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Hay Day is an attractive and popular farm game on mobile phones. It will take you to the peaceful countryside with beautiful plants, cute animals and other friendly neighbors. Besides, it is a perfect game for those who love entertainment and lightness. If you are interested in this game, please join us through the information about it below.

Small story

Your uncle reached retirement age and was no longer able to take care of his farm, so he chose you to take care of the farm. On the farm, you will make new friends like Greg or Angus for learning the experience in farming. Once you have mastered the secrets, you can become an entrepreneur by selling farm produce, livestock and more. Moreover, it will help you grow your farm even bigger and more beautiful.

Hay Day MOD

How to play Hay Day

Cultivating and breeding

At the beginning of the game, you will be on a simple farm with a few animals and seeds. At this point, players will need to renovate the plots so that they can sow seeds and feed the animals. Also, you need to take care of them and follow them carefully to achieve the first achievements of your work.

Harvest and trade items

After a care process comes the time when players need to learn how to harvest items on their farm. By touching the crops, you can quickly bring them into the stock. You can sell the products to your visitors or the stores for a profit. Thereby, you can continue to buy more new crops and animals. Besides, the number of items will be limited by your level. At this point, you can unlock them when you level up.

Building your farm

To expand the farm, players can also build more construction works and factories. Also, you can plan the farm in sections with farm, livestock and other production areas. Besides, players can use factories to refine the products they have under available recipes for higher value goods.

Level up

Getting experience from farm activities will help you increase your level. After leveling up, gamers will receive valuable rewards. More importantly, you can unlock more new items. To level up faster, the game requires you to complete more activities.


Tips for Hay Day

Open the chest

Treasure chests always have valuable items inside. In addition to being able to open these chests on your farm, you can also visit your neighbor’s farm to find them. As long as you try, the rewards for you will be very deserving.

Using Tom

In the game, Tom is a dedicated and very helpful maid if you know how to use it. Specifically, you can hire this boy to do many difficult jobs. You can find jobs that take a lot of time and money to hand over to Tom. He will do the job excellently and bring value to your farm.

Grow the early-harvested crops

In Hay Day, there are many different types of plants. Also, the time to harvest them is different. If you have time to play the game online, you should grow plants with short harvest times. When you harvest many crops, you will receive random items. However, you need to calculate the capacity of the warehouse and many problems related to the production to avoid redundancy.

Exchange with another farm

In the production process, there will be a redundancy and shortage of agricultural products. At this point, an effective way to get rid of the unbalance is to trade with your friends. Players can join Hay Day groups and communities in search of their trading partners.

The design

Hay Day is a farm game that gives players the feeling of entertainment with many interesting images. It is the perfect combination of plants, animals and structures inside. In the game, everything is drawn like a colorful and peaceful landscape picture. Besides, the music is also very relaxing with the sound of birds, wind, water and other agricultural activities.


Hay Day is an engaging farm game for everyone. It has a lot of cool gameplay, features, and graphics. Right now, players can download the game for free and join millions of players worldwide at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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