Piano Tiles 2 MOD APK V3.1.0.1132 [Unlimite Money]


Piano Tiles 2 is an attractive music game for mobile phones. Millions of gamers play it every day. The game brings a crazy and addictive music experience for everyone. Also, it offers incredibly simple gameplay and unique improvements, which make it better than the previous version. Piano Tiles 2 will definitely be a worthwhile game to experience on Android. If you want more information about it, please follow our review below!

About Piano Tiles 2

This game is under the development and provision of Cheetah Game. It is quite famous, which has been attracting hundreds of millions of people. The game has many intuitive features and addictive gameplay. It should always be at the top of the music games on the mobile stores. So far, the game has been available for a long time but still receives great attention from players. Therefore, we would like to bring it to you today.

Piano Tiles 2 MOD

The gameplay

In Piano Tiles 2, players perform the work of a piano artist. Specifically, you will choose your favorite music with different paced tunes. The notes that will come to you are not like a Piano but run along 4 different lines on your phone’s screen. At this point, players have to quickly click on them to play the song. The faster the tempo songs are, the faster your notes will run. Then you have to try to catch up with them with your quick reaction. During the game, you can also receive random fruit boxes, which you can open to receive bonuses. If you miss a match, you will immediately have to stop the game and receive the reward at that point. If you complete the whole song, you will get more rewards.

Salient features

Intuitive controls

Coming to Piano Tiles 2, players will have access to an unprecedented easy-to-play game mechanic. Also, you just need to touch the phone screen to play without any coordination. By clicking the correct notes, your game will continue to progress.

Many challenge modes

The game will only require you to touch the black keys and avoid the white keys. However, it will also have extended melodies, requiring players to touch and hold until the end. This is a great addition that adds variety to the game instead of a simple one-touch.

Many attractive songs

Piano Tiles 2 will not disappoint you when you can enjoy many famous songs. Besides, many songs will be remixed in a Piano style, which makes you very interested. Also, the game is constantly updating hot songs from the music charts so that players can relax freely.

Compete with other players

This game also offers very attractive online mode. Here, you can compete or share your itinerary with multiple players. Also, players can check their profiles and see their play progress. You can even climb the music charts with amazing scores.

Save progress

By logging into the social networking or Google account, the game will automatically save the progress. You can continue to log into that account on many different devices to continue that journey.

Piano Tiles 2 MOD APK

The design

Piano Tiles 2 is not designed to resemble a piano with two colors black and white. Instead, it is more special. Specifically, the game has added a lot of impressive colors and other explosive effects. However, those things are still reasonable, helping players not tired after long playing time. Overall, the game’s design is quite harmonious. Players can completely focus on the game and relax.

Get Piano Tiles 2 MOD for free

Piano Tiles 2 is a free game. However, its features are quite limited. Therefore, we would like to bring you a modified version of the game with more advanced features, especially unlimited money. Moreover, it is completely free. Readers can access the link at the bottom of this article so you can download it whenever you need it. Once it’s downloaded successfully, you simply click on it to install it.


Overall, Piano Tiles 2 is a pretty attractive music game for many subjects. It trains you to react well with fast and addictive gameplay. Never miss the latest updates about this game in our Blog. Please share Piano Tiles 2 MOD APK if you find it fun! Having fun!

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