Hotspot Shield MOD APK V8.10.2 [Premium]


Hotspot Shield MOD info?

  • Premium features unlocked.
  • All servers unlocked.
  • Ads disabled.

Hotspot Shield Premium mod

Today, hundreds of millions of Android users have great privacy protection thanks to Hotspot Shield. Do you want to be like them? In this article, we will help you to learn about a cheap and easy-to-use VPN program that is especially suitable for those who are looking for a simple streamline for international multimedia services. Please join us to find it out right now!

About Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield is the most trusted access, privacy and security application. It helps users bypass geographic restrictions and enjoy stable online access with fast performance and simple operation. Also, this tool can encrypt customers’ internet connection to make it safer during use.

Besides, the app is a free version with ads. Customers who dislike this can also avoid the hassle of advertising by paying for a subscription. In addition to the Android version, this app also has additional versions for IOS and Mac.

The advantages of Hotspot Shield

  • Easy to set up and connect quickly: Customers only need to open Hotspot Shield with a touch to be able to connect to free web browsing without limitation in the world. It will bring you absolute security and safety.
  • In case it suspects that VPN stops, this app will prevent IP addresses and network signals from leaking by automatically disconnecting your device power.
  • Connecting multiple devices: At this point, customers can share up to 5 devices with only one Hotspot Shield account.
  • Global connectivity: Hotspot Shield has wide coverage in more than 80 countries.  It ensures optimal connectivity for customers.
  • The app encrypts the maximum and most accurate to protect customers from hackers and network spies.
  • The exclusive VPN technology is a key element of Hotspot Shield’s VPN technology that dominates the world. It optimizes a variety of extremely powerful and fast server connections that are stable and secure for remote communication.
  • Service support anytime, anywhere: With Hotspot Shield premium packages, the app’s customer service will support immediately when you have any difficulties or questions.

The operating principles of Hotspot Shield

Hotspot Shield VPN & Proxy for Android (formerly known as Hotspot Shield VPN) will provide customers with a secure connection between your Android device and the destination website via an intermediary channel, which was encrypted by using VPN virtual private network technology.

Besides, the app hides your customer’s real IP address for anonymous browsing and makes sure no one can track you. This gives you access to even web addresses that are blocked by a firewall.

Also, the app is free for Android users. If you need a VPN with basic privacy and unblocking features, or even a premium security version with access to the fastest VPN, it will do it. Moreover, customers can choose to charge in Hotspot Shield’s free to get the best service packages.

Hotspot Shield Premium apk

The main version of Hotspot Shield for Android

Hotspot Shield VPN free version

This version gives users access to all US and international content. You can unblock and browse unlimited from your favorite apps or websites. However, the free VPN version for Android contains limited ads.

Hotspot Shield VPN PREMIUM

In addition to the free package, this app also offers an additional version of VPN ELITE. This is an option to automatically renew the subscription. Hotspot Shield VPN PREMIUM offers customers unlimited real access from 80 virtual locations without any advertising. They are the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, India, Australia, Canada, China, Turkey, Ukraine.

Besides, after signing up for an Elite account, users will get support from smartphones, tablets, laptops to PC with up to 5 devices. Before deciding to use a monthly or annual subscription, customers also have the opportunity to try the 7-day free of Elite features.

Hotspot Shield rates: 1 month subscription – $ 12.99/month. Yearly Subscription – $ 7.99/month (save 38%)

The reason why we should choose Hotspot Shield Premium for Android

The key functions

  • The app helps users unblock websites including unblocking YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and even websites at your school, library, and office with the app. Also, you have the option to bypass filters and firewalls to gain access to their favorite content.
  • Besides, this app allows you to browse the web anonymously to ensure your privacy and security. At this point, you can anonymously perform online activities, visit the website you want when conducting online transactions or download without being tracked. It can do that because Hotspot Shield Free VPN creates encrypted links between computers and servers.

High protection of users’ privacy

  • VPN always provides the highest level of online security for customers with a private and secure browsing mode. When you connect to the internet with Hotspot Shield VPN, your data (passwords, financial transactions and messages) are encrypted and protected instantly. Your personal information is completely hidden from network spies.
  • Wi-Fi security: At public Wi-Fi hotspots, anyone can monitor and track your web activity. So, this app will personalize and protect your browsing session, which keeps your private data more secure no matter where you connect from.
  • Protect users from malware: Hotspot Shield VPN always warns you if you want to visit websites that are known to contain malware. After that, it blocks the site to prevent risks. Also, the app will protect your Android smartphone from 85 million malicious websites every day along with integrated malware and phishing protection.

Instructions for downloading Hotspot Shield Premium for Android

The app supports IOS, Android and Windows devices. With smartphones, you download applications through Play Store and App Store. However, it is only the free version. In this article, we will share a free Hotspot Shield Premium version for Android phones. You can download this version with the link at the end of this article.

To complete the installation, your device memory must be 13MB or more. This is not a high capacity for a perfect and professional web browser like it. Besides, the app is very easy to manipulate and use. After downloading, you can experience free and secure browsing freely.

Overall rating

Hotspot Shield has more than 400 million installs and has been featured in popular magazines, such as Fast Company, Forbes, CNET, CNN and New York Times. When deciding to install the application, you have the right to freely and safely access the Internet. Also, this app customers can feel secure because it does not track or keep logs of any users. This is the most private and secure access platform for users with a premium feature, free permanent basic. Customers only need to upgrade to Elite to be able to use advanced features or also try it for free. Thank you!

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