Nova Launcher Prime MOD APK V7.0.49 [Final/Unlocked]


Nova Launcher Prime MOD info?

  1. Prime/Paid features unlocked
  2. MOD Extra.
  3. Full Multi Languages.

Nova Launcher Prime mod

Bringing a new interface, adding a more attractive experience is what most Android phone users want. You will be surprised to learn that there are applications to help you make your phone more interesting during use. In this article, we would like to introduce you to the latest version of Nova Launcher Prime. This is the top position in the list of paid applications. Also, it is very popular in the Google Play app store. Please join us to find out more about the app in this article!

About Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is the most used Launcher on the Android operating system. With a variety of settings, it’s easy to personalize your Android Smartphone as you like. Its key functions are to meet your needs of icons, customize the lock screen to the highest level for you. Besides, users can easily change the interface, customize the lock screen, and other things for your phone in many ways.

The app is an awesome personalization app from the publisher Teslacoil Software. It meets everyone’s needs of a beautiful interface, diversified controls. You can easily customize your theme and interface as you like. Also, you do not need to default to the publisher’s theme. Customizing the theme, the interface with changing wallpapers, or application icons. Moreover, it does not affect the hardware of the phone. It is attractive and convenient. Let’s find out the features as well as highlights in the following section.

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The key features of Nova Launcher Prime

The main purpose is to change the default theme to whatever you want. Also, it has a mode that automatically changes night and day according to your phone time. The screen, the interface of my phone becomes eye-catching, sharp and fresh, bringing users sophistication, a better interface for the phone.

Besides, you can quickly change themes, wallpapers in a simple way. Some application groups are sorted by each item or each category or entertainment, web surfing, watching videos on applications. It’s easy for you to search for an application that you need. Besides, it looks neat on the application background. You can customize the app, interface with the resize and shortcut features. Users can easily change the font size, font style, easy to zoom in/out according to your reference. Even shading makes it easy for you to use.

With Nova Launcher Prime, users can easily customize the background and themes. Also, the app provides a beautiful and intuitive interface. Everything on the screen, are fully arranged. It creates a sense of comfort for users during use.

Also, Nova Launcher has backup and restore features, which help you easily install your favorite themes on your phone. The app has a light capacity of only 10 MB and support on many Android devices. You are free to use without worrying about overheating or being full of memory by capacity. Smooth effects by the sharp interface and beautiful images. This app gets a version upgrade every year to improve, adapt to all devices. It creates a sense of satisfaction, comfort for users.

Nova Launcher Prime is upgraded from Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher Prime is an upgraded version of the original app Nova Launcher. You have to pay to download it to your phone. With improved features that are adapted to every Android device, it has more features than Nova Launcher. It does not use the phone default themes on each Android device. With the application upgraded from Nova Launcher, you can easily use the theme according to your interests and preferences.

With the development of modern technology, the app is constantly updated to adapt to a variety of themes on the phone. Just simple actions, users can download and apply the theme. After that, you already have a look and effects that you want.

With the upgraded version, Nova Launcher Prime gives you attractive utilities. The endless benefit when you download this app to your phone device is that it completely removes advertising during use. Besides, it provides you some gadgets like the shortcut to Bookmart or browsing history. Many more attractive gadgets are waiting for you to explore.

The app has a completely new beautiful interface. Delicate design and multi-colors are no longer boring, as old as before. Everything is designed flatly, simply and extremely small capacity. However, it fully supports gesture effects for users, such as from swiping, touching, moving scenes easily, smoothly and beautifully.

Especially, it supports users in many languages. You can freely customize it according to your preferences. Also, the app allows you to change the home screen, interface with extremely smart utilities.

Nova Launcher Prime apk

The highlights

The app has a variety of phone unlock, 2D and 3D transition effects. You feel nice and sharp with a colorful interface, which is suitable for the needs, preferences of each user. A few highlights of the application can be mentioned as:

  • Small capacity, easy to use and smooth effect. It will bring you the maximum performance. Besides, the app is easy to surf, smooth interface, beautiful…
  • It helps you hide sensitive or rarely-used applications. Besides, you can protect your phone.
  • Nova Launcher Prime helps you never miss a message. It will mark the unread messages for Hangouts, SMS, and Gmail by using the Teslaunread Plugin.
  • Just swipe, touch, double tap on the screen with gentle gestures, you can open your favorite apps already. Gestures are well set up.
  • Create new tabs or folders in the application drawer. It has unlocked all the limit features in the free version.
  • Set specific custom actions for application or folder shortcuts.

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK (MOD, Unlocked) for free on Android

Nova Launcher Prime has many different ways for you to get both paid and free version like:

  • Upgrades from Nova Launcher version from Google Play.
  • Paid download from Nova Launcher Prime version from Google Play.
  • Download it for free from our website.

Besides, Nova Launcher has more than 10 million downloads with many good reviews from the community. Surely, the app will bring you new attractive features.

By paying money to buy the paid version, users can support the developer to continue developing the app. The app will constantly have good deals for users on all Android devices. With many great features, it is smooth, convenient during use. We believe that Nova Launcher Prime does not disappoint you.

How to download and install the app on Android device for free in our website:

  • First, you can go to the end of the article and click on the link. You need to download the app’s APK file to your phone.
  • After that, open the downloaded APK file and select the installation on your phone.
  • Finally, you wait for the installation process to complete and open to enjoy the app.

We are confident and satisfied with Nova Launcher Prime. What about you?

Since its release, the app has been extremely appreciated by users. With the largest and top downloads in the list of most downloaded applications on the internet, it brings users great convenience, completely fast, saving time and effort. To make your phone interface no longer boring and dark, instead of using the default Launcher, It is a useful solution to make your Smartphone more vivid. Also, you can easily change the screen with the interface wallpaper, theme as you like. Besides, it helps you clean up, organize by categories neatly. With the colorful interface, unique gives you a fresh experience when using Nova Launcher Prime. With the above article, we hope to provide you with useful information and outstanding features about Nova Launcher Prime.

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