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Pixlr MOD info?

  1. PRO/Paid features Unlocked.
  2. Multi Languages.

Pixlr Pro apk mod

Pixlr – Free Photo Editor is an application of the developer Inmagine Lab. It is now available on mobile phones. Originally, this app was called Pixlr Express but was later renamed for the developer. Pixlr allows users to edit photos professionally with the most modern features today. It works simply that anyone can use it. However, it is not easy to master the app, which will require you to have more practice. Also, Pixlr – Free Photo Editor has 2 other versions on the mobile store, consisting of Pixlr X and Pixlr E. However, the free version of Pixlr – Free Photo Editor is still preferred for many users.

Pixlr PRO – A free Photo Editor for Android

Fun photo editing

Pixlr helps users to import documents easily. You can use the phone’s camera to take a picture then edit or import the available document from the phone’s memory. After you import the photos, the app automatically presents tools for you to use immediately. Specifically, you can use the crop feature to cut images or rotate them with the rotate feature. Also, Pixlr supports blurring or smoothing. At this point, you can flexibly use the blur feature to remove the background as you like. If you want to collage one photo into another in Pixlr, the double exposure feature will really work. Moreover, users can add an image to an original photo to create brand images or more. In Pixlr, for an overview of colour correction, the adjustment feature is indispensable, which will help you adjust countless colour styles, brightness, contrast and more just by dragging the adjustment bar.

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Diverse Templates

In addition to importing images with the camera or device memory, Pixlr also has another way to import images from the template store. This means that you will be taken to a repository with dozens of pre-made templates, in which you can choose any templates you like. After that, you will be able to use it as a picture frame and just add your desired photo inside. You will instantly have an interesting photo without using too many editing steps.

Unique Pixlr brushes

For those who love creativity, the Pixlr brushes feature cannot be ignored. You will be able to draw highlights, shadows, pixelate strokes, or paint freely on your photos. Users can also adjust the brush in detail with changes in the brush’s width, feather or drawn colour. If you draw wrongly and want to erase the lines, you just need to change the brush to an eraser in the upper left corner of the screen and erase the unnecessary lines quickly.

Interesting transformation effect

Pixlr has dozens of pre-colour edited photos with different styles. You just need to scroll down and choose the templates you like. There are a lot of things for you such as black and white, amber, Anne, harry, Salomon, ramona, etc. Your photos will instantly change to the colour you have chosen without any additional elements. Besides, this feature can be very convenient but it only offers basic styles. They are suitable for newbies. If you’ve mastered editing, you can create even more quality photos.

Add unique text and frames

Adding text is a basic but indispensable feature in Pixlr. It will have customizable colours but it has quite a few fonts for you to choose from. So if you want to write more beautiful letters, you can choose some other applications. In addition, Pixlr also has many pre-designed frames for users to choose from. In our opinion, these frames are only suitable for simple persons because they mainly display black and white. You should still choose another photo editing app if you want a more colourful frame.

Pixlr Pro apk

Is Pixlr Premium worth the upgrade?

For image editing, Pixlr is a good choice. Moreover, it provides you with the Premium version with better experiences. You can enjoy more advanced features such as offline access or ads removal. However, to upgrade to Pixlr Pro, users will need to pay a fee of about $2 per month and $8.50 per year. If you like photo editing or simply want a smoother experience, you can completely upgrade. Besides, we also have a modified version of the app named Pixlr Pro MOD. It has been unlocked all the premium features for free. You can see how to download it for free right below.

Download Pixlr Premium MOD for Android

We have just given you all the information about the Pixlr mobile app. Right now, readers can download Pixlr Premium APK for free at the end of this article. Don’t forget to rate and share this app if you find it interesting. Thanks and have fun!

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