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If you are a person who has a hobby of travel, sports, or simply wants to explore the surrounding area, you cannot ignore a professional map application like Komoot. It is an application provided by the developer Komoot GmbH for mobile devices. Komoot should be an essential app for all travelers who want to plan trips and activities. Please join us to find out more about this great application in this article!

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Komoot – The leading mapping application for mobile

Find the right route for your needs

Komoot is a good route-finder for your own needs. If you want to cycle, the app will introduce smooth and quiet routes. On the other hand, if you want to walk or go for a walk, you can see trails. Whatever your plan is, just select it on the application and it will quickly meet your needs.

Komoot Premium apk mod

Voice navigation

At this point, users will never take their eyes off the road with voice navigation. Therefore, users will never be distracted by their surroundings with detailed instructions. Also, you can still use the location pointer for visual directions. The app really combines voice and visual navigation for the best travel experiences.

Offline map

If you go out and don’t have an internet connection, Komoot has a one-click save map feature. You can use it without worrying about anything. The map can still show everything in detail so you can distinguish the road surface with just one look.

Check out the highlights

Komoot has a large community with a lot of users, who will keep their diaries as they go through the beautiful places. If you are a later discoverer, you can refer to those places by viewing the highlights on the map. Visit the most loved places and leave your comments for the community and inspire others.

Sync across all your devices

Not only on phones, but Komoot also works on many different devices. You can sync Komoot across all your devices by logging in to your account with the device you want. After that, it will automatically update all the information that you have available in your account such as routes, photos, comments, etc.

Lifetime update

Komoot provides quick and permanent updates for users. You will get the latest and smallest map changes in your area like road repairs. In addition, advanced users will be updated with accurate information from more locations.

Komoot Premium apk

Komoot Premium will take you around the world

Choose the area you want to go

Komoot’s free version will allow users to choose an area where they live to use. Besides, the Premium version will have two options for you including regional and worldwide groups. Depending on your own needs, you can choose the most suitable ones.

Price to unlock Komoot Premium

To upgrade Komoot Premium, users will need to pay a fee to be able to use it. Currently, the regional package will cost you about $9 and the worldwide package is $32. However, we also have another option for you to use Komoot Premium for free, which is the mod file at the end of this article.


Overall, Komoot is a professional and quality navigation application with many attractive features. It brings great efficiency to users who need daily travel. Readers can download Komoot MOD APK for free at the link below. If you find it interesting, please rate and share it with everyone. Thanks and have fun!

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