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Jurassic World ™: The Game is a fascinating and thrilling simulation game, which will take you to a special world of fascinating dinosaurs. There, players can join a great adventure, in which you will meet and explore with many prehistoric creatures and take them into the fiercest battles. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

The story

Coming to Jurassic World, players have officially returned to the land of Isla Nublar. You will begin your epic adventure based on the story of the movie Jurassic Park. Players can start creating their park filled with a variety of prehistoric creatures. After that, you can create Battle Arena teams to fight in larger tournaments. Also, gamers can expand the dinosaur world by hatching eggs or crossbreeding to have the most special and powerful dinosaurs.

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The gameplay

Coming to Jurassic World, you will incarnate in a pet sitter. However, it will be a bit different. They are ancient creatures that once lived on earth. In particular, they are very ferocious. At this point, you need to nurture them and do many different activities to help them grow and improve their abilities. Next, you can take those dinosaurs into ancient battles with many other dinosaurs and win many valuable rewards. Besides, players can perform many different quests to get the card to grow the park and breed more powerful prehistoric creatures.

The salient features

Diverse ancient creatures collection

Jurassic World is home to hundreds of ancient creatures that used to live on earth. In the game, they are reproduced in detail and thoroughly, helping players have the best simulation feeling. You not only see ferocious dinosaurs but also sharks, elephants… Moreover, the player can also create those creatures by hatching their eggs or combining DNA. It is very great that you can relive your favorite legendary creatures and put them in your park.

Designing and Building your park

Jurassic World allows you to build and grow your park. By unlocking the lands, you can place more buildings to feed and take care of your dinosaurs. Also, players can get a certain amount for each of your dinosaurs in each area where you keep them. Besides, you can also create more decorative works to make your park more beautiful.

Training the dinosaur

At this point, players can interact with the creature in their park. You can enjoy many fun activities like feeding and training. You can see them grow and improve daily. Also, gamers can train their dinosaurs to make them stronger. Then, you can take them to the battle. Moreover, you will also earn more money if your dinosaurs reach higher levels.

Participate in online matches

If you already have powerful dinosaurs, do not hesitate to check out your opponents by using the game’s online system. You can form a team of 3 dinosaurs and participate in a battle full of tactics. Besides, you should choose dinosaurs to counter your opponents and constantly change tactics to make your battle more interesting. Players can also challenge opponents in Arena Battle mode to get more special rewards.

Many daily tasks and activities

In Jurassic World, players will earn a lot of special things when participating in the quests. Specifically, you can get coins, DNA, and many other essential resources. They help you unlock many new dinosaurs to add to your collection. Also, players can actively participate in the daily game to receive quests and attendance. At the end of the month, there will be very attractive cumulative rewards for players.

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The design

Jurassic World uses beautiful 3D graphics with many impressive landscapes and creatures. It makes you feel like you are seeing ancient creatures. Besides, you can also adjust the graphics of the game so that it is suitable for low-end devices. Also, the game offers a very wonderful audio experience of the environment and the dinosaurs.


Anyone who is a fan of dinosaurs and simulation games will love Jurassic World. This is a fascinating gaming product with many interesting features. Readers can download different versions of this game for free at the link below. If you have any questions about Jurassic World, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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