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Minecraft Earth is known as one of the best Augmented Reality games that have been popular worldwide at the moment. It is a similar version to the famous Pokemon Go. However, with more intensive experience, Minecraft Earth promises to bring players many exciting experiences with magic square blocks. In this article, we would like to provide you with all the information about the game. Please join us to find them out right now!

About Minecraft Earth

Minecraft Earth is one of the AR (augmented reality) game versions built and developed by Microsoft and developer Mojang. In particular, Microsoft and Minecraft Team want to bring players an exciting AR gaming experience on Android devices. So, they have developed and built an extremely unique game.

Minecraft is a unique AR game on mobile phones

Besides, the game has similar gameplay to the famous game Pokemon Go. However, instead of Pokemon appearing in real life through the phone screen, players will admire the construction works in the game.

In other words, instead of building things in the game, you can now build works that appear in the real world through augmented reality and smartphone phones. It promises to bring players unprecedented exciting experiences.

How to play Minecraft Earth AR

Similar to the previous Pokemon Go game, players will mainly experience Minecraft Earth in the real world. At this point, gamers will have to use the game’s world map to decide which places to explore and collect items.

As you walk around, you can see items such as trees, chests, pigs and many other things. In particular, within the range of an object, your phone will vibrate slightly and you only need to click on the object to find items and collect it.

When completing quests, collecting many items will bring you experience points, to increase or XP value. Unlike other AR games, the inventory space of Minecraft Earth is completely unlimited. Therefore, players can completely collect as many items as possible, such as pebbles, oak logs, … After that, you can build “Build Plates” optionally.

Minecraft Earth has extremely fascinating adventures

Besides, players can increase experience points when participating in extreme adventures. To find a challenge, gamers just need to touch the tab at the bottom of the screen to see the tasks such as placing a flashlight to the building structures, collecting animals… After obtaining the items, players can build their works by using the section “Build Mode”. In which, you will select the appropriate structure version and proceed to place the full size on the map. Moreover, players can invite friends to build, explore structures together for more fun.

The key features of Minecraft Earth

As one of Microsoft’s virtual reality game products, Minecraft Earth completely conquers players because of providing more new features than Pokemon Go, specifically:

The large world map

In the game, players can use the world map through the data from Open Street Maps. It combines with Microsoft Azure services to create unique landscapes for the game. In particular, players can see the details of the perfect construction works in the form of a square, which can move with your every move. Whether you stand still or move, Minecraft Earth displays “Tappable” blocks on the screen. This will help you to exploit it easily on the world map by touching the phone screen. Besides, you can easily recognize these building blocks, such as sand, dust, pebbles or familiar buildings in the Minecraft world. Also, the game allows players to choose any skins, skills in Minecraft Bedrock available to make new avatar images in the game.

In particular, with the world map, depending on the settings of each player, you can see other players in the vicinity. This makes it possible for you to interact and participate in various activities for more fun.

The mission “Adventures” in the game Minecraft Earth

To make the game more interesting for players to experience Minecraft Earth, Microsoft has built the adventure quest feature. This is considered a random augmented reality quest that randomly appears. Also, this task is quite flexible depending on the data of Open Street Maps. So, players can participate in this mission with others who are near you.

The Adventures mission is taken directly into the real world. During the adventure, gamers can perform the task of cutting trees for timber, hunting many creature variants, taking pebbles, fighting mobs… They are very attractive.

In this mission, players can find rare building materials, such as diamonds. Even if sharing the Adventures mission with other players, all the achievements will be equally shared with everyone in the group. Therefore, you do not need to fight or hunt for items anymore. Everything the player collects is considered as a spoil and is stored in a warehouse. After that, you can get it in the build.

Minecraft Earth is a great building game

Build Plates in Minecraft Earth

In the game, Build Plates is a unique building area belonging to the magical cube world of the player. Also, it is a place where you use the source of construction materials, trophies to create rare mob variants, build a vast castle, invent Create machines or invite friends to participate in building and exchanging items.

Besides, the game completely allows players to edit Build Plates to fit the actual size as in the real world modern. After completing the project, players can drop Build Plates into the world of others to easily experience. When performing this action, do not worry because only those who are invited to participate will be entitled to break your Build Plates. Therefore, you should only invite close and trusted players.

The features of Health Level and Hunger Level

One of the extremely special features in Minecraft Earth is the survival mode, including Health Level and Hunger Level. With this mode, players need to eat to increase the Hunger Level as well as restore the Health Level. Besides, increasing Hunger Level will also affect the current position of the player when touching Tappable objects or interact with others.

Similar to the traditional Minecraft version, players will also be given an environment to raise, cultivate and cook. Also, you can make delicious dishes from the very unique Muddy Pig.

Minecraft Earth is safe for children

The game pays special attention to and care about the player and their safety, especially children. In particular, it uses a free Xbox Live account, with special system features that help create a solid wall of protection for child accounts. By default, accounts under the age of 16 will not appear on the world map. You only really see them when they are allowed and confirmed.

Besides, players will not be allowed to manipulate or access the Build Plates works of other players without permission. Only if you have allowed or invited them to participate in the interaction before will you see, collide or tamper with the surroundings but cannot collect any blocks from your side. After they have exited your Build Plates, everything will return to normal.

Instructions on how to download and install Minecraft Earth APK for Android

Downloading and installing Minecraft Earth simply

Minecraft Earth is a free game. At the moment, it is in the beta period, so downloading it from mobile stores is not available. Moreover, the game may not be available for some countries. Therefore, we want to share the latest and simplest way to download Minecraft Earth with the APK file. Readers can access a link at the end of this article to download it for free. After that, you can refer to the basic installation steps below:

    • First, players need to open the folder containing the APK file and select “Install” to proceed with the installation.
    • Next, your phone may ask for permission to install from an unknown source if this is your first time installing the game with an APK file. At this point, you have to agree with that and follow the device’s requirements. You will need to activate unknown sources for Minecraft Earth by swiping the bar to the right side.
    • After that, go back to the directory containing Minecraft Earth APK and perform the installation again.
    • Finally, wait for the installation to complete and enjoy the game.


Overall, Minecraft Earth is an extremely unique and attractive AR game. With many advanced features, it will promise to bring fans of Minecraft around the world the best gaming experience. Readers can download the game with the link at the end of this article. If you have any questions about the game, please leave a comment below.

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