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Musixmatch is a modern and fun song lyrics application that is perfect for those who love and want to experience music on mobile. The app opens up a colorful world with diverse music. It promises to bring many great things to users. Here is the basic introduction to Musixmatch for users to better understand this app. Please join us right now!

About Musixmatch

Musixmatch is a novel and entertaining application. With more than 7 million song collections for 32 different languages, ​​Musixmatch is the perfect combination between the lyrics searching engine and a high-quality music player for mobile devices. Besides, this is an interesting app for you to relax after work. Also, it helps users unleash their personal preferences and music style through their huge song collection.

Musixmatch is a great entertainment application on mobile phones

About its release, Musixmatch was founded in Bologna by Massimo Ciociola, Gianluca Delli Carri, Francesco Delfino and Giuseppe Costantino, on January 21, 2010. The app was released in July 2010. Then, it has stirred up the music community since its release until 2015 Musixmatch has raised an investment of 14, 1 million dollars. In late 2019, This app and Spotify started being a partnership. After that, at the end of 2019, It will also collaborate with Instagram, allowing users to add lyrics stickers to any Instagram music story.

The advantages and disadvantages of Musixmatch

Referring to Musixmatch, a modern and highly entertaining application, users are very pleased with its outstanding advantages. However, it also has some disadvantages, specifically:


  • Musixmatch is famous for its high convenience. Specifically, the app is available on the phone so that users can use it anywhere anytime.
  • Besides, it makes music believers fall in love with the huge music archive. Moreover, they are available in many different languages, allowing users to unleash many different music styles.
  • Users can listen to songs in the library along with the lyrics. Experience the FloatingLyrics feature to see lyrics even while playing your favorite song.
  • Also, users can search for lyrics of any song you want. If you do not remember the name or lyrics, you can still search by keywords.
  • At this point, Musixmatch can also recognize songs through any music clip whether through Radio, TV, or any other source. With just a few simple taps, Musixmatch can find them for you.
  • Create and share Lyrics Quote with Lyrics Card: The app automatically adds description and covers for the album.


In addition to the outstanding advantages, Musixmatch also has the following disadvantages:

  • It mainly finds song information in English. Finding songs in another language is still relatively difficult and limited.
  • Updating new songs is slow. At this point, the quality of lyrics translation is not good to bring the best feeling to users.
  • Also, users who want to listen to the lyrics offline will have to pay for this.
  • Moreover, ads are available. These annoying ads appear every time, interrupt the music experience.

How to use Musixmatch

Using the phone is quite simple. Users just need to swipe and slide to choose the functions and favorite songs. Here is a brief introduction on how to use Musixmacth.

Initially, users need to choose the form of login to link with the app. We will have two options that are login with Facebook or Gmail, Twitter or Instagram account.

Musixmatch is simple and easy to use

After creating the link, you proceed to allow Musixmatch to access and display on other applications you are using, allowing access to Musixmacth notifications. Also, you can choose to connect to music via Spotify or to your music library.

From here, you can select and enjoy your favorite music through apps available in the music section. We can contribute to building the song library through the section “Contributions”. Besides, you can identify the song you want to listen to through the section “Identifier”, as well as find the desired song through the searching section.

The key features of Musixmatch

In addition to the good features in the advantages section above, This app also has other popular features, such as:

  • Users can use the Musixmatch app anywhere with a convenient, compact app right on their phone.
  • Musixmatch opens up a large music world with many genres. Also, it offers the perfect experience with a huge music collection in many languages ​​in the world.
  • Also, users can watch video songs on YouTube with full lyrics via this app.
  • In addition to the attractive music function, Musixmatch also helps users to enjoy their passion for music with Karaoke function according to their preferences and various choices.
  • Customize Sleep timer and Equalizer to help users feel the most comfortable.
  • During listening to music, users can also mark favorite songs with a heart icon. Favorite songs will be made a separate list so that users can easily search for their favorite songs.

Some common questions about Musixmatch

What operating systems can Musixmacth run on?

Musixmatch is constantly improving. After being released on the Android operating system, it has been also available on the iOS operating system since 2011.

Do we need to pay to download and use Musixmatch?

First, the app is completely free to download. Second, during the progress of using it, the app is also free for 7 days. After that, it will charge you annually. You can either subscribe to the packages offered or use a Musixmatch MOD version.

What should I do if it has an error that cannot connect to Facebook?

When you see this error, you can choose Facebook and turn off Musixmatch then turn it on again. You can now log back into Facebook on the app. If this does not fix the error, you should delete your Facebook account from the device setup, then sign in again in the Musixmatch application.

How can we fix incorrect song sync errors while using the app?

This error usually occurs when there are several versions of the same song. You can perform new sync by using the Sync Lyrics button in any lyrics view to fix the above error.

Musixmatch Premium APK is free to download on Android

Instructions to download and install Musixmatch Premium with Android operating system

To install the app, you have to first make sure your Android OS is 5.0 or higher. Besides, you need a good enough internet connection to download the app smoothly. Second, Musixmatch is 54 MB, so you can proceed to clean up your device to have enough space to download it. Then, users can download Musixmatch on your Android phone with the link at the bottom of this article.

After finishing the download, please see the following steps to install the app:

  1. You can go to the APK file that you have just downloaded and click on it to install.
  2. Your phone may require installation from unknown sources. At this point, you need to allow the requests. Specifically, you have to enable unknown sources for Musixmatch.
  3. Next, you can return to the APK file and proceed to install it again.


We have just provided you with all the information about the music application Musixmatch. We hope to bring you useful information for a better understanding of this interesting application. Also, if you are interested or need to find an application to enjoy listening to music, Musixmacth is a perfect choice for you. On the other hand, if you have any questions or need supports related to the app or our website, please leave a review below. Thanks and have fun!

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