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Moonrise Arena is an attractive role-playing game for Android phones. It is built with many levels and difficult challenges to overcome. Besides, the game has an interesting design and lots of unique mechanics that attract all players. Please join us in this article to find out more about this interesting game, and how to download Moonrise Arena!

The gameplay

In Moonrise Arena, the hometowns of the heroes Alice and Godric was invaded by zombies and demons. At this point, players need to control the characters to stand up and participate in the adventure of fighting against evil monsters. Specifically, you will move around the land and use your skills to destroy them. Thereby, you can collect more rewards, equipment and level up characters. After that, gamers will be stronger and stronger. Next, you will need to build your character by contacting the NPCs to learn skills, improve your equipment and purchase the necessary items. Moonrise Arena is a series of difficult and challenging journeys, from which your character will continuously evolve.

Moonrise Arena MOD

The salient features

Interesting character collection

In the game, there are two main characters, consisting of Alice and Godric. Alice is a mage with the ability to use magic and many skills with great damage and multiple targets. Godric is a melee fighter, who can use swords skillfully. Besides, he can fight and rush into enemies. In the game, you can simply switch between these two characters.

Diverse items

Moonrise Arena has a variety of equipment and items. You can collect them by fighting many monsters. However, they cannot exchange the equipment with each other. Also, players can upgrade equipment by upgrading them at NPCs. You can buy many other support items from the NPCs to support the battle.

Abundant skills and strength

At this point, the skill system in Moonrise Arena is also worth mentioning. The game only has two characters so we have to learn a little more about them below:

  • Alice: There are many skills to attack long-range and wide. If she uses skills, it will consume MP. So, when using equipment or increasing skill points in the “STATS” section, players should pay more attention to MP.
  • Godric: He has single-target melee skills and close attack abilities. Therefore, this character will need a lot of HP and armor to withstand. Besides, Godric’s abilities do not consume HP but require energy. It will be increased as much as the more your character fights.

Moreover, the game also has power points that the character can learn more by using the gems. This skill point will greatly help the character in the game, so players should try to upgrade them as soon as possible.

Multiple NPCs and maps

In Moonrise Arena, Hill Town is the main city of the game where players can meet many NPCs. You can interact with them to shop and upgrade things. Outside the main city, the player will find a large map with different lands. Each of them will display the appropriate level for players to participate in the adventure process. You should choose a suitable land to play.

Moonrise Arena MOD APK

The design

Moonrise Arena is a classic Pixel game. This design is not beautiful, but it gives a good experience. Besides, the game will be light in size suitable for many devices. Moreover, there will be no lag in the game during combat. In the game, the music is also adventurous medieval. Everything seems to be combined in a harmonious way to make players feel passionate.


Overall, Moonrise Arena is a new game, which has been attracting a lot of players. It has many advanced features, especially a classic Pixel design that helps many people reminiscent of the old fascinating games. More importantly, we also provide a modified version of this game. You can download Moonrise Arena MOD APK for free for your Android phone with the link below. Don’t forget to share and rate this game if you find it interesting!

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