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Perfect Me Premium apk

Perfect Me is a great application that helps users quickly create beautiful photos. It is a great photo editor with the most modern technology today. This application focuses on editing the user’s face and body, making everything almost perfect. Do not miss the great things in this application through the information below!

About Perfect Me – Body Retouch&Face Editor & Selfie Tune

This app is one of many good apps on Android phones from developer ryzenrise. Recently, it has become popular with a large number of users because of the amazing features within. Most of them are free so anyone can create beautiful photos. In addition, if you want to have more experience, Perfect Me VIP is the greater option that you should consider.

How does Perfect Me edit your pictures?

To get started with Perfect Me, users will need to add the documents, which is a picture that they want to edit. By taking a photo or get one from your device’s memory, you can easily start editing. For new users, they will surely be overwhelmed by the key features of the app Perfect Me. A variety of features are exposed under the toolbar for you to manipulate and apply to the image. You just need to find out exactly what the character’s flaws are in the photo to come up with an appropriate retouching plan. All common defects on the face and body will be fully shown. At this point, users just click on them and drag in the minus or plus bar for simple editing.

Beautify your face

The face is the highlight of all selfies and Perfect Me is a great tool to help you make it perfect. Specifically, you can get rid of acne and dark spots on your face. Also, the app helps you to overcome the points of skin color to make your face more beautiful and sparkling. If you have a little bit too big or thin face, Perfect Me will reverse everything to make them better and achieve the golden ratio. In addition, this application also provides features to help users interfere with some parts of the face such as the nose, eyes, teeth…

Fix body defects

Body matter is a big concern of many people. Readers won’t need to worry too much if your body is not beautiful because Perfect Me will help you get a slim body, long legs, 6 pack abs, and lots of other artistic tattoos as you want. Moreover, Perfect Me also allows users to influence the body in short videos. You can do things similar to image editing that almost anyone cannot realize.

Adjust photos with many advanced features

In addition to focusing on the user’s face and body, Perfect Me is emphasizing on the overall beauty of the photo. You can change the style of your photo by using different backgrounds by adding details like stickers, icons, objects, or text. The feature of blurring the subject or anything that you don’t like in the photo is also very popular and used often. Also, Perfect Me has high-quality filters, making your pictures stand out with interesting styles.

Perfect Me Premium mod

The highlights of Perfect Me VIP

As per a normal version, Perfect Me is free but comes with some limited features such as limited editing, filters, stickers, etc. You will need to upgrade to the VIP version to unlock more advanced features. However, the upgrade will require users to pay. We found that the fee to upgrade to Perfect Me VIP is quite good for photography enthusiasts, including about $3 for a month, $7 for a year, and a forever VIP subscription for only $37. There will be times when the forever VIP package only costs around $8. You should consider and choose good times to upgrade it.

Download Perfect Me VIP MOD for Android

Above are our reviews about the app Perfect Me. We hope that it will help you take beautiful and quality photos with simple editing operations. Moreover, we would like to bring you Perfect Me VIP for free with more interesting tools. Readers can click on the link below to download it. Hurry up to experience this interesting application now!

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