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Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory MOD is an engaging idle game that offers exciting experiences for players. It uses the idea of ​​oil mining, in which players can do many works to earn money. Starting the game, you only have a rudimentary pump and a few workers to start building your oil and gas empire. Please join us to find out more about the game right now!

About Oil Tycoon: Gas Idle Factory

This game is a product of the developer Gismart, which is one of the specializing developers in making highly entertaining games. We have already introduced to you a great game Body Race. Oil Tycoon prides itself on being an idle game with engaging gameplay. Players will be involved in oil and gas exploitation and business. You will work with many investors around the world. Besides, players will continue to grow your company as they explore more and more fertile lands. Currently, Oil Tycoon is available for free on Android.

Oil Tycoon MOD

Interesting gameplay

Coming to Oil Tycoon, players will discover very interesting gameplay. In which gamers will pump oil from oil wells through a hand pump. You will collect oil into barrels to sell them to get money. In this initial area, players can collect a lot of oil or not will depend on their own hard work. You can view ads to get automatic oil pumping but this is limited to about 5 minutes and the number of times.

After getting the initial amount, you will decide on upgrading the oil pump speed, buying new machines, or unlocking a new mining area. You should only choose one of those jobs to optimize the ability to exploit and quickly earn more money. The areas you unlock later will have automatic machines, but their mining speed will not be equal to using your fingers to work. Therefore, if you work hard, you will quickly become rich.

Upgrade your machines

In Oil Tycoon, the machine system will be interesting. Better machines will require you to spend a larger amount of money to buy them. In return, gamers will get a faster mining speed per pump. In addition, players can also upgrade many indicators related to the pump and oil storage system to help them exploit more.

Explore many new areas

Oil Tycoon not only provides resources like oil but also has many other valuable things that you can exploit such as diamonds, gems, gas, etc. Every time you unlock a land, you can exploit that land freely. However, you will need to prepare a relatively large amount of money to build facilities and machines for mining. If you have little money, you should invest in the old facilities available to increase their stats, which will be much more effective. In the game, there will be some special areas that are unlocked over time. There you can do some trading or bartering activities necessary for your career to get rich.

Trade with many investors

The banking system will be where you can make transactions to sell your resources for cash. You will be the one to watch the market and watch the price movements to decide whether to trade or not. You should wait wisely until the price of the resource reaches the top then you sell them and make the most money.

Oil Tycoon MOD APK

The design

Oil Tycoon has a simple 2D design and is popular with many other idle games. Specifically, the images are beautiful and highly sharp. Besides, the animations are also very smooth providing a good experience for all players. Moreover, the vibrant sound system helps you accurately simulate the mining activities to help you have a more realistic feeling.


Overall, Oil Tycoon is one of the most attractive idle games in the market with great creativity. It offers a variety of features and enhances entertainment. Right now, you can enjoy the game by downloading the Oil Tycoon MOD version at the link below. Surely you will not be disappointed with the game. Have fun!

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