Minecraft MOD APK V1.18.20.21 [Unlocked]

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Minecraft is a popular game. It has been growing very quickly in the gaming market. This is a great game for you to be creative or find passion. In the game, you can be able to enjoy an exciting world of collecting and building. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

About Minecraft

This is a very simple game with many advanced and unique features. It is like a 3D version of an 8-bit adventure game of the 1980s. However, the visual layout is not the key factor that made the game famous.

With other games, they are often developed based on long clear storylines and specific logic. But Minecraft is known as a playground where every player can collect resources and make tools. It will create a world surrounding creativity and imagination, which is good for gamers of all ages.

What is Minecraft

Minecraft is an arcade game in an open world, in which there is no specific goal. Instead, the game allows players to choose different gameplay. This will promote creative ability, build works with linked blocks in the 3D world.

In this game, the main activity is finding, collecting resources, crafting tools and fighting. Besides, players can choose themselves different game modes. Also, it is available on both phones and computers, supporting multiple operating systems. However, many versions will cost money.

The game modes

In Minecraft, players will experience a lot of modes. They are suitable for everyone and offer full advanced features. Please see the sections below for more detail:

Survival Mode

This is a basic game mode, in which gamers need to make tools, search resources and try to survive. Players will do this by hunting, cultivating, producing food… to protect themselves from wild animals.

In addition to the onslaught of zombies, there are also surprise attacks of monsters. But the game is not really scary, and the sound element is also a bit creepy.

Survival mode in Minecraft

As for survival, it does not use any content or elements of violence. Besides, weapons are also limited to swords or bows and arrows. When the player is hit by an enemy, the screen will quickly blink red. The body will be pushed away from the monster. If they die, it is easy to revive and continue the game. Also, the battle is not entirely mandatory, so players can play without using weapons.

Crafting Mode

If you feel stressed about fighting for survival, you can play crafting mode. In which, players will have all the resources available, so they do not need to waste time and effort to create them. Players just go directly to the game’s creating content. Besides, monsters will not attack the player, eliminating the pressure and violence of the game.


This game mode also has a multiplayer version of the game at the same time, has both LAN and online connections. During this game mode, players will have the opportunity to play and interact with others in the game system.

Having multiple players

However, you can be greatly affected by other players, which will greatly affect your ability to work and creativity in the game.

Adventure mode

This mode will give players the experience of pre-built maps. It is made with a certain rule. In which, players will play like in the survival mode. But your ability to break the block will be limited so that players follow the rules of the map creator.

Super hard mode

This mode is quite similar to survival mode but it will increase the real experience for players with only 1 life. When you die, the map will be immediately deleted. Also, all your previous achievements will be lost.

How to play Minecraft

In the above section, we have already given you all the information about the game modes. You can freely choose the best suits to enjoy the game. The objects in the game are made up of basic blocks with many different types of blocks, including soil blocks, stone blocks, wooden blocks … Players will need to accumulate them according to their own formula to form the desired items. The game does not require players to need to do a series of tasks. Som they can freely create things, such as houses, farms, dogs, sheep…

Diverse gameplay

Also, players can create unique terrible machines to kill monsters. If you want to play to satisfy your creativity, you can go directly to the website of this game.

The popular Minecraft versions

In this game, players will experience a lot of different versions with interesting challenges, specifically:

Minecraft: Java Edition/Computer Edition

This version is specializing in devices running Windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is available on different platforms. This version is written in C ++ language. In which, you can buy them or download DLCs through the Minecraft Marketplace. It includes the following small editions:

  • Minecraft: Pocket Edition
  • Minecraft: Console Edition
  • Minecraft: VR Edition
  • Minecraft: Windows 10 Edition
  • Minecraft: Fire TV Edition
  • Minecraft: Fire OS Edition
  • Minecraft: Apple TV Edition
  • Minecraft: NintendoDS Edition
  • Minecraft: Education Edition

The popular versions of Minecraft

This is the version for students and teachers. Many countries have adopted it as a subject. In this Minecraft version, PVP mode was removed and added new items, blocks and modifications. Besides, there are features related to programming, especially applied together with chemistry.

Minecraft: Rasberry Pi Edition

This version is developed by Mojang, specifically for the embedded Raspberry Pi based on an old version of Minecraft. In which players can modify their world via the command line. Even, they can change the source code of the game.

Minecraft: Chinese Edition

Minecraft: Chinese Edition is an exclusive version for the Chinese market. The game was released by Mojang AB, Microsoft Studio, NetEase.

Some great tips for newcomers

Although the Minecraft world is very simple, it is actually extremely large. The game world is built from different blocks. You will start by building, collecting materials, resources, raising animals, fighting monsters… In this world, gamers can freely create and play.

