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Hoichoi is an entertaining mobile application for Bengal people around the world. It is on-demand music and video streaming platform. In which, users will have access to tens of thousands of popular movies and TV shows from around the world. Also, users can enjoy a variety of songs from the Bengali entertainment industry right from your mobile phone. Please join us in exploring this exciting application and learn more about the culture of Bengal right below!

About hoichoi – Bengali Movies | Web Series | Music

This is an Indian on-demand video streaming platform with a focus on Bengalis. Currently, it is under the development of SVF Entertainment Pvt Ltd. Besides, the app is free on a variety of platforms. Now you will have great entertainment experiences by watching and downloading videos online. Besides, the app supports two languages, consisting of Bengali and English for users to choose. Also, the developer regularly updates attractive content to serve viewers. You can easily find the programs you love with just a few simple clicks. If you want a Premium package, you’ll also need to pay for the upgrade.

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hoichoi Premium apk mod

The salient features

Many attractive films in the Bengal language

Hoichoi has a wide variety of fascinating films of all genres produced by talented Bengal directors and actors. You can easily find your favorite movies by typing their names in the search bar. Besides, it will also have more attractive Bengali programs every day or week to serve viewers. Surely, this app will be a great audiovisual experience for you.

Download and watch offline

In Hoichoi, you can download all movies and TV shows then watch them offline. This offline option is also a good choice for those who are busy and frequently travel with no internet connection. Besides, users also have a wide selection of formats to watch and download for videos. The higher the video quality is, the longer the download time and capacity of the device memory will be. However, this feature will be a premium feature that you will need to pay to get it.

Thousands of cool songs

Anyone interested in music can enjoy thousands of great Bengali songs from Hoichoi. You can play your music seamlessly with playlists on different topics. Just like movies, songs and MV also allow you to download and listen to them offline.

Create your playlist

If you find too many great movies that don’t have time to watch them all at once, you can add them to the watch later list. At this point, the app will save the movie as one of your favorites. Then, you can easily find it in a favorite playlist.

English subtitles

Not only does Hoichoi provide Bengali films, but it also has an English subtitle translation. However, the number of films with this type of subtitles will be less than those in the Bengali language. But anyone who loves can still follow the movies with subtitles to better understand the Bengali people.

Cross-platform application

Hoichoi has diverse support for all devices running the Android operating system. Users can easily access the entertainment store with different screen sizes. Besides, it supports streaming between many different devices, providing a great experience for anyone.

hoichoi Premium apk

Download Hoichoi Premium MOD for free on Android

Currently, Hoichoi is available for free to download. However, to access and get the full premium features, you still need to pay. That makes many users unable to fully access the features. Therefore, we would like to share with you Hoichoi MOD APK with full features for free. All you need to do is download this app with the link at the bottom of the post and install it on your Android phone.


Hoichoi is a special entertainment app for Bengalis and others around the world. Users have access to an extensive collection of movies, TV shows and music. More importantly, we share Hoichoi MOD APK with fully unlocked premium features for you to watch without ads. It would bring you the best user experience. Readers can download the app at the link below. Have fun!

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