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Picsart gold apk

To bring you glossy, sharp and sophisticated photos, we would like to introduce you to PicsArt Photo Editor on Android devices. You can use it to create collages, edit like an editor and export stunning photos. PicsArt will not disappoint you. Please join us in this articleto find out and download PicsArt for Android devices!

What is the app PicsArt?

PicsArt is an interesting photo editing and collage application. It is now more and more popular in the market with over 700 million downloads worldwide. It is one of the most popular leading apps on mobile stores.

To make your photos more attractive and sharper, PicsArt is indispensable. The application has many great features in collaging photos. With the app, users can create drawings, digital and PicsArt sticker. Besides, it turns your photos into works of art. After that, you can post them on social networks to show of them with your friends and other people.

With just a few simple steps, users can turn simple photos into magical and colorful works of art. Also, it can create shimmering photos by remixing them, editing with comprehensive tools. Moreover, users can try impressive effects right away with smart filters. It also has tools for creating collages, stickers, cameras, photo galleries for free, along with face editing features with the swap tool. They will make you photo more and more beautiful.

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Special features of PicsArt Photo Studio

  • PicsArt applies many selective effects on specific parts of the image, such as classic colors, art, backgrounds, paintings, borders.
  • Developing effects provided by AI (redrawing images).
  • Integrated camera application with live effects. This app supports creating unique effects, with extremely simple and fast manipulations. The most up-to-date effects include illusion effects, dispersion effects to make your photos and videos from ordinary more unique and artistic.
  • Besides, the app provides double exposure by using layers and adjusting transparency.
  • Users can create unique sticker and personalize it as they like. You can set hashtag to describe your sticker and share it with other users.
  • Also, you can use PicsArt Photo Studio to edit videos, but it is not really useful.

Instructions to collage photos with diverse modes in PicsArt

PicsArt supports 3 collage modes with simple, easy-to-use frames. You can choose the design with creative style according to the layout, image layout according to your preferences. The app has different themed modes such as birthday or color… Please join us in the following section to experience the photo collage modes on your phone:

  1. Open the app PicsArt on the phone. In the middle of the screen, it appears + pink icon. At this point, you can choose that item.
  2. In the collage section, there are 3 modes. Users can choose the mode that suits your needs and preferences.
  3. Open your photo library. Then, you can select the photos you want to merge.
  4. Users can choose different layouts according to the mode you want at the bottom.
  5. Align at Scale image, border and background as you like. Then, you use the tools of PicsArt to edit the picture.
  6. Finally, you select “Save in the top right corner to save the picture. Also, users can post it directly on social networks.

Picsart gold mod

Some common questions when using PicsArt Photo Studio

When using PicsArt Photo Studio on Android, many people will still be unfamiliar with this application. It may not be possible to fully understand the features of PicsArt to edit images so that they are sharp and appropriate to the context. Here, we have some helpful information to answer your questions.

Can PicsArt share links with multiple social networks?

Users can create an account on the PicsArt Website. After that, you can share your pictures with others. Of course, this app can easily share your photos on many social networks such as Facebook, Dropbox, Google…

Does it charge us to download PicsArt to the phone?

The app is completely free for you to download. Most features are free to use. However, you have to pay to upgrade the free version to the PRO version for being able to use more advanced features.

Is there any video-making feature in the app PicsArt?

Yes, it is. In the app, in addition to photo editing, the app also provides you with the video-creating feature. In which you can cut, stretch or duplicate videos. Besides, it has a full range of effects, filters, frames and backgrounds in the library, which allows you to comfortablly choose and use.

What is the photo-collage function in PicsArt?

The app application creates collages from many photos quickly, diverse types of collage frames for users to choose from. The merging feature makes your photos more emotional.

Does PicsArt have the photo-editing feature?

Yes, it is. Users can use PicsArt to prepare images, edit photos to bring joy. This app users can link, connect, bringing beautiful photos to each other. Also, you can prank your friends by making them look weird.

Are there any differences in the stickers?

Yes, they are.  In the app, the stickers are great. You can share the sticker for everyone to use. Also, the app has hundreds of free Stickers and Clip Art for you to choose from. Stickers make your photos come alive and funny.

Does PicsArt support separating and deleting redundant details?

Yes, it does. PicsArt offers you many great effects, crop, beautify, add filters. Besides, it also supports you to separate and delete redundant details on photos easily and simply.

Is it possible to create stickers while taking photos?

The tool Camere PicsArt allows you to take photos with vivid effects, and a variety of stickers. Users can create stickers while taking photos on their camera. Besides, you can edit any of your previous photos. ALso, users can combine photos with stickers, draw and add ClipArt and create collages by using free sources or editing.

Does the app allow users to install outsource or available fonts?

The tool has a brush mode for subtle adjustments. It has hundreds of fonts available for you to add text to photos and can create a great text overlay. Besides, it also has Prisma style effects.

Is this the first application that allows Remix?

The app has easy editing steps on each photo. Every step corresponds to a touch. You can Reply and remix images, freely edit them your way. This is the first application that allows Remix, refreshing photos on the phone.

Instructions for downloading PicsArt Gold APK to your phone

Users can download PicsArt Gold APK to Android phone easily. It provides an excellent image editing effect with the highest quality. The app is free to download. Here, we provide you with a link and steps to download PicsArt Pro for free on Android.

  1. Download the APK file of PicsArt Pro with the link at the end of this article.
  2. You will be redirected to another page. At this point, you can choose the suitable version.
  3. Click to download the APK file. After that, you can do the installation process normally.


Overall, PicsArt is a great application that provides users with great photo editing tools. You can freely create photos as you like. Readers can download PicsArt Gold APK for your Android phone right below. Do not forget to leave a review and comment in the comment section. We will quickly respond and answer your questions. Thanks and have fun!

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