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  • Premium features unlocked.

Picture Manager Premium apk

Picture Manager is a great application for managing your pictures. It helps you organize, manage, and time or even name your photos according to where and when they were taken. Besides, the app works well with most cell phones. Also, it is useful for anyone who always takes a lot of photos. If you are really interested in Picture Manager, please join us to find it out in the review below!

About Picture Manager: Rename and Organize with EXIF

This is a great application from the developer j to the 4n. It is recommended by XDA- Developers for all Android phone users. However, the number of people really interested in the image manager and its features are very small. Because most of the features are intended for people with knowledge of images and those who specialize in working with images. Therefore, the number of downloads on the stores is still less. However, Picture Manager’s features will be of utmost quality and efficiency for users.

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Salient features


When using Picture Manager, users will get the best and simplest experience of a pure photo-editing application. It doesn’t offer beautiful or complicated effects. Instead, it provides you with a more classic design. You can easily see all the features on tabs. Some of the settings are available in the menu bar.

Edit the date and rename the file

When you copy your data from the outside to your phone, it may break the modification date and messes up your library. At this point, the app will have a recovery card and rearrange everything by restoring the date and name of the file in perfect order.

Analyze the syntax from filename

Sometimes, you receive pictures from messaging apps or other apps, which have been deleted EXIF ​​metadata. At this point, Picture Manager will analyze the images and restore all the data. In which the date and the file name will be the priority components to recover. It helps you keep the neat elements of the files and also helps you remember the factors involved when using the file.


Besides, Picture Manager also helps you optimize your images by reducing the size or changing quality. You can save original images in cloud storage and keep optimized images on your device to reduce device memory. Also, the app provides battery optimization for the system. This feature appears as a small notification in the app and you can click and install it easily.

Search for duplicate files

During the analysis of files, Picture Manager will also find duplicate files. That helps users to easily delete redundant files and optimize the phone’s memory.

EXIF editor

This is one of the most prominent features of this app. Specifically, it works by scanning the entire system and finding the EXIF ​​device files. From there, users can add missing EXIF ​​elements. This is possible because you adjust and bring in your factors.

Change views and themes easily

Moreover, Picture Manager supports two basic viewing modes for phones, consisting of landscape view and portrait view. By tapping Menu and activate Landscape mode, you can switch the mode you like. Besides, the application also allows you to change the app’s theme caruar in many colors, including a night view.

Picture Manager Premium mod

What’s more in Picture Manager Premium?

Picture Manager Premium is the high-end version that many users want to get. It will provide users with more advanced features, including:

  • Custom format.
  • Duplicate photo finder.
  • EXIF ​​analysis tool.
  • Add GPX data from the .gpx file.
  • Extend multiple tasks.

To upgrade to the Premium version, users need to pay from $ 3 to $ 10 depending on different usage periods.

Get Picture Manager Premium for Android

For anyone interested in this app and eager to download it for free, you have come to the right place. In this post, we would like to bring you a modified version that has been unlocked all the great features of the Premium version. Readers can download the APK file from the link at the bottom of the article and install it on an Android phone as usual.


Picture Manager is a great tool with many advanced features for those who want to edit images. It is very well optimized for easy and efficient use. More importantly, we offer a modified version with full premium features for free. Readers can download it at the link below. Having fun!

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