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Hunt Royale is a new exciting action game for mobile phones. In the game, players will transform into a hunter. You will hunt down monsters in a fantasy world. Also, the game has many interesting features, unique gameplay and great design. Please join us to find out more about Hunt Royale below!

About Hunt Royale

This is a product of the developer BoomBit Games, which is famous on mobile stores for many interesting games. Although Hunt Royale is a new game, it has attracted huge attention and millions of downloads from the gaming community. Moreover, this game is free to download.

Hunt Royale MOD

Challenging monster hunts

In Hunt Royale, players will be set on an exciting hunt. In which you can go alone or with many other players. Before starting the journey, the game will give you many characters and weapons to choose from. During the battle, gamers will control the character with a single control button in the middle of the phone screen, move skillfully to keep their distance, or rush to cut and slash to defeat monsters. You will receive a drop-out bonus right after the monster dies.

The fighting will be really good when you know how to use the characters and their weapons. Mastering the playstyle of each character helps you get the best hunting results. In addition, there will be some points for healing or points for monsters to appear. Experienced players must keep this in mind so as not to be defeated in vain.

Character system

In Hunt Royale, you will be able to collect and unlock up to 30 different characters. You can monitor their strength by clicking on them directly. No character is overwhelmingly strong, all of them have close stats. The most obvious difference here is the attack range and attack skills of the characters. Depending on the preferences and playing style of each player, you can choose the character. In addition, gamers can upgrade their characters. At that time, the character’s stats will be enhanced and their fighting ability will also be much better.

Diverse game modes

Hunt Royale has many different game modes and the objective in each game mode also changes to ensure players do not get bored. Specifically:

  • Classic mode: At this point, players will join the battle with another opponent and hunt monsters together. This match will have a time limit. After time passed, whoever kills more monsters will be the winner. The stronger the monster is, the more points you will get but it will take longer to destroy. Therefore, players should calculate to be able to win.
  • Co-op mode: This is a team and cooperative mode. Players will fight together with the constant wave of monsters to protect the king.
  • Boss hunting mode: Players will join groups of 4 players to fight together. Powerful bosses with diverse skills will require a combination of players. Stay away from the red spots when fighting the boss.
  • Bounty hunting mode: You will compete with 9 other players following the rules of the battle royale genre. Here, players will show their fighting ability and ingenuity in survival.

Hunt Royale MOD APK

Graphics and sound

In Hunt Royale, graphics are great, which is a plus point of the game. You will find everything quite blocky. Also, you can adjust the viewing angle from the top so you can easily see what’s below. The fast and smooth way of fighting makes the game catchy. In addition, the music is vibrant with action-style soundtracks and many sounds from other activities.

Download Hunt Royale MOD for Android

Overall, Hunt Royale is a good enough choice for entertainment with many attractive elements. It offers exciting adventure, coordination, and competitive experiences in a single game. Besides, we would like to bring you the modified version of the game named Hunt Royale MOD, which also offers many special advantages as soon as you start playing. It surely makes your game more interesting. Download and enjoy the game right now!

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