Infinite Flight MOD APK V20.03.04 [Unlocked]

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Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator is a great simulation game about controlling modern flying machines. Specifically, you will transform into a true pilot. In the game, you can control your machine with realistic and impressive operations. Please join us to find out more about the game’s highlights in the review below!

About Infinite Flight – Flight Simulator

Infinite Flight is developed and powered by Infinite Flight LLC for mobile phones. The game has many internally developing planes, which gives the developer complete control over the design quality and characteristics of the flights. Besides, the developer has continued to improve the ability to make the game more suitable for mobile devices. More specifically, they will continue to improve and expand the number of aircraft. Right now, you can test your ability as a pilot with the most amazing airplanes.

Infinite Flight MOD

The gameplay

As the role of a captain in this simulation game, players will have a lot of tasks to do. First, you need to learn how to control airplanes. If you are a new one, you will need to learn more about how to start a plane. Next, you need to plan your flights in detail, including flight destination, altitude, and many other related factors. Also, the game requires you to perform many unique missions, such as passenger, cargo, or other combat missions. If you want to play better, you should pay attention to the elements shown below the screen during flights. Moreover, players should keep in mind that Infinite Flight is difficult to control your jet, so you need to practice more.

The key features

Many realistic elements

Starting the game, you can control the flying machines, which look like reality from machines to control mechanism. The game will provide complete instructions that you will hardly find in any game. Specifically, it will support you in learning how to start, how to stop, to get on the right track, and more. Besides, the game has a realistic weather system with wind, sunshine, rain, or thunder. You can also see many changes in the sky, which improves your sense of control.

Explore and customize a wide variety of aircraft

In Infinite Flight, the planes are all modern aircraft. They are designed with great functions and effects, such as passenger, cargo, or fighter aircraft. Moreover, players can have many special customizations to their planes. By making design changes in many parts such as wings, tail, engine and controls, players can completely own the aircraft with a unique style.

A large world with many regions

For making the player’s experience more exciting, Infinite Flight provides a large and diverse world map. In which many famous locations will be accurately displayed with detailed terrains and landscapes. Also, you can enhance your experience with multiple perspectives and even take accurate flight captures.

Experience the online game and controller job

If you are confident with your flying skills, you can also take on the challenge with millions of other captains around the world. Specifically, players can compete and customize their flight to the next level. Besides, you can also experience the duty of an air traffic controller. Players can perform missions with many different capacities and give instructions for passengers and pilots on the plane.

Infinite Flight MOD APK

The design

Infinite Flight has a realistic design. Players will enjoy simulated 3D landscapes, which are most similar to the real world. Also, you can enjoy more impressive effects from changing weather, time of day. The planes are also perfectly completed, making the best experience for the pilot. Besides, the sound of the game is really powerful with engine and wind sounds, which make players more excited.


Overall, Infinite Flight is the best flight simulator game on mobile. It has many outstanding and powerful gameplay features, aircraft systems and designs. Readers can download Infinite Flight APK MOD and its modified version at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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