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LokiCraft is an attractive entertaining game in the Minecraft style for mobile phones. It is like a special remake of Minecraft. Moreover, this game is free for everyone. Why is LokiCraft a choice of many players while there are many projects with similar content? To answer that question, we will explore the basics of the game below.

About LokiCraft

LokiCraft is a game from the developer akseno2, which is probably an independent developer. Also, this game has the Russian name – Локикрафт. This could be a new version of Minecraft with a lot of fun. Besides, players will still participate in the construction and development work with two basic roles, consisting of creation or survival. So far, many players have chosen LokiCraft for fun, and it’s free. However, along with being free, you may encounter ads during gameplay.

LokiCraft MOD APK is an attractive entertaining game

Unique gameplay

LokiCraft has familiar gameplay to many players who have experienced games of the same genre. In which, gamers will control the character and freely move in a special land. There, you will have to collect resources to survive or build the necessary structures. Also, players will have to participate in hunting and gathering like prehistoric times. Besides, players can also clash with many dangerous monsters at night.

LokiCraft will also be a time-consuming game for the player. To play it, players need many hours of continuous play to be able to explore and build complex structures. However, your work will happen faster if you have grasped the controls and operation.

Moreover, LokiCraft has a unique control mechanism. On the left corner of the screen, there will be the joystick to help the character move. On the right side, there are some action keys for the character to react with the game elements. Besides, players also have a bar that shows what the player can use in the game. You might be surprised that the design is similar to Minecraft, but this is a LokiCraft game.

Interesting game modes

LokiCraft offers two fun game modes, including Survival and Creative. Each of them has different missions and gameplay. Specifically:

  • Survival: This mode requires players to perform many activities to collect, build, or fight. Also, gamers have to focus on completing quests and winning bosses. Besides, your character also needs to eat to survive.
  • Creative: In this mode, the game will help you promote the building ability. You will freely move and fly around without any obstacles. So, you can comfortably build without consuming materials.

Playing for free without the Internet

LokiCraft is free for everyone. You can download it from the Google Play store. However, this game will contain ads. At this point, players can turn off the network connection to play. After that, players can experience this game anytime, anywhere without any obstacles.

Unique design

In general, LokiCraft has a special block design that is quite familiar to players. The characters and landscapes are all arranged from square boxes. This design is simple but impressive. Also, LokiCraft doesn’t provide a lot of sounds, which makes it almost quiet. This will allow players to focus more on the game. Specifically, you only hear the character’s activities and a few sounds of the environment or animals.

LokiCraft MOD APK is a game with a simple and interesting design

Download and install LokiCraft APK MOD for free on Android

LokiCraft is a free game, which you can download right here. We are on a mission to share this game and many other interesting games. You can download the APK file with the link at the bottom of this article. After that, you can start installing the game according to the steps below:

  • After successfully downloading the game, you click on the APK file and select “Install” to install it automatically.
  • If your device requires installation from an unknown source, please agree to those requirements and activate for LokiCraft.
  • Go back to the folder containing the APK file and install the game again.


Overall, LokiCraft is an attractive game full of premium features inherited from Minecraft. It is free and much more. Readers can download the game at the link below. Besides, please visit our blog for more interesting products. Thank you and have fun!

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