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Hitman Sniper 2: World of Assassins is the ultimate action game from the developer SQUARE ENIX LTD. It is a sequel to the success of Hitman Sniper in 2014. After many years, players will have the opportunity to participate in a new and more exciting experience of the assassin world. This 2nd version has been tagged 16+ by the developer on the mobile store, promising to have more quality assassination and gore scenes. Please join us to find out the highlights of Hitman Sniper 2 right now!

The gameplay

In Hitman Sniper 2, players will continue to play as a professional assassin with many different missions. The game will take you to many different countries with locations in detail. In each location, gamers will perform the assassination and defeat many targets without leaving a trace. Besides, you need to make use of the terrain and objects to make the murder victim disappear without a trace. The job of using a Sniper to aim at targets seems simple. However, the situations and the way of death of the victim are diverse. In Hitman Sniper 2, players are also pressured by the performance in levels. If you don’t have the unique assassination method, you won’t be rated well by the stars. Since then, the reward for assassins has also been greatly reduced.

Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK has extremely attractive gameplay

Also, Hitman Sniper 2 still uses some of the familiar controls in its gameplay. Players will still sit in a fixed position to attack targets. All the concentration will be on thinking and setting situations. But the game has also made better changes in controlling and shooting. Now, players can observe things more intuitively with modern gazes that are capable of zooming in/out for easy viewing. However, Hitman Sniper 2 has not completed the target AIs, which are still quite dumb. Specifically, AIs can detect movements and events very well, but they seem not to know they are under attack. So, it makes them quite listless to death from being killed.

The game mode

Hitman Sniper 2 has been greatly improved by adding more engaging game modes. Now, in addition to the campaign mode, players can join PvP with other players. In which assassins will compete with each other to see who is the best. Besides, the game also has a lot of events that take place continuously as challenges for assassins. After winning, players will receive rewards and achievements, which make you more exciting for doing quests.

Many assassins

In Hitman Sniper 2, players not only control an assassin but also have many different assassins for you to choose from. These assassins will have different expertise to help you play the game in a suitable play style. Some assassins specialize in Body Disposals, but someones specialize in Accidental Kills. Also, they will have two more unique skills to use during the quest. You need to play each assassin to grasp their skills and master them in matches.

Besides, each assassin will also have a unique gun. At this point, players can increase the power and ability of guns by collecting gun pieces.

Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK has a quality design

The graphics

In the first version of Hitman Sniper, players will fight in locations like in the future. Hitman Sniper 2 brings you closer to the present life. In which players can play in many famous locations in Canada or Chile to perform the task. The game is built with 3D graphics, quality images, and extremely outstanding, which will make things quite realistic and close. Also, Hitman Sniper 2 has eliminated the flying effect of bullets in some slow-motion situations. At this point, I find it quite unfortunate because the effects are very nice. In Hitman Sniper 2, there will be absolutely no songs, instead of death to death. Players will only hear gunshots and bursts of objects being shot, which would be quite appropriate for such an assassination and action game.

Download Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK [Unlimited Ammo] for Android

Hitman Sniper 2 MOD APK is a version that is also looking for by quite a few people. It is a revision of the original one. Players can play it to get even more unlocked advanced features that are not available in the original version, such as an unlimited amount of bullets of the gun. Besides, gamers can Hitman Sniper 2 MOD on the internet. Readers can get the link to download it for free and safe at the end of this article.

Note: After the installation, the game can automatically download more data to be able to play. Therefore, you have to wait for the download to complete before you start playing.


Hitman Sniper 2 is a game that inherits the fascinating things in the previous version. It also has many improvements in terms of graphics and design. However, it still has the same features that have not been upgraded as the AIs. But Hitman Sniper 2 will still be a good game for you to entertain and challenge your abilities. Readers can download the game now and let us know what you think about it! Have a fun game!

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