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Hungry Shark World is an interesting action hunting game that has attracted many gamers. Up to now, there have been more than 300 million downloads worldwide. In this article, we give you all the information about the game. Please join us to find it out now!

About Hungry Shark World

To have more detailed information about this game, please see the release and its meaning:

Hungry Shark World is the current best-selling shark game

The release

Hungry Shark World was inspired by action films related to sharks. The horror that comes from these carnivorous machines has been portrayed in many movies. At the moment, the developer Ubisoft Entertainment continues to put them in games. Not surprisingly, this game has gained great achievements and reputation in the gaming community.

About Ubisoft, this is a popular game developer. Almost every gamer has known about it, especially followers of the action game series such as Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry or Valiant Hearts. As a major game developer, every Ubisoft product is carefully invested in, for a long-term direction. Hungry Shark World is no exception.


Although it does not completely follow a traditional game such as action, role-playing or strategy, cards … However, this game is still a favorite part of gamers thanks to its entertainment and creativity with high efficiency and focus. In particular, players will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable because they do not need to spend too much effort, time to play like other games that we have mentioned.

The creative feature of the game brings high entertainment to players

Playing games without causing pressure or stress is the biggest goal of the current game makers. Also, this is the trend of choosing games for many gamers today. In Hungry Shark World, players can select a shark in 7 different sizes. There are many types such as an iconic ocean predator. Besides, players can explore many islands throughout the game. For example, gamers can the Pacific Islands, Arctic Ocean, exotic Arabian Sea, and the East Sea. Also, there is a vibrant urban destination filled with fresh victims for you to explore. Moreover, it is more than a game where you can explore and learn many things.

The vast world

Gamers will see and be brought into a vast ocean world with bright, vibrant and beautiful background. Textures are considered classics of the ocean such as coral reefs, volcanic ranges, sandy beaches… Hungry Shark World is a game of predatory sharks, but it is not scary as many people think. In contrast, 3D graphics with a funny design around the shark provide gamers with a nice bright space.

Images of aggressive sharks in Hungry Shark World

It is even more amazing is that the game provides a rich and diverse seafood species vividly and beautifully. This game has a high definition with impressive and excellent image quality.

True to its name, Hungry Shark World is a world dedicated to a hungry shark. They can eat almost everything that appears in the sea. Especially, the shark likes the swimmers in the sea.

How to play

This is a game with simple content, but attractive gameplay. In this appearance, players will be playing a fierce shark named Hungry Shark World.

Simple gameplay

When starting the game, players only need to control their shark moving back and forth on the screen, and attack the target. During the game, the shark can eat anything, as long as it is not bigger than its size and not a poisonous species like pufferfish or jellyfish or electric fish. The food of the shark is extremely rich such as fish, crabs, snails, shrimp, even seagulls, gulls and even humans.

The different levels of the shark’s food chain

Shark’s food is divided into several categories. In which the highest level is yellow, which will help players earn more gold to upgrade sharks in the future. Gamers should always maintain the amount of food for the shark. Otherwise, he will starve to death and your achievement goes back to zero.

Sometimes, people swim and dive on the beach. They are always the best bait and bring the highest score for gamers. However, players need to avoid entering the territory of larger sharks. Otherwise, your shark will be at a very high risk of danger. Also, you need to control your shark to avoid torpedoes and shark hunters.

Note when playing Hungry Shark World

One of the most important things when playing Hungry Shark World that you need to care about is to feed the shark as much food as possible. When the shark is big, you have to upgrade it. However, the upgrade time is quite long, which requires a long time to practice “hunting”.

Because it is a touch game, using the hand to touch the screen sometimes makes it difficult for players to move quickly and obscure visibility. This is a disadvantage for the shark when it encounters the vicious sharks in the see.

Many dangerous sharks

The shark is the main object in the game Hungry Shark World. Of course, the game will have many different types and designs. Also, they will be carefully classified according to sizes including S, M, L, XL, and XXL. The bigger the shark’s size is, the greater their power will be. At this point, your gaming experience will multiply many times.

Many sharks are available in Hungry Shark World

Besides, upgrading the shark is also an important mission that you should not miss. If you want to play well Hungry Shark World, you should pay attention to the upgrade section. Now, you can build sharks but with the perfect fashion and weapons.

To get bigger sharks and better items, players must face many difficulties, collect and accumulate rewards. Moreover, many larger seas and harder prey are waiting for you to conquer.

The key features

Hungry Shark World possesses many outstanding features. We can mention the key points below:

  • More than 20 different types of missions including high score challenges, epic hunting and boss fights.
  • Sharks, whales, octopuses and even bald eagles have special abilities, which are to increase health, scores and more.
  • Unleash your shark hunting potential: SuperSize mode, dash, blast, hypnosis, etc.
  • Experience the craziness in quality 3D graphics. The gorgeous dashboard will blow everything else out of the water.
  • Level up your sharks and equip the great items. This makes your shark bite harder, swim faster and even more aggressive.

How to download and install Hungry Shark World MOD on Android

As mentioned above, Hungry Shark World has attracted hundreds of millions of downloads worldwide. That makes the need to search for games stronger. Besides, its modified versions are heavily searched. However, to get a perfect Hungry Shark World MOD version is not easy.

Installing Hungry Shark World on an Android phone

To download Hungry Shark World on our site, you need to go to the end of this article and download the APK file. After that, you need to install it by clicking directly on it and selecting “Install”.

After completing the installation process, users can play in 2 modes, including online and offline. Gamers can play the game offline in case they do not have an internet connection. However, there are some limited features. But this is still a big plus for this hunting game.


Hungry Shark World is an excellent game in terms of rich content, beautiful graphics and unique gameplay. Currently, the game is available on almost mobile devices, which helps players enjoy hunting after stressful working hours more easily. Besides, you can invite your friends to join the game for more fun.

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