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My Heroes: SEA is an attractive ARPG role-playing game on mobile phones. It focuses on chasing, shooting. You can freely join interesting matches with other players. Also, the game is developed in the style of Diablo’s strategy to create an exciting Pixel adventure world for players. Let’s take a look at this game and how to download it for free for Android!

About My Heroes: SEA

My Heroes: SEA is a new game in 2020. It is released and developed by Reality Squared Games on Android phones. The game has the classic Pixel style, but still impresses players with fascinating and engaging gameplay. Besides, it has an interesting story to guide the player in the game world.

My Heroes: SEA is an attractive role-playing game on Android

The story

My Heroes: SEA is a lively world. Also, magic is very developed. Its regions are balanced by three elements. However, Solomon appeared and wanted to build and recreate the world, messing things up. Areas of the three elements were destroyed by Solomon’s evil power. The abyss that used to be the place where the demon’s seal, was also opened and caused the devil to return. The legendary witch has appeared and infused the power of the elements into the weapon. At that time, the heroes will take up their weapons and fight for returning peace in the world.

Attractive gameplay

My Heroes: SEA is a fast-paced and addictive action game. It’s also an online game so you can do various quests and events to get rewards. To start the game, players will need to build a character. At this point, the game provides you with many choices. You can choose to change your character avatars to make them more impressive. After that, gamers will participate in diverse activities to collect rewards and money. You can use the things you have earned to upgrade your character’s power by upgrading equipment, weapons, skills, and more. Also, you can participate in arenas with multiplayer battles. It will be very exciting.

Besides, the control of the game is also simple and easy. On the left side of the screen, it is the key to help you navigate and move the character. On the right, there will be the keys for attacking, performing the skills, or running. You will need to combine a lot of actions to form epic and satisfying combos. Moreover, the corner on the screen also has a lot of other feature keys to enrich the game.

The characters

My Heroes: SEA has many different special characters for players to choose from, which greatly contributes to your playing style. Here, I will introduce the characters for you to better understand them:


The Mage is a master of fire, ice, and mysterious magic. They can deal a lot of damage to the enemies. The skillset will include:

  • Frosty Barrage: Summoning 30 surrounding magical orbs to damage and adds the Frozen Foot buff. At this point, you can freeze enemies in 2 seconds.
  • Laser: Also, the Mage can fire a laser in a specified direction.
  • Ice Twister: Summons a tornado to damage and apply Frozen Boots continuously on enemies.
  • Mystic Blade: Summons a magical sword to deal damage to a specified location. Besides, you can use this skill twice.


The Priest is a master at healing, buffing, and dealing damage. This is a pretty almighty character in the game. Their skill set includes:

  • Vivid: At this point, this type of character can emit a force of light that damages enemies and heals allies.
  • Litanies: Increases damage and defense to allies in range.
  • Banehammer: Throws two hammers around the character to deal damage to the enemy.
  • Holy Judgment: Restores health and energy to allies in the area.


Figther can be tank or DPS, or both. This character is a real fighting machine. The skill set includes:

  • Shell Reaction: Infuses the armor’s power to increase defense for the next 2 seconds and cause a surrounding explosion.
  • Magma Rift: Tears ground in front and causes a slow effect.
  • Chain Slash: Cut forward and cause the tearing effect.
  • Windmills on fire: Turn the burning spear around after activating. The longer the fire is, the greater the cost and the damage will increase.


The Ranger is a long-range gunman. He is proficient in trapping skills. The skill set includes:

  • Forest spirit: Summons a block of the forest to protect yourself for increasing the defense and attack.
  • Chain blast: At this point, he can throw bombs with bullets inside that can cause holes in enemies.
  • Arrow waves: Launch 30 poison arrows to attack enemies.
  • Meteor Burst: Stacks for 3 seconds and unleashes a large number of ice arrows in a certain direction, causing a slow effect.


Ninja is good at stealth, accuracy, and assassination. They usually attack their opponent in silence and finish the victim quickly. The skill set includes:

  • Protective seal: He can use the sealing technique to seal the surrounding bullets.
  • Smoke Bomb: Throws a smoke bomb to a point and leaves enemies unable to attack and reduces armor.
  • Dead Star: Throws 5 boomerangs to deal damage and may cause electric shock.
  • Suzunou Form: Summons Suzuo’s avatar to attack surrounding enemies.

My Heroes: SEA has many attractive features

The key features

  • Equipment, weapons, and pets: My Heroes: SEA has a lot of different equipment and weapons for players to choose from. You can collect them in battles or shopping, then equip them to your character to increase their strength. Also, players can upgrade equipment to enhance their stats. Besides, you can raise more pets so that they can follow you and assist in the fighting.
  • Playing with friends: My Heroes: SEA allows you to play with friends in different modes, such as an arena or dungeons.
  • Diverse missions: The game offers a variety of daily quests and achievements. You should try to complete those quests before they are refreshed the next day.
  • Crazy skill: Besides, My Heroes: SEA allows players to fight quickly with the combos continuously. Players can fight and combine with teammates to create surprise combos for opponents.

The graphics

My Heroes: SEA has familiar Pixel graphics with a 2D perspective, making the game fast and smooth. The picture will not be displayed clearly like modern games but enough to satisfy you. In general, the graphics will not affect the appeal and fun of the game, so do not worry but focus on enjoying the game’s features.


My Heroes: SEA is a very attractive action, adventure game for mobile phones. It offers many interesting features for players to enjoy. Readers can download the game below and don’t forget to share it if you find it interesting. Have fun!

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