Some helpful tips for Minecraft players

Seeds and its usage

Besides naming your world, gamers will see a section called “Seed”. It provides the seed packs that you can sprinkle them according to the corresponding code numbers. Depending on which seed bag you download, it could be ice or lava…

Collecting wood

The first thing to do is to harvest the wood by approaching and punching it. Once the tree has been cut down, you will collect woods. Be sure to harvest as much wood as possible.

Manufacturing tools and desks

After you have harvested a few trees, you can select Craft and start making a smart Table or many other tools. They only need a single tool and can be reused.

Coal mining

Coal is one of the raw materials that players need to mine as soon as possible. You will need to use a pickaxe to break down rocks and get coal. To be able to find coal, players need to dig at least 5 blocks with a pick. In this way, you will find coal very quickly.

Find shelter at night

Monsters and mobs will be outside at night. So, you need to prepare for that. If there is not enough time to build a house for protecting you on the first day, you should dig a cave to hide.

Finding a safe place to sleep at night

Also, the light helps you chase away the monsters. Therefore, players should have a torch. You should hang some torches on the way to the cave and the monsters will not dare to approach.

Build a strong house

Once you have enough materials, you should move out of the cave and start building a house. First, all you need to do is harvest the wood and turn them into planks with Creative Table. After that, players can use rocks and ores to make construction materials. The best way to learn about materials and how to build a house is to play in Creative mode for a while. In which, you can discover all of the materials in the game.

Peaceful mode

If you do not want to be bothered by mobs and monsters at night but still want to challenge yourself with Survival mode, you can easily reduce enemies by going to the settings, moving the difficulty indicator bar to the left. This turns on the Peaceful mode and eliminates mobs and monsters.

Reuse widgets and tools

Some items are reusable so you should not leave them behind when you move. Certainly, you can reuse the table so that you don’t have to make more when needed. To demolish the desk and recreate it in another location, players just need to “punch” until it breaks down. Then, they can collect the materials again.

Place the torch on the creative table

This tip is more about visuals than reality. However, you can absolutely put a torch above the creative table or furnace. To do this, you can place a transparent block behind the table. When standing in front of this table, you can try stretching and putting a torch on the glass block. Finally, you have the torch on the table.

Place the blocks next to the torch

It seems absurd, but all can happen in Minecraft. You can break all physics regulations here. Gamers just need to arrange any square next to the torch. From here, you can build some of your favorite creative works.

Stacking of signboards

Gamers can do this to create an image of a really large signboard, including many other small parts. Apply this tip best when making an adventure map. Gamers can overlap the signals, forming a wall containing detailed instructions about this adventure.

Anti-Fire wooden boards

We often do not want to put too much wood around the house, especially when there is a fire object. A single spark is enough to cause a big fire. Nothing is more painful to see your work so hard turned to ashes? That is the reason why you should use another type, which is fire-resistant material. Therefore, this is the safest way to put wood into your building.

The highest diamond level

A diamond with a Y coordinate is 11. You can check your coordinates by pressing F3. The Y coordinate shows the distance you have exploited. Gamers can find diamonds somewhere after pressing Y-16, but 11 is the best one. Players will not want to dig further than this number because the chances of encountering lava will be higher. You will no longer be able to find diamond ores if they are in hot lava.

Use a torch to plow blocks of sand/gravel

The torch can be considered as one of the most versatile items in the Minecraft world. They can perform illumination of the dark area, keeping monsters away. But they also have some very useful capabilities.

Using a torch for a variety of purposes

In particular, the Sand block and Gravel are the two types of mass affected by gravity. So, before these blocks fall down, you can set a torch.

Door to stop zombies

Build doors on a high block to stop zombies or use the fence because they can’t break the fence. Also, this way will help you counterattack without any risks of danger.

Safe Mushroom Biome

This is the only community where hostile mobs do not appear during the night. This makes it the safest place in the Minecraft world and also the best building site. Also, there are no mobs in the cave system, so mining is also safer.

Pumpkin hat

Wearing a pumpkin on your head not only makes you more interesting, but it also helps you to fight against strong enemies. If you wear a pumpkin mask, Endermen will not attack you, even if you attack them. Endermen only attacks anyone who makes eye contact with them.

Own some guards

Adding extra protection to your home is a really good idea. You have 2 options: First, the Iron Golem – summon by creating objects. They are quite durable and very strong. Second, you can choose Snow Golem. You create it by stacking 2 blocks of snow and placing the pumpkin head on top to be able to summon it. But this guard needs a suitable environment to survive. Otherwise, they will melt.

Collecting and developing protections for the house.


Although Minecraft is not a real game with beautiful graphics, it is very attractive because of the unique gameplay. Gamers can freely create things with huge creativity. Moreover, many people love it because of its proximity, simplicity but very attractive. The game will help everyone develop great thinking and creativity. Readers can download and install the game at the free link below. Thanks and have fun!

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