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Last Shelter: Survival is a special strategy game. The developer explored the theme of survival war on mobile. This game will take you to a ruined world with many dangers. At this point, players will have to perform the final task that is to rebuild the planet and help the people fight for their lives. Besides, you will have a lot of work to do to recover the world, such as gathering resources, preparing your army to fight bloodthirsty zombies. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

The story

Last Shelter: Survival is set in a futuristic world where people were on the brink of destruction. At that time, only a few people were scattered all over the planet. The whole planet was filled with battles and dangerous viruses that could turn living people into monsters. At this point, gamers will play the role of a commander of a small base, which survives after the attacks of monsters. You must continue to command survivors who continue to build bases, destroy monsters and fight for glory. Also, there will be many more spectacular adventures waiting for you ahead.

Last Shelter Survival MOD

The gameplay

This entire game will take place in great strategic gameplay. There, players will begin the development of buildings, troops, and weapons to combat all surrounding dangers. At first, you can search for resources from surrounding lands for the initial base. Then, you can also have other activities to create them. Besides, players can use what they have earned to recruit more troops and more battling equipment. Real dangers will come when the zombies land in your area and start attacking your base. The battle is going on and you need to get stronger to win.

The key features

Build and manage your camp

A good shelter is essential in this game’s strategic gameplay. You can freely manage and make decisions regarding the planning and developing the base. Besides, it will attract more workers to increase your base’s resources. Also, you can perform many power upgrades for buildings and other things to make your base stronger.

Choose an elite commander

Last Shelter: Survival also introduces many classes of commanders that you can recruit to start this adventure. However, you should take a little bit of time to learn about them for choosing a suitable character. It will enhance the strengths of certain parts of the base. Besides, players have to hire more heroes to lead the army. Do not forget to upgrade those heroes to increase combat capabilities!

Research technology to increase the power

At this point, the game allows players to freely research many interesting things. Each of them will have a huge effect on how your base works, which will allow you to increase productivity, defense, or more. Also, it will take players a long time to perfect the research and technology. Therefore, make sure that you calculate them properly to optimize the progress.

Diverse military troops and equipment

To make the battles more interesting, the game allows you to choose from many different units. Each has a different power and ability to counter different monsters. Moreover, the combat equipment will also give you a powerful advantage in battles with wide battlefields. So, you have to try to get your base more equipment to keep everything safe.

Diverse quests and events with amazing rewards

Last Shelter: Survival offers players many original missions. They will provide detailed information and instructions on how to play. As you progress, you will be able to initiate more difficult quests to expand the facility and find new resources. Besides, the game also has exciting events every month, in which the survivors show their bravery and receive many attractive rewards.

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The design

Last Shelter: Survival uses astonishing 3D graphics with lots of realistic and beautiful details. The game will attract players a lot with many beautiful elements. Specifically, the impressive effects with responsive controls will help players have a great experience. The sound is also carefully voiced. Besides, the attractive movie soundtracks will push the players’ emotions higher.


Overall, Last Shelter: Survival is an interesting strategy game for mobile phones. It brings players to an intense survival experience. The game includes many outstanding gameplay features, images, and more. Besides, we also share Last Shelter: Survival MOD for free at the end of this article. Readers can download it and enjoy the best gaming experience. Thanks and have fun!

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