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League of Stickman is an interesting action game from the developer DreamSky. It will take you into a world of shadows full of mystery and danger. Players can challenge all enemies with epic battles and many powerful attacks. Besides, you can experience a fast, flashy and impressive fighting style. It will fascinate all players. Please join explore the game with the interesting information below!

The story

The world of League of Stickman is a mysterious place. Every character appears in the form of a shadow. Besides, you will play as a hero with special abilities and begin your journey to fight the dark forces. Players can choose from dozens of heroes to plunge into battles to develop skills and improve levels. Moreover, you have to try your best to win rewards then make your characters stronger on the hero rankings.

League of Stickman MOD

The gameplay

League of Stickman has fast-paced action gameplay. Here, players can choose their favorite hero to join the battles. By using skills and attacks, the player can kill enemies in a variety of ways. Also, you can create powerful combos by combining skills. Through each match, players can level up the heroes to make them stronger. Or you can collect other heroes as teammates to fight together. Besides, you should pay more attention to the equipment if you want your heroes to fight better.

The key features

Intuitive and simple controls

League of Stickman uses simple and accessible touch controls. Specifically, the skill buttons and movement controls will be available on your screen so players can quickly activate them. The response of the skills is fast and smooth, making the player’s combat experience extremely great.

Many heroes for you to choose from

The game also has a diverse collection of powerful heroes for players to choose from. In which, the heroes are divided into many different classes, such as warriors, knights, archers, witches… Each of them will have different fighting abilities, skills and approaches. That will require players to practice to get used to the control.

Upgrade and develop heroes

If you have a favorite hero, you should focus on upgrading him. You will be able to have many powers to make your character stronger, such as equipment, skills or spirits. Besides, players will need to choose from a variety of items to choose the one that suits their hero. Thereby, it will give your game more advantages.

Collect and create your team

At this point, you can gather a group with up to 3 heroes for conquering better in the difficult levels. You should choose and arrange the heroes to suit your gameplay. Besides, gamers can also choose to switch control between heroes on your team. You need to know when to convert to maximize strength in combat.

Many attractive game modes

League of Stickman will also have many attractive game modes to make players happy, including:

  • Mission mode: This is your journey, which is built according to the game’s storyline. There, you will need to go through many different levels with the power of monsters increasing gradually.
  • Arena mode: This is an online game mode. At this point, you can challenge all players around the world.
  • Raids mode: In this mode, the game will give you an abundant amount of loot. You just need to choose a team and rush into the enemy’s base and destroy as much as possible.

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The design

League of Stickman doesn’t have a too great design. However, it is good enough for you to enjoy the game. Specifically, the image of the game is dark in colors of shadows placed in a 2D environment. However, that brought a surprising stand-out to the hero’s skills. Moreover, the sound is a very good highlight when players can experience heroic battles, impressive critical skills, and many other quality sounds.


League of Stickman is sure to be an exciting action game, which can satisfy all the fans of the RPG genre. It comes with lots of cool gameplay features, heroes, and design. Readers can download League of Stickman with many different regularly updated versions at the link below. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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