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Sometimes, switching between accounts on social networking sites, game accounts… makes users uncomfortable, or cause them time-consuming and quite troublesome. Even when you automatically fill the password, it is also easy to get the risk of the account information leakage. So, for you to overcome this, Parallel Space Pro is a great solution for cloning applications on smartphones. To better understand this app, know how to download and use Parallel Space Pro, please join us in this article!

About Parallel Space Pro

Parallel Space is known as a cloning application on phones today. It is completely free. Using this application will help users easily login multiple accounts on one device at the same time faster and easier. Besides, this app allows users to manage multiple social networking and game accounts easily. In particular, it will help you get a double interesting experience while playing the game.

Also, this app provides an anonymous setting feature to help protect the privacy of user accounts safely. It can turn applications on your device invisible, ensuring great security against the curiosity of others. Besides, the app will help users create simple custom spaces by using different themes as you like. Besides, users can switch accounts quickly with just a few simple steps on the screen.

Also, this tool allows you to clone applications and run independently. So, you do not have to worry about the interruption when using multiple accounts as well as taking time to switch multiple accounts.

The highlights of Parallel Space

As one of the modern cloning applications today, the app brings users many outstanding features, such as:

Friendly interface

One of the best features of Parallel Space is the friendly interface. The app is easy to use. In which all the features are arranged well so that almost anyone can access them easily. Also, people can easily change the interface according to their style and preferences.

Optimize the cloning app

Besides, the app also optimizes the apps that it duplicates as the original. So, you can get a great experience in each frame as the official app.

Moreover, this app supports users to clone all the apps installed on the device. In particular, it is possible to duplicate an application as a new application so that the user can reuse it. With the app that Parallel Space cloned, it will have an outer border around for users to easily identify. Besides, you can add shortcuts for cloned apps as convenient main applications.

Hide the apps

This is one of the outstanding features of the app which is highly appreciated. With this feature, this app allows hiding applications that users want to add to itself. This will help users easily secure information, private photos… when lending the phone to others conveniently.

Other features

  • Players easily log in to multiple game accounts or social networks on the same device.
  • Besides, this app completely protects user privacy, through anonymous settings to hide apps on the device.
  • Support to clone existing apps on the system, such as Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, games…
  • Also, Parallel Space is equipped with an interface store, allowing people to freely create their favorite things.
  • The app uses the perfect MultiDroid application virtualizing platform for Android devices.
  • Easily hide your favorite apps with content that needs to be hidden on your device.

Parallel Space Pro apk

Some notes when using Parallel Space

To be able to use the app, people need to grand permission for it. According to the publisher, LBE Tech also has some sympathy for compatibility with cloned applications. However, cloning this application will consume some memory in proportion to the original application. You can check the duplicate version information on Parallel Space in the Storage section.

Besides, when opening two parallel versions together, the battery consumption is very fast. Also, everyone can fully back up all data to their Google account, so when reinstalling the machine or deleting applications without worrying about losing data.

In case, users want to use multiple accounts at the same time easily. They need to add Parallel Space to the backup application, which will help you receive information quickly. Readers should read the above notes carefully because the publisher wants users to learn and consider before downloading and using Parallel Space Pro. This will help people understand the situation after cloning the application, as well as understand the process of using it becomes much easier and more convenient.

How to use Parallel Space

After users have successfully downloaded and installed Parallel Space on the device, the system will automatically introduce through important features and perform a new setup process. You can refer to the details to better understand and can click “Start” to start using.

At the main interface of the app, there are some main applications for you to clone, such as Facebook, Gmail, YouTube… At this point, people can choose the application to duplicate by clicking the “Add to Parallel Space” button”. Besides, to add other applications on the installed system, you can click the plus sign (+) on the interface. Then, you click the “Add to Parallel Space” button to clone the app.

In the “hidden Settings” feature of Parallel Space, users can hide applications on the phone screen. However, these apps will still be saved in the app. Moreover, it is simple to hide the app. Specifically, you just need to duplicate any application into it. Then, you return to the main screen interface and delete the original to complete the process.

Besides, there are some advanced features of the app, such as speeding up the device, customizing notifications, changing the interface, creating passwords… You can use them by clicking the ellipsis icon at the right corner of the screen to make the right choice.

Instructions to download and install Parallel Space PRO APK on Android

To easily experience the fascinating features of Parallel Space, users should download it as an APK file. Please see the instructions to download and install Parallel Space Pro with the APK file below:

  • Click on the link at the end of this article to download the app to your phone. You only need to wait about 1-2 minutes for the download and installation to complete.
  • After that, you can go to the Settings section on your Android device and click “Security Settings”.
  • Scroll down and select the “Unknown sources” section.
  • Activate the option “Unknown Source” and turn on for Parallel Space.
  • Click the Parallel Space APK file again and choose “Install” to install automatically.
  • After the app is installed, you can open the app and use it easily.


Parallel Space Pro is one of the great cloning applications from the developer LBE Tech. This is a quite convenient application that helps users easily manage, use, and create multiple accounts on the same device. Moreover, it is very fast. Currently, the app has a Lite version with a relatively light capacity. Also, it fully supports all versions of the Android operating system. Readers can download the app at the link below.

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