of their farms.

The key features

  • Building the farm: Although this game does not have a specific goal, many players still give priority to building their farm. There are different jobs they need to do to achieve that goal. At this point, players will be like a farmer with lawns mowing, hoeing, planting trees, breeding and more. Also, gamers can win the pets (dogs and cats).
  • Interacting and shopping: Harvest Town is highly interactive game. Specifically, you can join racing tournaments, enter deals, or perform many other people’s activities. Besides, the game also has many large stores specializing in selling interesting items for farming and entertainment. You can visit and use the money that you have earned to buy the in-game items.
  • Comfortable Exploration: Specifically, players can freely move and explore everything. The game brings you many mysterious locations and items. They will never end, which make your game seemlessly and more interesting.
  • The diverse story: Harvest Town not only provides a basic story of the game but there are many other stories in the game. Each NPC will give players a dramatic and unforgettable experience. Moreover, you can get married in this game. To do that, you should go to visit the NPC of the opposite gender.

Harvest Town MOD APK has a unique Pixel design

The design

Harvest Town has the classic Pixel style in the games of the last century. It also has minor enhancements to be made better for mobile phones. Players can play the game with a simple 2D perspective, in which the landscapes are in a quiet style. However, the animals are very active. Also, the game is featuring a 4-seasons circle. You can decorate the farm in the style of each season. Moreover, the sound of the game is gentle and peaceful with only the sound from the environment and agricultural activities. You can enjoy the sound of wind, birds, running water…, which will bring a great sense of relaxation for all players.

How to download Harvest Town MOD for Android

Harvest Town is a free mobile game for everyone. Therefore, downloading it is extremely simple and easy. Besides, we provide you with Harvest Town MOD APK. Players can download it for free at the end of this post. Please make sure that your network connection is stable so that the download process will not have any problems.


Overall, Harvest Town is a great game for entertainment on mobile phones. It has many attractive features and relaxing elements to make players more and more interested. If you are also passionate about farm games, we have introduced a similar game called Stardew Valley. Readers can download and enjoy the game, and don’t forget to rate it if you find it interesting. Have fun!

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