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  • App Name: Mario Kart Tour
  • MOD Features: Original
  • Operating system: Androi
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  • Version: 2.10.0
  • Category: Action
  • Size: 73 Mb
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  • Requires: 5.0
  • Update: January 6, 2022 at 15:46
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Have you ever remembered your childhood with the legendary game called Super Mario? Although this game is no longer available, the developer Nintendo has quickly released an equally interesting and attractive “new version” named Mario Kart Tour. It is the most expected game for the Android device about the classic racing series. The game promises to bring players many exciting modes and lots of speed tours waiting for you to discover. In this article, we would like to share you with all the highlights of the game Mario Kart Tour. Please join us to find it out right now!

What is Mario Kart Tour?

Mario Kart Tour was first launched in 1992 when the legendary Mario Kart series of Nintendo had dominated this dramatic game series. With Mario Kart Tour, players will play one of three famous characters, Mario, Wario and Toad. Then, they will control their characters on the racing car, go around the cities, and set traps for beating the opponent.

Currently, Mario Kart Tour has a total of 16 racing locations for you to race. They are designed based on the roads in the real cities of Tokyo, Paris or New York. On those roads, many obstacles and surrounding landscapes are arranged harmoniously and vividly.

Mario Kart Tour is a fascinating and fun racing game

In the game, gamers can access the huge arsenal with diverse categories and strong offensive ability. They can give you more power to destroy all obstacles on the track, such as hammers, axes, bombs… Besides, the game also provides a new mode called Frenzy, which helps you become immortal in a short time. At this point, you can make the most of it to get to your destination. Every time you pass the challenge, you will receive additional vehicles, badges… to add to your collection.

Also, each character, race car or roller coaster will have favorite tracks and give you more unique abilities. Your task is to match the right character with the right track to be able to equip up to three items for your character.

The establishment and development of Mario Kart Tour on mobile

In January 2018, Nintendo announced the mobile version of Mario Kart Tour for Android devices. After that, in April 2019, Nintendo announced that it would hold a closed beta version for the game, exclusively for Android users.

On the first day after its launch, Mario Kart Tour was present in 58 markets, including Japan and the US market. Based on revenue, this game ranked No. 19 in the trending game list in the United States.

Mario Kart Tour has a long development process

Mario Kart Tour received 90.1 million downloads in its first week of release. Also, it achieved the highest number of downloads and $ 12.7 million in revenue and ranking at No. 3 in Nintendo’s mobile games.

While critics praised Mario Kart Tour’s graphics and controls for being simple and easy to play, a few criticized its “make money” element. To play that game, players need a stable internet connection. Besides, the only way to unlock things like karts and gold badges in games is to use money. The game has also been criticized for the many functions that players have chosen to be available in the game’s introductions, guides, and testing stages.

The key features

  • Mario Kart Tour has familiar gameplay mechanics. With just a smartphone, you can join the race with many players around the world and enjoy the fun of ranking in each mode.
  • Also, the play section is quite diverse. It supports a lot of game modes. You can race according to the story, or racing according to the optional formula.
  • Super cute in-game graphics and diverse character systems: Gamers can choose the option of up to more than 30 characters, including 16 default characters and 14 unlockable characters. All the characters are designed to be funny, lovely comedy like Yoshi dinosaur, Princess Peach or mushroom dwarf boy…
  • The game has vivid sound: The game’s background sound makes the fire eager for the racers. Moreover, the remix tunes create more powerful and fun for the races.

How to play Mario Kart Tour

  • Players can swipe to the side to control the vehicle. Also, you can touch the screen or swipe up to use the items during the race.
  • In the game, the store sells a lot of different items and ‘karts’, which can be purchased with in-game money or by recharging cards. Besides, Ruby is another currency in the game, which you can get when completing race or challenge trophies.
  • Moreover, when your car is rushing into the air (after launching a slope, a skateboard …), you quickly swipe up to turn it into a roller coaster. It will help you accelerate and pass some roads more easily.
  • By default, if you drive through items on the road, your character will pick up only one item. You can only pick up other items when you used the previous one.
  • The initial and default mode of this game is 50cc. If you want to switch to racing at bigger races, the number of points received and prizes will be more.
  • Also, during the race, you can perform super jumps, knock out other players by using the power from the accelerator bar, or perform the combo – jump up and land on the opponent’s cars, you will receive an instant reward

Mario Kart Tour has a fun and engaging gameplay

How to make money

  • If you need money to shop and your budget is not enough, you should try Coin Rush. More specifically, players can play Gold Rush. Here, you will be racing alone, driving through the gold coins to collect them.
  • When you are racing and making a turn, do not let it go. Instead, you should keep holding it. At this point, an orange fire will appear under the car, then it will turn green.
  • If you see orange skis or slides on the track, you have to try to drive straight into them. You will receive extremely high bonus points and even fill up the speed bar even before you touch the ground.

Some notes when playing Mario Kart Tour

  • In the game settings, you can select and combine ways to make the races more difficult. To do that, players can go to the Settings menu. Then, in the control options section, you can enable or disable Manual Slide and Smart Direction if you want.
  • To overtake other cars, gamers always use acceleration when starting. To do this, you need to touch the screen and count down. When the race starts, you have to release the screen and watch your kart turn off. Besides, you note that if you happen to hold the screen too early, the car should slide and not accelerate as expected.
  • To speed up jumping or flying, players touch the screen when in the air.
  • Choosing the right character, car and roller coaster for each track can make a whole difference in your performance. Specifically, you need to be lucky enough to unlock all of these items. To buy new items, you have to collect rubies and use them to shoot pipes drawing characters, cars and gliders.

MKT is a game for everyone

Instructions on how to download, install and login Mario Kart Tour

How to download

To download the game Mario Kart Tour, players will have two different ways. Specifically, the first way you can access Google Play at the beginning of the article. In this way, the game may not be available in some countries. Second, you can directly download the APK file of Mario Kart Tour at the end of this article.

How to install

After you have downloaded Mario Kart Tour APK, you can immediately install it with a few simple steps below:

  • First, readers can go to the folder containing the APK file, click directly on the file and select “Install” to begin.
  • Next, your phone may ask for installation from an unknown source. At this point, players need to agree to these requirements and activate for the game by turning on the bar on the right.
  • Finally, go back to the folder containing the APK file and install it again.

How to login to play Mario Kart Tour

    • Step 1: Readers need to start the game after successfully installing it.
    • Step 2: The game will redirect you to the website of the developer Nintendo. If you are already an experienced user, please click Login and enter your data. Otherwise, you just click on “Create a Nintendo Account”.
    • Step 3: If you are a Nintendo Network, Facebook, Google or Twitter user, you can create a Nintendo Account with any of them by clicking the appropriate icon. Then, you enter your login details on the service.
    • Step 4: Next, you can fill in the registration data, such as username, password, date of birth, gender and country. After that, you check the box indicating you agree to the terms and user agreement and click “Continue”.
    • Step 5: On the next screen, you will receive confirmation and registration via an email.
    • Step 6: You will receive a code in the email. At this point, you insert the next page and go in the confirmation.
    • Step 7: Once you finishing the account registration, you touch a button to link the account. After that, you go to the step no.8.
    • Step 8: On the next screen, you go to this user’s Link.
    • Step 9: At this point, you will go to the game Mario Kart Tour. Now, you can start the race.


Mario Kart Tour is a great racing game for all people after working and studying hours. It has satisfied those who love racing, but still like cute, funny images. Readers can download the game and join the exciting race at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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