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Monster Dash is a new exciting entertainment game from the developer Halfbrick Studios. This is also the developer of the famous game Jetpack Joyride or Fruit Ninja. Monster Dash is inspired by the infinite races of many familiar games and from the previous idea of ​​the developer Halfbrick Studios. In the game, players will join a world to run continuously, fight monsters, overcome many dangers and collect money from different locations. Besides, this game is still new to many people. Please join us in this article to find out more about Monster Dash right now!

The main character of Monster Dash

Barry Steakfries is probably no stranger to many players and the fans of the developer Halfbrick Studios. It was a handsome guy with back hair. He often wears an elegant blue suit but it is sometimes torn during intense battles. Also, Barry Steakfries has been a trademark character of developer Halfbrick Studios for years. In this game, he will continue to be the main character. He will have to run and shoot the monsters that are destroying the universe and put his name on the leaderboard of the best players in the world.

Barry Steakfries - a special character in Monster Dash

The intuitive gameplay

Monster Dash has fairly simple gameplay, which is suitable for many players. First, players need to choose a game mode in dozens of different modes. Your character will immediately run in different maps. At this point, players will control the character by jumping to the left or shooting on the right. To jump, you can click, or swipe up to jump twice to help you move higher. Besides, you just need to click to let the character shoot himself, but you need to align the distance to defeat the monster.

In the game, your achievement is the distance you have run. On the upper left corner of the screen, there are three hearts corresponding to the three lives of the character. When you collide with obstacles or monsters, you lose a life. If you fall into deep holes, you will die immediately. Also, players will choose a lot of accessories to overcome a good distance. They are motorcycles, a ball… When you ride a motorbike or get into a balloon, you will be assured to move freely.

In Monster Dash, your bonus is the coins that you can collect along the track. They will hover so that you just need to move over to collect them. Besides, rewards will help you buy costumes, weapons and help your character level up.

The diverse game modes

According to statistics, Monster Dash has nearly 50 different playing types. Each of them requires players to perform the main quest to unlock achievements. For example, some quests will require the player to run as far as possible. Sometimes, you have to collect money or kill more monsters to complete the mission. Each game mode will offer three types of medals including bronze, silver and gold. Every time the player reaches a milestone, he/she will be able to unlock a corresponding medal. There will also be an extra box to accurately record the achievements so that players can show it off to their friends.

Monster Dash has many interesting game styles

Supporting accessories

In Monster Dash, players can choose a supporting item to make the character stronger and the game more interesting. They are including accessories, costumes, and weapons.


In addition to things like bubbles or motorcycles I mentioned, players can see items that help X2 gold, shields, ammunition boxes, hearts, or magnets. The function of these accessories is almost familiar to all players so it is not difficult to get used to them.

The skin collection

At this point, Monster Dash offers around 20 different outfits. To unlock them, players need gold, Gems or cash. Although you have to spend a lot of money to buy costumes, it will not bring strength to the character. However, they will make your game more interesting.

The weapon

In Monster Dash, players can buy weapons with gold. They are some typical guns, such as pistols, grenade launchers, rifles… Besides, there is a blade, which is sold for real money. The developer introduced it as the classic Fruit Ninja blade. It is very interesting, which is also a good choice for you.

The character statistics

In Monster Dash, your character can level up to get better stats. To level up the character, the player needs to accumulate the required amount of gold. After having enough conditions, you level it up easily. Currently, the maximum level is 20. When you level up, players will gain additional stats including health, Jackpot Coins, Hog Gas, and Jetpack Ammo.

Community and events

In Monster Dash, players can connect and engage with various communities including social networks like Facebook, Instagram. Also, you can join chatting in other communities Discord or watch videos on Youtube. Every time you connect to social networks, you will receive 150 additional gold. Besides, the game provides surprise gift boxes for players to receive for free every 8 hours. You can also watch ads to get 100 gold or some Gems immediately.

Download Monster Dash MOD APK [Free Shopping] for Android

Monster Dash is completely free for everyone. Its modified version will also be available for free. However, you won’t be able to find a properly modified version, so you will have to download it with APK files. In our website, we provide you with the APK file of the game. You can download Monster Dash MOD with the link at the end of this article.


Monster Dash is a new game, but it has had more than 10 million users. Players have given very positive reviews about this entertaining game. In the future, the game will continue to go further with interesting updates. Readers can try the game and give us a comment in this post. Thanks and have fun!

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