MangaToon MOD APK V2.05.05 [Premium]

  • App Name: MangaToon
  • MOD Features: Premium Unlocked
  • Operating system: Android
  • Developer:
  • Version: 2.05.05
  • Category: Comics
  • Size: 25 Mb
  • Price: free
  • Requires: 4.4
  • Update: December 29, 2021 at 02:48
  • Get it from: Play Store


Nowadays, digital technology is creeping into our daily lives. People may not be fully aware of its massive influence. But if you pay attention, you will see that all areas have the presence of technology. You may be the person who likes to read stories. Do you know about online stories? With such a great online reading app, people no longer have to go searching for their favorite books. Today, we would like to introduce to you a great online reading application named Mangatoon. With a simple operation, users can find and read those books. In particular, you don’t have to worry about the cost of each book with Mangatoon. Besides, it provides you with many advanced features. Please join us to find it out right now!

About Mangatoon

Mangatoon is an application to read stories on smartphones. It is developed not only to keep up with technology trends but is also born to help users maximize benefits. At the moment, you will no longer have trouble finding your favorite books somewhere or no longer have to pay high fees to read books.

You are one of those who are passionate about the series in many different genres. This app could be the perfect choice for story lovers. This app gives readers a pleasant experience with comic books for free. Besides, the stories are portrayed truthfully inside the phone. You can experience feelings of happy, angry, love… In the app, you will have many options, such as horror stories, humor, lingo, or whatever. The stories are constantly updated to help users read the latest and fastest stories.

MangaToon Premium apk mod

Mangatoon – Good comics, Great stories

Mangatoon is a pioneer in filtering stories by gender. Also, it is a great app, which brings users the best feeling with an interesting interface. You can refer to some features when using Mangatoon application below:

The home page

In the app, the home page is where the initial interface of the application is displayed. Here, the custom is sorted by story titles. Your home page may be showing updated stories or can display a list of popular stories. Besides, the homepage also updates the regular rankings of the series. In which, stories are rated for popularity on the app.

Mangatoon will be displayed depending on your gender. When you choose the gender male or female, the app will provide you with appropriate stories. Users can choose your gender in the top left corner of the homepage. Also, you can continue reading unfinished stories. Just click the icon on the quick access bar. Moreover, you do not need to create an account to log in when using the app but can still use the app for free.

Read stories on Mangatoon

Users can read stories for free. The series in many genres are constantly updated on the application. Also, the features are updated to optimize reading habits. You can swipe up and down or choose the horizontal reading mode. Besides, users can read the comments below each chapter or story. This helps the reader to increase the experience.

Download comics

Besides, users can download manga for free on Mangatoon. You need to select the download icon on the right corner to download the story. Then, you can choose which chapters or stories you want to download. After selecting, you choose Download and wait for the download to finish. The parts you download will be available in the application section. You can read these stories even when you are not online. In some cases, users may encounter titles that require payment before downloading. Due to the app is not completely free on all stories, so you need to login and accumulate coins by watching ads or attendance.


In this app, you can discover unique story titles. Great stories only appear on this great application. Also, the stories you posted will have a pen icon. Then, you select the plus sign to add the story. If you want more novels, you can post on your phone. But if you want to publish comics, you have to use a computer to post.

More interesting stories are available at WEBTOON MOD APK.

Mangatoon bookcase

Your bookcase will display a list of stories. Here, it will show the stories that you have read, viewed, followed and downloaded. Users can select the edit button to delete the stories from the Mangatoon bookcase.


In this section, you can manage your activities. It will display your scores, story cards, or comments. The developer set up them according to strict rules that provide an enjoyable experience for users.

MangaToon Premium apk

Some common questions about Mangatoon

Which platforms can Mangatoon be downloaded?

You can download Mangatoon APK on Android. Also, you can download and use the application on the PC. Besides the apps you download, you can freely read the stories through the Mangatoon website’s browser.

Is Mangatoon a paid or free app?

This is not a completely free application. But you can freely read the stories you like. Or you can feel free to post your stories. If you pay a fee, you can earn coins by check-in, which allows you to exchange instead of paying fees. Besides attendance, you can also see ads for getting coin.

Download Mangatoon Premium APK on Android

To download Mangatoon APK on Android phones, please see the section below:

Option 1: Download from the Google Play store: Mangatoon is available on Google Play, so everyone can download it for free. However, the app will not be available for download in some countries, making it difficult for the user. You can refer to the second way right below.

Option 2: Download with APK file: In this option, we also provide a free link for everyone to download Mangatoon APK. You can go to the end of this article and click directly on the link.


Mangatoon is an app for reading lovers, which bring you interesting experiences. So do not hesitate to download the app right now. We hope that the information above can help you more understand the app. Wish you have comfortable relaxing moments with Mangatoon!

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