Kingdom Rush Vengeance V1.9.10 [MOD, Money]


If you are a fan of the strategy game genre, be ready to let everyone see who the true boss in the tower defense battle, Kingdom Rush Vengeance. It will surely bring gamers entertaining moments anytime and anywhere on Android phones.

About Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Right from the first version of the game, Kingdom Rush has captured a huge fan number. It is a tower defense strategy game, which was first released in 2011. The developer of the game is Ironhide, which is also the developer of the hit game versions: Kingdom Rush, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers, Kingdom Rush: Origins.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is an attractive defense game for mobile phones

Besides, the versions of Kingdom Rush are constantly on the top of the charts in Google Play. After the release of Kingdom Rush Origins in 2014, this game temporarily stopped for a while. Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the fourth defense strategy game of Ironhide that was available on November 21, 2018. So far, it has been updating with many unique functions and is becoming the most interesting game on the Android platform. Although it is a paid game, the game has hundreds of thousands of downloads with tens of thousands of good reviews.

The difference of Kingdom Rush Vengeance compared to its previous versions

True to its name “Vengense – Revenge”, Kingdom Rush Vengeance has a very different change compared to the Kingdom Rush game series. In this version, players will play the villain Vez’nan to summon evil guys from different races and form a Dark Legion to once again attack Linirea. This is a very interesting and unique idea of ​​Ironhide for this 4th version. It is also the biggest difference from the previous games.

Also, the dark magician Vez’nan appeared from the early versions of Kingdom Rush. This is a powerful character and causes a lot of attacks with horrific destruction throughout the three versions. In the game, gamers can try out in a new role. At this point, they are no longer the good but become an evil villain to fight for the power.

The advantages and disadvantages of Kingdom Rush Vengeance


  • The game is designed quite well with the fact that you can complete all levels thanks to the free built-in facilities in the game. However, gamers can buy more items to gain the best experience during the game and support the developer.
  • Also, this game has a beautiful cartoon graphics design to satisfy even the most demanding players. After completing a game screen, players will unlock two more challenges with more difficulty.
  • During the game, players are completely free of ads. Moreover, it has a full high-quality system. Also, players can control easily with touch or swipe movements. Besides, Kingdom Rush Vengeance is sure to be a tower defense game with a unique strategy game, which will appeal to all gamers right from the preview.


  • First, the game contains a little bit of violence and is not suitable for children under 7 years old. Also, in the game, there is an additional tower purchase which sometimes makes it difficult for gamers. However, it’s not a problem for you to complete the game with the free features available in the game.
  • Second, to experience the great items and to test your intelligence, buying turrets is no big deal. Although the game allows the player to play the villain, the platform is still a tactical tower defense game. If you have ever played similar games before, you will find that this 4th version is not much different from the previous games.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance has many interesting features

The key features of Kingdom Rush Vengeance

  • The game allows players to choose the tower’s arsenal and use devastating combinations to stop enemies.
  • 18 new towers: Each of them has unique abilities and special powers.
  • 13 powerful heroes will completely obey your commands
  • 25 challenging missions on 5 different lands for you to join
  • More than 60 deadly enemies help you train your tactics and combat skills.
  • New power and reinforcements will help you defeat enemies.
  • This game has an in-game 30 upgrade design that makes it easy to train your army the best.
  • 10+ jewels and artifacts in battle
  • 60+ Achievements, hidden secrets and interesting content for you to play, explore and fight based on skills.
  • Besides, players will own the kingdom when defeating 6 great kings in battles.
  • Gamers can play Kingdom Rush Vengeance online or offline.

How to play Kingdom Rush Vengeance

Basic skills

In the game, players will be the powerful Mage Vez’nan with a spectacular journey to gather the army of minions and complete his terrible plan. Gamers have to show their skill and power.

With Kingdom Rush Vengeance gamers can build 18 different towers at fixed locations. Each of them has a special power. Also, this is a big change from just a maximum of 8 towers like other villages.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance has an engaging gameplay

In previous versions, players will be able to use spells, goblins, dwarves and warriors. However, the Vengeance version only allows gamers to use the fortress and a few hordes of zombies in building tactics. In return, the game will still give players a general with the amount of damage with special skills and a great amount of blood to fight alongside the allied tower.

Moreover, after developing a good enough army, you can take it to fight enemies and expand the territory. This game will change your mind when you come to the challenging journey at Kingdom Rush Vengeance.

Some special points of Kingdom Rush Vengesnce’s gameplay

Kingdom Rush Vengeance also has some differences from the previous versions in terms of the gameplay. It can be considered the final form of the universe in the old versions with its unique characteristics, including advantages and disadvantages.

With the game, gamers have 5 lots that can carry 5 types of cylinders. However, gamers can choose one of the two upgrade directions as before. First, you only have 4 types of turrets and must ignore 5th place. During the challenge, you have the opportunity to unlock 7 more turrets and other 5 that are sold by cash in the shop. In the 4th version of Vengeance of the game Kingdom Rush, the battle against bosses is reserved. While the gameplay does not have many levels of this genre, each level will bring you many new exciting challenges within the scope of Tower Defense. These screens will bring an engaging experience for gamers.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is free to download for everyone

Instructions on how to download and install Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK on Android

Configuration requirements

  • First, players need to have a device with Android 4.4+
  • Second, the internal memory capacity of the device must be at least 581 MB.
  • Third, on Google Play, Kingdom Rush Vengeance costs $ 4.99 and requires an account to pay if you want to download it.
  • Fourth, the game does not require an internet connection (completely offline).

How to Download

To download Kingdom Rush Vengeance, players can choose from two ways. First, you can pay to download it with the link on Google Play. Second, you can download Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK with a free link at the end of this article.

How to install

After successfully downloading Kingdom Rush Vengeance APK, you can install it with a few simple steps below:

  • First, you need to click on the APK file and select “Install” to perform the installation.
  • Next, your phone may ask for installation from an unknown source. Please agree with the requirements and activate the game.
  • Finally, you can go back to the folder containing the APK file and install it again to finish.


Kingdom Rush Vengeance is constantly updated to ensure gamers have the best entertainment hours. This is a great game that you should not miss. Please join this game, incarnate into a new character, and fight right now. Thank and have fun!

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