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MMA Manager is an attractive sports game from the developer Prey Studios. This game has a major theme of the boxers. Specifically, players will play the role of a coach, who has to build a gym with many quality boxers. Also, you can watch intense matches, join the tournament and get the prestige titles for the gym. MMA Manager will also have many other attractive features. Please join us in this article to find out more about the game right now!

About the developer Prey Studios

Prey Studios is a new developer and the game MMA Manager is one of their debut products. However, it has experts in making the sports management game. With passion, creativity, and fun, Prey Studios wants to bring entertainment to all gamers around the world. This developer is currently developing a few other games of the same concept, such as Horse Manager, or Fitness Manager. Please continue to look forward to the interesting and exciting things that this game maker will do in the future!

MMA Manager mod

About the game MMA Manager

MMA Manager is a great sports game that recreates the most famous and professional boxing tournaments in the world. Each character will be the master of fighting. Their goal is to use their skills to fight and get higher rankings. Besides, players will play the role of a talented coach, who can handle many tasks, such as training, building rooms, arranging matches…

Also, MMA Manager is simple to play but will take up a lot of the player’s brain. Even though the matches are automated, players still need to build a perfect strategy. You should exploit your enemies’ weaknesses and turn your team into champions.

The game also has many attractive game modes. In which you can jump into story tournaments or compete with other players from around the world. The more you win, the greater the reward you will receive. From there, you can also transform your boxers with the looks and power of specializing combat items.

How to play

MMA Manager is not a game that helps you immerse yourself in battles. You play as a follower and monitor. In the game, the matches will be played automatically between two boxers within one minute. Two boxers will attack each other until either being killed, or time is over. Also, players need to keep track of the red blood bars of the boxers to know their strength and ability to play. After each match, the system will evaluate and calculate points to help distinguish between winners and losers. Each match will consist of 3 rounds. The fighter who wins two rounds will become the final winner.

After the matches, it will be the training time, in which you have the right to decide everything. You will need to purchase gyms and equipment to put your boxers into the harsh training lesson. Also, the training process will help you enhance your boxer’s stats. Then, players can use those points to increase different types of stats and help them increase their strength. Moreover, the development of the level for the boxers is also equally important in this game. The higher the level is, the more things you can unlock, including the valuable rewards.

Some interesting things in MMA Manager

  • Currency: In MMA Manager, there are two different currencies for players to collect and use. Specifically, you can use them to buy gym equipment and speed up workouts.
  • Reputation: At this point, each coach has their reputation points. The more boxers they train and the more victories they have, the higher their fame points will increase. Also, you can complete missions to get prestige points, which will give you a lot of advantages in building a gym.
  • Equipment and facilities: Gamers can buy most of them with in-game currency. Also, you can arrange everything according to your ideas. Each type of equipment will help a martial artist practice for a certain time.
  • Coach: In MMA Manager, there are two types of coaches, including fitness trainer and tactical trainer. Each of them will have their tasks that match their name. Besides, you will need all the coaches for the best results.
  • Mission: The game provides a lot of missions for each fighter. You just need to develop your boxers to be able to complete the missions. After that, you can receive rewards.
  • Appearance: MMA Manager also allows players to change the boxer’s look. At this point, you can get some cool outfits or iconic tattoos to make the boxer more aggressive.

MMA Manager mod apk

The design

MMA Manager is a sports management simulation game but its design is quality. Players will experience a 3D graphic with many viewing angles, helping you track the boxer’s practice. Besides, the picture also achieves a high resolution, making everything sharper. Also, the game brings outstanding and attractive combat effects. The game brings exciting music in fighting, upgrading, or even cheering of the audience during the matches.


If you are a boxing enthusiast or manager, MMA Manager is a perfect game for you. The game has many interesting features. The trial process of the game is not over yet, so it will be updated with a lot of things when it is officially launched. Readers can experience the game by downloading MMA Manager MOD APK at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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