MX Player MOD APK V1.43.2 [BETA/Final/Unlocked/LITE]


MX Player Pro is a powerful video player, which has been trusted by many mobile users. It offers a great experience with many features that help users to easily enjoy videos on Android. Besides, the app also has great support for multiple formats, plays with frames up to 60 FPS and an intuitive interface. Please join us to learn about MX Player Pro in this article!

About MX Player Pro

Currently, Android phones are very popular. However, choosing between watching videos on phones or other devices with large screens, is always a concern of many users. To further optimize the media player on Android phones, MX Player Pro will be the first choice for all users. It is provided and developed by MX Media (formerly J2 Interactive). Besides, the developer provides users with the Pro version will require users to pay to download. Also, MX Player Pro is rated as 1 of the 7 best video player applications on mobile. It has a beautiful and easy-to-use interface that has captured the hearts of users for many years.

MX Player mod

The key features

Simple operations

MX Player Pro uses simple controls and many convenient gestures for watching videos. Specifically, it has very easy commands, requiring the user to use their finger to swipe on the phone screen. If you are a new user, you can still play the videos freely and practice your way. Besides, the app also has many shorten features to help the application well-organized. If you want to use them, you can click and drag them to quickly pull them out.

Supports many formats

Currently, there are dozens of video and audio formats on these systems. That would make it very difficult to play them on your phone. However, MX Player Pro will fully integrate all video and audio formats so you can play them easily.

Boost hardware speed and multi-core processing

MX Player Pro uses hardware acceleration technology with HW decoder, HW +, SW. They will speed up information processing. Thanks to that, the quality of the picture and sound is much improved. Besides, the developer has also taken advantage of modern processing technologies in the smartphone to maximize the app’s multi-core processing. From there, your videos load faster and commands are executed more smoothly.


If you download videos from sources on the internet without subtitles, you can search and download more subtitle files. After that, the application will help you to sync subtitles with your movie. Also, you can adjust the speed of the subtitle so that it is accurate for the conversation in the video, or you can zoom in/out of the subtitle as you like. Moreover, MX Player Pro supports a lot of subtitle formats, including Sami, SubRip, MicroDVD, WebVTT, VobSub, and more.

Child lock

Some parents will allow their children to see their phones for a short time per day. However, the curious nature of children will get you into trouble when they always want to touch the phone screen and execute many unwanted commands. That can cause video playback to be interrupted and again bother you. At this point, one simple solution to this is the “child lock” feature, which will help you stop unwanted actions of the children.

MX Player mod apk

Download MX Player MOD APK for Android

MX Player Pro is a paid version. That would prevent many people from possessing premium features within. However, we want everyone to have the best experience, so we offer MX Player Pro for free and its modified version with full features. You can download it for free with the link at the bottom of this article. After downloading it, you can install it as usual.


MX Player Pro is one of the coolest and most effective applications for playing media on Android phones. It helps you to follow your favorite videos quickly, easily, and conveniently. Also, the app has many built-in features for users to use and optimize for their players. In this article, we will update the latest versions of the app here. Do not forget to follow us regularly on our Blog. Thanks and have fun!

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