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Mobile shooting game is one of the most popular game genres today. For those who love a funny shooter, you should not ignore the great game Hitmasters. This is one of the most interesting games from the developer Playgendary. In the game, players will feel fun and excited when participating in puzzle quests. Surely, it will bring the best gaming experience. Let’s explore this exciting shooting game Hitmasters through our article!

About Hitmasters – the puzzle shooter game

Hitmasters is a fun shooter with a combination of action gameplay, puzzle, and shooting elements. In which you will play the role of a gunner, whose task of destroying the enemies. Specifically, players will receive a gun to knock down your opponents or breaking obstacles to detonate a bomb, cutting strings to let opponents fall into acid pits.

Hitmasters MOD APK is an exciting action game for mobile

Besides, the game has 4 different game modes, including Shotgun Mode, Gravity Mode, Ricochet Mode and Toxic Mode. Each of them will provide you with a different type of gun. Also, you will have a huge arsenal of different weapons that you will use to complete the missions. But it’s not simple. Before you remove the various obstacles and enemies in front of you, you should consider moving forward because you are an agent.

At this point, players have to know how to use a variety of weapons and find the best one to pass the levels. Moreover, each level becomes more complicated, which will make you think about puzzles. Hitmasters promises to bring you the best entertainment moments.

Instructions on how to play the game Hitmasters for newbies

After downloading and installing the game on the phone, players can open the game and start playing. At the main interface, please click the icon “X” then click Play to start playing the game. Hitmasters will have basic tutorials for beginners. After you grasp the gameplay, you can click “OK” to finish the instructions.

Besides, game control is very simple. What you need to do is holding the Android device screen then moving your finger to change the aiming direction. When you want to shoot, you just release your finger. Also, players have to align how to hit the opponent’s head to get the highest possible score.

Note: Each level will have a fixed amount of ammo. If you use up all available ammo but you have not yet finished all your opponents, you fail.

Hitmasters MOD APK has simple but addictive gameplay

At the end of each game, players will receive rewards, such as Money and Skull. When passing the levels in Hitmasters at the specified milestones, you will be transferred to the new game mode. In each new mode, there will be a new gun for you to enjoy. Moreover, the first 20 levels are easy to pass. However, the difficulty of the game will increase gradually in the following challenges when many obstacles appear.

After every 10 levels, you will be fighting bosses. At this point, the difficulty will increase. Players must shoot accurately many times to win. Also, you will receive offers from the Shop. Usually, it is a suggestion about buying new guns, which are classified to suit each shooting mode.

In the game, there are hundreds of different guns for you to unlock, or pay with in-game cash. Besides, players can also unlock new outfits for characters.

Notes when playing Hitmasters

  • Hitmasters are violent in nature, so we should limit the age of players. You must make sure you are old enough to download and participate in this game.
  • Besides, the game requires Android 5.0 and above to download and play games without lag or crashing out while playing.
  • The gameplay is very simple, but you must try to solve the puzzles and pass new quests to get bonuses to increase the level.
  • Also, the game contains ads. After viewing all the 30-second ads, you can receive a reward. Therefore, please watch all the ads without clicking off.

The wonderful features of Hitmasters

Many levels

In the game, players will participate in many different attractive levels. Each of them will provide you with different challenges. Also, the difficulty of the levels can increase gradually according to the number of levels you have passed. Besides, after about 10 or 20 levels, players can fight with bosses, which will be much harder than the normal ones.

Many game modes

Hitmasters is not simply an ordinary puzzle game. Instead, it has many game modes with much more entertaining gameplay. They are Gravity, Ricochet… Each mode will have different missions and the use of guns. Sometimes, you can shoot freely to get money, but you can only shoot in limited quantities most of the time.

Diverse outfits

The character outfits are an interesting thing in this game. Players can use the rewards from winning to buy clothes. Not only stop at changing outfits, but players can also change their characters to turn characters into many different styles.


Hitmasters have a lot of special weapons that simulate realistic weapons such as Gatling guns, rifles… However, there are also many weapons with the ability to shoot surprisingly like objects-moving guns, guns to suck objects…

Hitmasters MOD APK is free for everyone

How to download and install Hitmasters MOD for Android

Hitmasters is a free action game for everyone. You can download it in a variety of ways. However, the modified version of the game makes it safe and fastest to download right from our website. Readers can go to the bottom of the post and download it. After that, you can refer to the installation steps below:

  1. Open the folder containing the downloaded APK file and click on it to proceed with the installation.
  2. Select “Install” to automatically install. If the installation starts automatically, you just need to wait for it to complete.
  3. If your phone asks for unknown sources, you have to agree to the requests. After that, you will be redirected to the settings to unknown sources and activate for this game.
  4. Go back to the folder containing the APK file and do the installation again.


Above is all the information about the Hitmasters puzzle shooter for those who love shooting fun games. We hope to bring you useful knowledge for a better understanding of this game. If you are interested or looking for a game to have fun after hours of tiring work, do not hesitate to download the game to have fun, fight and overcome challenges with friends. Readers can download Hitmasters MOD APK for Android at the link below. Have a fun game!

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