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PetrolHead is an engaging racing simulation game from the developer Lethe Studios. This game is like a realistic racing game with quality graphics and addictive gameplay. If you are interested in this game and want to get information about it, you have come to the right address. In this article, we would like to tell you everything about PetrolHead. Also, we provide you with a link to download it for free. Please join us to find out its highlights right now!

Addictive gameplay

If you are a racing enthusiast, PetrolHead will provide you with everything you need about driving. In the game, players will have the task of being a professional racer to complete the given car challenges. Specifically, you will need to practice a lot of maneuvers to start the car and make it move. PetrolHead needs players to have some knowledge of driving cars. First, you will need to start your car. Then, you use keys such as accelerator, gear lever, steering wheel to control the car in the direction you want. If you are a newbie, you will need a little time to master the vehicle.

PetrolHead MOD APK is a great transportation means simulation game

Besides, the game will take place mostly in crowded and bustling cities. Players will have to drive through complex areas with chaotic traffic or winding roads. Also, it will show you the direction of movement and destinations so that players can more easily drive. You should set the small map in the upper left corner if you are on the right track. Moreover, players have to remember to always keep the necessary speed in traffic, because just a small collision will cause your game over. At this point, you have to play it from the beginning.

Also, PetrolHead offers many modes that players can change to avoid feeling bored. With Career mode, gamers can experience some types of gameplay, such as Parking, Time Attack Mode, Day, Night, City Driving Mode. Each mode will slightly change in how players can complete the quest. Most players will need to control the skill to win the fastest. Besides, the online game mode will help players create game rooms to compete with other online players.

Many luxury cars

Buying the car

Currently, PetrolHead is providing more than 100 different cars from famous car manufacturers, such as SUV, Luxury and many other super sports car brands. Players can enter the car shop to quickly choose a favorite one. The more beautiful and powerful the car is, the more expensive it will be. If you have enough money, you can buy them immediately. However, not everyone can do that early. So, you should upgrade old cars to make them powerful and beautiful.

Upgrading the Car

In PetrolHead, each car will have different parts that players can customize and upgrade. You can change the look of your cars by changing the paint color, number plates, and body stickers. If you want a more powerful car, you can choose to upgrade the car parts including Top Speed, Handling, Brake.

Mission and title

PetrolHead has diverse quests for you to complete and collect money. Quests seem to be tied to processes in the game. You can randomly complete those quests or learn a bit about the quest requirements so you can get the rewards more quickly. Besides, the missions will get you the titles with many achievements in the game. When you do all the achievements in the trophy, the title icon will automatically unlock for you.

PetrolHead MOD APK has a very impressive design

The design

PetrolHead is a nice game with great contrast, making the cars and cities stand out in the game. Besides, the game’s 3D graphics also increase its appeal to the player. At this point, the highest level of graphics that the player can install is Ultra. However, when you run this game, you will need a good enough device to display full images and avoid lagging during the game. Also, the sounds of PetrolHead are exciting and adventurous music. They always play when you are on the main game screen. In the game, you can immerse yourself in the sounds of the city and your car’s engine. A rather interesting feature of PetrolHead that you can enjoy is the engine sound test. You can click once on the car on your home screen and you will be taken to the garage. In the lower-left corner of the screen, there will be a button “Start/Stop”. At this point, please click on it. After that, you can pull the accelerator on the right side to hear the engine sound.

Download PetrolHead MOD APK + OBB [Money] for Android

PetrolHead MOD is a modified version of the game. It’s free to download but is not available on mobile stores. If you want to download it, you have to download the MOD APK and OBB data file at the end of this post.

How to get a lot of money in PetrolHead MOD

  • To get “P”: Please click on the mode “CAREER” on the main screen. Then, you can click on any game mode and select a game screen. Next, players can click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen and click “SKIP LEVEL”. Finally, you go back to the main screen and get more P.
  • To get more Cash: You use the newly acquired “P” and click on “STORE” on the main screen. Go to the Cash section to buy them.


PetrolHead is one of the most engaging simulation games in the car genre. It brings a new experience and a new joy to players. We have just provided you with all the information about the game. Readers can download and enjoy PetrolHead at the link below. Thanks and have fun!

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