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If Earth was attacked by an enemy, are you ready to fight side by side with your allies? Let’s gather and lead an army of superheroes to protect the earth! In this topic, we have to mention a great game MARVEL Strike Force, which is a MARVEL hero game. It surely brings players the best feelings in the mission of saving the great Earth.

About MARVEL Strike Force

MARVEL Strike Force is the first product from the developer FoxNext Games. They are a group of members that were separated from Kabam. Like other MARVEL games, with Strike Force, you have the opportunity to create your superhero squad from the character inventory of the game. Besides, players can unlock more great characters to add to your mighty army during the game.

MARVEL Strike Force is an attractive role-playing game on mobile

In the game, your army includes Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Groot, Rocket Raccoon, Loki, Venom, Elektra, Captain American, and Iron Man. The player’s task is to lead this army to join the fight for protecting Earth.

Besides, if you are looking for the opportunity to play with superheroes protecting the earth, MARVEL Strike Force is a worthy game for you to download for Android. At this point, it will allow you to immerse yourself and fight to protect the Earth from dark forces.

The key features of MARVEL Strike Force

Super strong legendary alliance

In the game, you can gather and own a team of superheroes with powerful superior abilities, such as Iron Man, Captain America, Loki, Elektra, Dr. Strange, Venom… Moreover, players can build an army of over 70 different characters. They are all linked. Therefore, when they are on the same team, they create powerful effects that help the player win the battle.

Unlock and upgrade the power

Overcoming levels in MARVEL Strike Force, you will have the right to choose from additional features, such as costumes and upgrade superheroes, supervillains in your army for more power. Besides, each superhero has 3 to 4 unique abilities. Your task is to collect a variety of equipment to develop character. When you upgrade skills, you will unlock new powers and reveal new tactical options.

Strategic foundation

The game builds a turn-based battle system, in which the player will take the role of a commander. Your task is to combine and arrange characters to complete continuous missions to investigate mysterious attacks. Also, you can form a team of up to 5 superheroes to gain strength and win battles. Each superhero has unique abilities and strengths.

MARVEL Strike Force is an extremely attractive strategy role-playing game

Also, players must have a good strategy throughout the battle at MARVEL Strike Force. Because each superhero will have different skills, players need to coordinate them the most appropriate. When attacking, each superhero will use his skills to attack designated opponents. Use the best fighting skills and teamwork to win the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe.

Multitasking cinematic experience

In MARVEL Strike Force give players a space context. All operations in the battle just need a smooth, realistic touch. When playing, you will easily guess the scene in which the character appears in the story or movie. The plot details through the dialogue of the game are very lively and follow the original.

How to play MARVEL Strike Force

The game possesses role-playing style and turn-based combat. Players need to choose skills while assigning clear targets that match the character’s ability to attack and win the game. Besides, each character in MARVEL Strike Force will carry on with different skills. You can gradually unlock more character features through each game screen.

Also in each fight, each character has a blue bar under their health. When it’s full, it’s their turn to act. After that, there will be a circle below the character’s turn and icons for their possible action in the lower right corner of the screen.

MARVEL Strike Force has simple gameplay but has a top strategy

Besides, each character has one basic attack. This will be the first icon. The other icons represent additional attacks or abilities of that character. They can also heal, buff or debuffs.

If you want to know exactly what character’s ability to decide whether it is ready to use or not, you just press and hold an icon below. Then, all the relative information about the character’s features will be displayed.

Notes for new players

In the game, you can control a series of familiar characters in comics, and movies, such as Spide-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk, and many other classic faces. From the very beginning, you will need to find heroes in the Marvel world through card recharging, battle, or bonus spin. Besides, players can also collect quality heroes from VIP gifts that the admin prioritizes.

In each campaign, it takes at least 6 energy units to play, so you need to fight well and quickly win before running out of energy. A red cross always appears on the character’s current target. At this point, you can switch to another enemy by clicking on them.

The game MARVEL Strike Force also allows you to increase the speed of the character. Specifically, players can choose to double or triple speed boost with buttons in the upper left corner.

The stats of the character

In MARVEL Strike Force, The characters all have stats, which allow players to grasp the most complete information about the character to streamline the battle to save the Earth. Specifically:

  • Health: This index shows the blood of the character.
  • Damage: shows the original damage of the character.
  • Armor: This stat represents the character’s armor. The higher the armor is, the lower the damage that you will be suffered from the enemies’ attack.
  • Resistance: this is a manifestation of the character’s resistance. In which, the higher the resistance is, the lower the chance of getting hit.
  • Focus: the character’s focus index. If the character’s focus is high, the chance of assigning debuff to the opponent is greater.
  • Crit Damage: In the game MARVEL Strike Force, this stat is being fixed at 130% by the developer. This is the additional damage when the character takes the crit damage.
  • Crit Chance: This is a fixed stat showing the % launched critical damage.
  • Speed: Indicates the speed of the character. This stat fixes the decision of who goes first, who goes after in battle.
  • Dodge Chance/Block Chance: shows the ability to dodge/block the attack. This stat is not available on all characters.
  • Block Amount: Indicator indicates the amount of damage that can be blocked. This stat is fixed at 25%, and only works on characters with Block Chance
  • Accuracy is the character’s accuracy level when attacking. This metric is also permanently designed by the developer.

The design

Marvel Strike Force allows players to recruit an alliance of heroes and villains to fight another greater threat to Earth. The game has a graphic design with advanced 3D technology. So, players will get the most vivid visual experiences like real life.

MARVEL Strike Force has an amazing design

Moreover, the game creates characters close to the original in the comic version, up to 99.9%. It has explosive visual effects, impressive and beautiful shadows. With an impressive 3D space, Marvel Strike Force will not disappoint players.

Also, the sound system is not too outstanding. Mostly, players will hear the voices emanating from your interactions and the superhero fights.


Above is the information about MARVEL Strike Force that we would like to send to you. It can be seen that this is the most attractive free game in the superhero theme series. With the new features, the game has never disappointed players. Readers can download the game at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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