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Music has long been a way of using sound to convey emotions to listeners. Each melody makes listeners feel comfortable and relaxed after stressful working and studying moments. From here, the developer Rayak came up with a game called Muse Dash to bring users the great music world. It is a harmonious combination of people and scenes so that players can put their souls into famous songs. Muse Dash is more and more popular thanks to the lovely and unique character. Please join us to find out more about Muse Dash in this article right now!

What is Muse Dash?

In the beginning of the game Muse Dash, it is the image of three female characters with quite sexy positions. They are also the three characters that the player can choose after collecting enough items. Each character has unique skills, costumes, faces, and hair. They are mostly quite sexy.

Muse Dash is an addictive music game on Android

In addition to being a music game, Muse Dash has the appearance of “action games”. Besides, Muse Dash is set in a musical world that is disturbed by a reflection image code. At this point, players’ task is to together with the three main characters, Rin, Buro and Marija, to restore this world by defeating monsters and their boss.

Muse Dash is an impressive music game about a year ago on mobile platforms. It has simple gameplay, combining light scenes, cute cartoon graphics. Besides, the game brings players many songs from different genres. They are energetic and lively in every moment. Since its launch, Muse Dash has attracted a significant number of players and quickly received praise from the community.
Moreover, Muse Dash does not require a lot of skills from players. Therefore, if you are not good at action games, you can easily become a master in Muse Dash by racing with the music notes.

The highlights of Muse Dash

Like the game of the same genre, Muse Dash’s gameplay is a great combination of music and action. In which, players control the girls to fight with many super cute monsters in a custom music background. The experience will be divided into two activities: pressing into the air and the other being above ground. At this point, your phone screen will be split into two halves. In which, the left part will make the character attack in the air. On the right, the character will attack monsters on the ground. You must remember that there are always super monsters that will rush out to prevent you in the air as well as the background music. They will make it difficult for you to deal with them. Besides, there are invisible ghosts that appear to scare and create more trouble for you on the way.

Muse Dash has a simple gameplay

Moreover, players may find the gameplay quite simple when they feel that the game’s music will easily solve monsters. However, the more you play the game, the harder the challenges will be. Whether the music is the same, the medium or main mode is always an extremely difficult challenge for all new players or veterans. But that is the reason why the game always attracts a large number of players.

The key features of the game Muse Dash

  • Players will be immersed in the colorful music world with perfect visual effects. Also, Muse Dash combines the gameplay of traditional music games and action parkour games. At the moment, players can enjoy more than 30 famous songs in different genres, such as energetic J-pop or Dubstep. Also, the game is quite diverse in music with all genres like pop, rock, Vocaloid… The music is very rich, suitable for each context, battle with enemies and bosses
  • Besides, players will meet beautiful girls in sexy outfits, exposed to super cute pets and unpredictable enemies. In the end, you will fight in a boss battle.
  • The script is beautifully designed thanks to the voices of famous Japanese voice actors.
  • Besides, it features super cute anime graphics when using primarily bright, light colors and simple effects.
  • Muse Dash has a cute waifu for you to choose from. Specifically, you can choose characters with different characteristics; the girl attacks monsters with a guitar; the gentle English lady, or the beast-riding girl…
  • In the game, the songs are very attractive to players both in quality and content because they are the best songs of all time. Also, they make players more enthusiastic when fighting monsters.

Instruction on how to play Muse Dash

Basic instructions

  • Muse Dash is divided into two types of operation, pressing in the Air and on the Ground. However, you can also use the controller when playing on a tablet with the same operation. However, we recommend that you do not set the control button on the handle because it is inconvenient and it does not allow one-hand experience like most other games of the same genre. On the other hand, manipulation on the handle does not allow players to press the button repeatedly and interrupt the ability to “fire” when you press the wrong button, making gaming sometimes becomes more difficult.
  • Besides, the gameplay of Muse Dash includes touching the screen to the rhythm. Players can play in the left and right holding position (control mode suitable for beginners or recreational players), or up and down (control mode suitable for advanced players). Also, players can choose from three different levels before entering the song map. Specifically, the first level is Bassist Rin. After that, you can join Buro, and finally Marija. After each song, gamers can receive experience points. When players reach the level, they will receive items for unlocking Muse, Elfin or symbols to unlock. In each song, you will touch the screen to be able to control and hit oncoming enemies or avoid an upcoming obstacle like buzzing on the ground, hitting the enemy successfully.

Muse Dash game has a very attractive gameplay

Advanced instructions

  • During the game, players will control to be able to play one of the two options they chose. The two circles on the screen represent the top and bottom attack zones. Depending on the control type and depending on where it is touched, you can play in the top or bottom row. Besides, you should note that monsters will always be in the bottom row and will fall in the top row to attack you. Before a song is played, you should press the menu toolbar and wear a headset.
  • Players want to control from the left and right: On the left of the screen, monsters will jump into the air and attack you. At this point, you need to press the right side of the screen to attack monsters on the ground.
  • In case players want to control up and down: At the top of the screen, monsters will jump into the air and attack. You can click on the bottom of the screen to attack monsters on the ground.
    Also, you can choose to reverse this control or apply manual key.

Note when playing Game Muse Dash

Players need to note that if you hit the beat, the character will lose blood. Even there are some interesting boss fight scenes during the game. Also, the developer added a few variations to increase the difficulty like an invisible ghost, which forces players to feel the rhythm of the music to press. Although the control element is simplified to only two buttons, the game experience is still quite intensive, requiring players to press the button accurately, skillfully. Moreover, you have to operate at the right time to create a combo.
When you press all the buttons from the left part of the controller, the monster will jump into the air and attack you. At this point, you can click the right side to attack monsters on the ground. Also, you can choose different combinations of buttons to make the attack more accurate and effective.

Evaluation of the design of Muse Dash

  • Muse Dash is designed with simple Japanese-style in 2D graphics with meticulously hand-drawn characters. Also, players will admire many vibrant and nice images with flashy colors. The monsters and musical notes dance flexibly and continuously. If you experience Muse Dash for a long time, you will probably experience eye strain.
  • As for the music, Muse Dash has vibrant and playful music. They are mostly famous songs, which are carefully selected and fully copyrighted. However, in terms of the number of songs, Muse Dash is not overwhelming and outstanding as other music games. In the future, the developer X.D. Network will update more new songs.


Muse Dash brings a quite interesting experience with music and action elements, making this game quite attractive to many different players. However, it also encountered many different opinions on how to build an experience that requires players to work hard when not all songs suit everyone. If this factor does not bother you, this is a perfect game for you. Music games are a series of products related to music content. Most of them are vibrant and have many dramatic action elements. Readers can find many interesting music games at our Blog.

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