InShot MOD APK V1.770.1343 [Pro/LITE]

  • App Name: InShot
  • MOD Features: Pro Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 1.770.1343
  • Category: Photography
  • Size: 38 MB
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 5.0
  • Update: January 16, 2022 at 00:48
  • Get it from: Play Store


If you are keen on editing videos and want to edit the videos yourself, please download and try Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot. You get many advanced features to promote your creativity. Surely, you will make your videos perfect with this app. Please join us to check it right now!

What is Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot?

Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot is a professional video editing application. You can cut videos, combine videos and insert music into videos you like. Moreover, this app is easy for you to make videos and share them on big social networking channels such as TikTok, Messenger, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube … Besides, it is integrated and used on both Android and iOS operating systems so that anyone can show their creativity conveniently. Moreover, users can edit videos with full video editing features and unique effects. Also, the app adds favorite audio and creating videos with many colorful filters, which are also indispensable utilities in this application. Users can make quick adjustments or slow-motion effects right here. If you have already had images, you can combine directly into a slideshow file.

Moreover, Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot supports users to export videos with high quality up to 1080P or 4K. Therefore, you can rest assured that there is no blurry in your video. In particular, users can quickly share these videos on social networks easily.

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InShot Pro apk

New features

With Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot, users will experience many new features when creating videos, specifically:

  • Freeze feature: This tool helps you freeze a special moment in your video.
  • Add to a blank screen: you can create at the beginning, or the end of your video blog.
  • Extract audio from video: if you have a video you like and want to create a unique video with that music, this app will help you.
  • New materials such as new music, newer fonts, more cute stickers…

The details of the functions

To use Video Editor & Video Maker – Inshot most proficiently and perfectly, you need to understand its functions. Here are the details:

Professional video editor

  • The app can create videos that combine photos and music easily. This is the best video maker for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram.
  • A video cutter and splitter application: Users can split the video into two parts or split several videos into several different clips.
  • Combine multiple videos into one
  • Can increase the speed of videos or add slow motion.
  • Make videos from photos and music in your device as you like and professional video editing tools.
  • Cut, compress and convert video.

Collage and edit image

  • There are many different layouts for you to choose from
  • Many cute frames, colorful backgrounds with different ratios
  • Popular stickers, new filters and other special effects. From which, users can create a unique image.

Insert music into the video

  • The app can help you insert music into a video with MP3 or other audio formats. Also, it has many background tracks for you to choose from.
  • Import or extract videos from your videos
  • Easily synchronize between audio and video along with other timeline features
  • Volume control for both audio and MP3 video of the original song.

Great video editor for Instagram

  • Blur border for photos and videos
  • Adjusting the border and size of your videos, images, making it square for use on Instagram
  • Convert videos or photos simply

Text and Emoji

  • Add the text with fonts for videos and photos. You can edit videos well with new fonts.
  • Add animated stickers and emoticons for videos
  • Easily synchronize text and emoticons with videos by using the timeline function.
  • Add memes and custom images

Video filters and effects

  • Add movies-style video filters, effects…
  • Custom video filters and diverse video effects
  • Adjust video speed with beautiful filters and effects
  • There are many different photo filters for users to choose from.


  • Rotate, flip photos or videos
  • Rotate video 90 degrees
  • Flip video up, down or from left to right
  • Has fast video rotation tool to edit videos

Easy to share

  • The app has an HD video editor (high definition 1080P or 4K). Users can try it like a professional movie maker.
  • Custom output resolution by video
  • Can be shared on major social networking applications such as Instagram, YouTube, TikTok …

Generally, Inshot is one of the best free video cutting and creating videos and images application. With this application, users can easily conduct video cutting and combining videos or make videos from photos and music you like. Moreover, you can mix them into a video, add text on videos, flip and rotate videos. Moreover, this software also has features to adjust the fast, slow motion for the video, ensuring to bring a lot of fun for users.

Besides, users can easily cut videos and export them in high quality. Also, inserting live sound into videos will help you unleash your creativity. You do not need to be proficient in editing photos or videos. Instead, you just learn a few simple operations to use the app.

InShot Pro mod

How to add music to photos by using Inshot

Currently, inserting music into videos are more and more popular. It has been a trend on social networks. Young people often upload a lot of videos. Previously, you had to use a computer to create them. At the moment, you can do it easily with Inshot.

With fast technology development, smartphones are gradually replacing and promoting many functions. With just a few simple steps, users can create a great video.

Instructions for downloading and using Inshot PRO

First, you have to download and install this app for your phone. To do that, please go to the end of this article and choose to download Inshot Pro with the APK file. After a successful download, you can install it as usual.

After the installation has finished, you can launch this application on your computer. When the application starts, you click on the Video. A pop-up tab appears, requesting access to the device’s memory. This access is to be able to get photos and videos on your device. At this point, please click Allow.

Then, you choose a photo you want to insert into the video. Also, you can select multiple pictures at once. Moreover, users can take advantage of the toolbar to adjust the displaying time of each photo on video by dragging and dropping them.

After you finished editing photos, you can continue pressing on the music section and select the song you want to insert into the video. If you want to insert an existing song in the application, please select the Favorite section.

Also, this editing section comes with the Effect section with lots of different funny sound effects to make your videos more vivid. Moreover, the app provides the recording function. It helps you record your voice to insert into the video. The Volume is to help you customize the volume in your video.

At the final step, you press the Save button. When preparing to export the video, you will have parameter options for videos including 720p, 640p or 1080p. You can now review the video you have just created in the Library on your phone. After that, you can share your achievements on social networks.


If you want to explore the beautiful effects to make your video more special, you should try Video Editor & Video Maker- Inshot. Users can create videos like a professional filmmaker. In addition to giving you all the information about the app, we will also provide you with a special version, Inshot PRO. You can download it and use all the advanced features for free. Let’s try Inshot PRO now and let us know your idea. Thanks and have fun!

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