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Mini World Royale is an engaging action game from the developer MINI STAR PTE. Ltd. This game is officially licensed from Mini World: Block Art with some unique content and images, which are familiar to many players. Also, it is one of the best games that have a familiar idea to many people on the topic of fighting survival. Whether the combination of old gameplay and a cute image will make a surprise, please join us to explore the game right here!

About the game

The game Battle Royale is probably no stranger to all players. In recent years, the games of this genre have been born as the mushrooms after the rain. That makes players feel lost in the huge forest of games. However, their attraction is still great because players are always looking for interesting things from these games. Recently, the new game Mini World Royale has appeared with the licensed image from the adventure game Mini World: Block Art by developer SuperNice Digital Marketing Co., Ltd. Besides, the new have combines with Battle Royale gameplay to make it a unique and attractive game for many players.

Mini World Royale is an engaging action game

The familiar gameplay

Mini World Royale has the same gameplay as a traditional Battle Royale game. In the game, players will control a character on a mysterious island. Specifically, you will parachute down there and start fighting to become the last survivor here. First, players need to choose an appropriate landing point to be able to collect necessary items for survival and fighting, such as guns, armor, blood… However, you cannot bring all of them, so you should choose the better items and get rid of the weak ones.

Next, players will have to confront a lot of enemies who parachute onto the island with you. At this point, they are not your flight companions. Instead, they are willing to kill you to take your items. You will have two choices: fighting or running. If you are not ready for the fight, you should run away to save your life and let the enemies defeat each other. However, your escape will only be limited when the safe zone on the island gradually shrinks. At this point, players must fight to survive. Only the last survivor can win the game.

In Mini World Royale, the controls will be relatively complicated, requiring players to observe well and agile. You need to constantly swipe the screen to be able to change the viewing angle. Also, gamers have to use the left drag keys to keep moving, while using the right side to perform the actions, such as shooting, sitting, running, picking up items0… These actions can be automatically displayed in different situations.

Diverse weapons

In Mini World Royale, the weapon is the most important thing that players need to have to win. At this point, you can pick up a maximum of 3 different types of guns, including pistols, rifles and shotguns. You can only use a single type in the fighting. Please use each gun for each different combat situation. Besides, the number of weapons is also diverse enough to satisfy any gunner. The game divides them into categories including AR, DMR, SR, LMG, SMG, Shotgun, Special, Pistol, and Melee. Each category was further divided into strength from low to high. You should note that the more beautiful the weapon is, the more powerful it will be.

Unique character

In Mini World Royale, the character system is an important highlight that contributes to the appeal of the game. Players can customize their character to the smallest details. In the “Costume” section, you can decorate them with 9 different items. Also, you can check the items that you have collected to customize your character.

Mini World Royale has familiar characters

Moreover, the game offers approximately 30 different heroes with unique abilities that give players an advantage during gameplay. Players will need to purchase those special heroes by using the Gems. Furthermore, you can also level up heroes with hero pieces that you collected during the game or buying them in the store. The higher the level is, the more abilities and power the character will have.

The graphics

Mini World Royale is an action version of Mini World: Block Art, so it has a quite similar design. Specifically, the images take up many adorable and cute cartoon elements. Besides, players will be able to see many new effects during the battle. Besides, the developer created an optimizing map. You will not see much grass and trees for hiding places and creating strategies for the battle. Its early stage of development also suffers from lag, so you will need a good enough phone to run the graphics level to HD and higher frame rates.

Download Mini World Royale APK for Android

Mini World Royale is a new game, which may not be available on mobile stores in many countries. In this article, we will help you with this by sharing APK files and game data so you can download it for free. Readers can download the game with the link at the end of this post. We will regularly update the modified versions of the game. Therefore, please pay attention to not miss the fascinating and interesting things in Mini World Royale MOD APK.


Overall, Mini World Royale is not a game with a very new and outstanding idea. It is a combination of familiar elements. However, it is still being interested in by a lot of players because it still has good features. Readers can try this game in their spare time for more fun. Do not forget to follow our blog regularly for more new games and applications. Thanks and have fun!

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