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My Sing Monsters is a very interesting music game, which brings you to the world of singing monsters. In the game, players have to take care of the monsters and get their singing. Each monster will create different sounds. Then, you can combine them to make unique melodies. This is the most unique music game ever with fun gameplay and doesn’t require much. Please join us to find out more about it in the article below!

About My sing Monsters

My Sing Monsters is developed by Big Blue Bubble. It was available on mobile phones in 2012. After that, the game soon gained success with numerous awards and became one of the most famous franchise games in the market. The monsters in the game have become more popular and closer to many users. Until now, this game is still attractive to many people. In which players will have hundreds of monsters to collect, combine, bring them to separate islands and enjoy the sound they create.

My Sing Monsters MOD

Addictive gameplay

At the beginning of the game, the game will take you to a mysterious island. It looks like a closed garden. You will need to focus on developing this garden by constructing buildings and many special locations within. Besides, gamers will continue to spend money to buy monster eggs in the store to hatch them. Until the eggs hatch, the monsters will sing and the quiet garden will be filled with sound. Also, players can grow the garden by earning more monsters by buying or breeding two monsters together. As the number of them increases, the island will become more and more vibrant. At this point, your reward will also increase. After that, you can continue to open more islands to continue developing monsters. This game will attract players by making them curious. When you breed monsters, it will bring a lot of suspense to you. You will always wonder what shape the new monsters will come into? How will they grow up? Is their voice good? Players will have a lot of questions that hold them back for a long time inside this game.

Salient features

Collect and breed monsters

My Sing Monsters has hundreds of different monsters and their hybrids. You can get them in-store, events, or hatch them. Each way will help you get a different species, which will surprise you. However, you have to wait for a long time for the monsters to breed and incubate eggs. You can speed up this process with special items.

Style your music by raising monsters

As you know, the monsters in My Sing Monsters can make their music. This will make it possible to create your unique music style. By moving monsters between islands, you can add or subtract the melodies of a certain monster. From there, players perfect their music in a variety of ways.

Build and create many things

In the game, there are many buildings for the quests involving monster activities. Besides, the game also has many works for decorating and keeping personal marks that users can place on their island. Besides, players can also create many supporting items for taking care and breeding monsters.

Explore many new lands

My Sing Monsters has many interesting islands that players can unlock and explore. Each island will be built and arranged according to different themes. Besides, players can unlock and rebuild the island according to their style but still keep the general theme.

My Sing Monsters MOD APK

Impressive design

My Sing Monsters brings an interesting graphic with fancy monsters. They are unique. Also, they are built in a cute style with a bit of anger but not at all intimidating. Moreover, players can generally observe the islands from above and the monsters constantly perform their interesting activities inside the island. Besides, the game also offers a relaxing music experience with fun tunes for everyone.


My Sing Monsters is a very engaging music game. It also combines with simulation. The game offers players many new features in creating the music by developing the monster. Readers can download the game at the link below. If you have any questions about it, please leave a comment in this article. Thanks and have fun!

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