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Monster Hunter Stories is an exciting adventure role-playing game from the developer CAPCOM. It is quite attractive and popular in many countries. This mobile version is like a miniature version of Monster Hunter on other platforms. It is an offline game for everyone to enjoy easily everywhere. Besides, this game also requires players to pay to download it for mobile devices. Currently, the price is about $ 15. It may be high compared to many other mobile games but it is completely worth a penny with many premium features inside. Please join us to find out more about this interesting game right now!

The story

Monster Hunter Stories takes place in a mysterious world where there are many mysterious creatures and ancient magic. In a forest next to the village of Rider, there are three people including you, Lilia, and Cheval who found a strange egg on the nest of a Wyvern. They performed a Kinship ritual to make the egg to hatch. Surprisingly, the egg immediately hatched a dragon that was also known as the “King of the Sky”. They immediately named it “Ratha” and brought it back to the village of Rider. The very next day, the village was attacked by a monster named Nargacuga. At this point, Ratha appeared to protect everyone. However, it also fell off a cliff. After a year after the attack, the village gradually restored. You also received the Kinship stone from the village chief and officially become a knight. The characters have decided to leave the village to participate in new adventures full of monsters.

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The gameplay

Monster Hunter Stories allows players to fight in an engaging RPG style. Specifically, you can incubate eggs to hatch monsters and make friends with them. After that, you can participate in many activities of the game. With simple navigation operations, players can interact with other characters and NPCs intuitively. Maybe you can explore more stories, receive quests, or some rewards. In the game, the matches are in a very simple turn-based manner. You and your monster will jump into the arenas together to attack the enemy. The sides will take turns attacking each other until one of the two is completely defeated. Also, gamers can use 4 types of weapons, including the Great Sword, Sword & Shield, Hammer, and Hunting Horn. You can optionally change those weapons to create a variety of skills and items. Moreover, the game also has 3 types of attacks, consisting of Technique, Speed, and Power. Combat types can be countered to help players create diverse strategies during the game. After each victory, you and your monster will gain experience for leveling up. You will also see many items dropped by enemies.

Mission system and equipment

You will take on the role of a Monster Rider. There are many quests in the Quest Board, which you can find in any towns you go through. That task will help you earn money, buy equipment such as weapons, ammunition and many other support items. You should visit the NPCs in town to choose and buy equipment.

Various monsters

At this point, players can hatch monsters and raise them to fight. You can go through many lands to discover more new species, such as Fanged Beast, Flying Wyvern, Leviathan, Bird Wyvern… The eggs will appear more in monster caves. However, it will challenge you to see that if you are brave and powerful enough to take them in. Also, players can make the monsters stronger by activating their stats and abilities. That partly helps you to adjust your playing style.

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Impressive design

At this point, Monster Hunter Stories possesses beautiful 3D graphics. In the game, characters are built in a pretty chibi style. Contrary to that image, the monsters are quite ferocious. Besides, the game also offers a large open-world map with many natural landscapes and beautiful ancient towns. Also, the sound brings a sense of relaxation combined with a bit of action-adventure according to each situation in the game. That will contribute to making you much more immersed in the game world.


Monster Hunter Stories is a great game, which has captured the hearts of players. It has received attention and appreciation for its advanced features and great design. Right now, if you want to download and play it for free, please visit the link at the bottom of this article. Do not forget to rate and share this game with everyone if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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